Important business in the Alaska Legislature: Anchorage Democrat advances an ‘outdoor equity’ bill


Democrat Rep. Geran Tarr of Anchorage is getting a hearing on her “equity” legislation aimed at marketing and paying for the great outdoors experiences to minorities in Alaska. House Concurrent Resolution 4 would have the governor establish an Office of Outdoor Equity, housed in the Department of Natural Resources.

Under Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and the Anchorage Assembly, an Equity Officer was established as a position in 2020 in Anchorage. It’s part of a growing national trend to move from “equal opportunity” to pushing minorities into whatever aspect of life is valued by the Left.

“HCR 4 reflects a nationwide desire to establish specific government initiatives to ensure that our public outdoor recreation areas are accessible, affordable, and safe for all Alaskans regardless of their backgrounds or income levels,” Tarr wrote in her summary. “However, despite an increasingly diverse population, minorities are still underrepresented in national forest visitation statistics. Research shows that this is not due to an inherent disinterest in the outdoors, but rather disparities in factors such as information distribution, perception of safety, and affordability.”

She believes minorities cannot afford kayaks, skis, and tents, for instance. Not to mention fat-tire bikes.

Tarr’s presentation to the House Resources Committee explains it here.

Tarr said that Alaska should formally examine the disparities in its outdoor outreach efforts by creating this new position, “to make accessibility to our parks, trails, ski slopes, cabins, and waters more equitable.”

Equity is one of the key components of Critical Race Theory. It’s a different concept than equal opportunity. With equity, there is a recognition that people don’t all start in the same place, so government must provide some people with more opportunity than others. In the Tarr outdoor equity bill, there would be grant funds made available for to achieve an undefined equity goal for Alaska’s park experiences.

Last year in California, nearly $58 million in taxpayer funds for outdoor equity were redistributed by the government under a program established by similar legislation in 2019. Read more here.

The Tarr bill was introduced in 2021 and referred to just one committee, the Natural Resources Committee, which set a hearing for 1 pm on Friday, March 4. Even though it calls for spending, it has no fiscal note and was not referred to House Finance. Supporting documents can be found at this link.


  1. This is truly unbelievable except I know Suzanne is not making it up. Also included in ‘crt’ as a little ‘side bonus’, is the destruction of character, squelching of perseverance & work ethic, as well as the understanding of the reality that life is not fair and one must work hard. Democrats are clueless that they are destroying people with their bizarre ‘misguided compassion’. Or maybe they are not clueless…. Power and control.

  2. The poorest minorities in Anchorage, the homeless, have more bicycles and “recreate” in the outdoors more often than the wealthiest of residents…..

  3. What B. S. “Equity” is the new buzz word for Democrats because they know that some people are just not “equal enough.” Democrats enjoy thinking of themselves as “more equal” because they feel that they are anointed to be our rulers. This sounds like pure leftist public relations for Ms. Tarr. She wants to create a new high paid state government position with staff. To do what, hand out grants to low-income people to buy recreational and camping equipment? Showing us her nonexistent real world economic background, Ms. Tarr has no idea about the cost of this new position and the staff that will be needed to implement this “real good, feel-good” legislation. However, she is sure that those rich oil companies who are raping our natural resources should be taxed more to cover more state spending. Ms. Tarr is a good Democrat politician who believes that government can fix everything that they perceive to be a “wrong.”

      • You would think that someone that by appearance doesn’t participate in outdoor experiences might have a better understanding of the issue. There are many bicycles stolen in Anchorage and a significant number of them undoubtedly stolen by Ms. Tarr’s target demographic yet none of these stolen bicycles are ever recovered in the Chugach Park. What does that mean? It means we need a better electorate and until we discontinue the colossal effort and resources Alaska puts forth to artificially prop up its welfare population we’ll have the wrong people voting in the wrong people… and with the wrong goals.

  4. uhhh… when did the outdoors become racist? What a waste of time and money. Leave it to Tarr to find yet another way to do absolutely nothing meaningful.

  5. “HCR 4 reflects a nationwide desire to establish specific government initiatives to ensure that our public outdoor recreation areas are accessible, affordable, and safe for all Alaskans regardless of their backgrounds or income levels,”

    This is an (idiotic) solution desperately seeking for a problem.

    Before being allowed to bring this bill forward, and wasting everyone’s time with this racist claptrap, she should be made to first explain just how minorities are currently being denied access to the great outdoors, and who is denying this access.

    • “she should be made to first explain just how minorities are currently being denied access to the great outdoors, and who is denying this access.”
      That is the problem with all these “equity” initiates. They start from the premise that people are actively denying minorities access to education, outdoors, healthy food, voting, whatever. If a black/hispanic/transwhatever wants to go for a hike, they can go for a hike. What’s stopping them? The $5 day use fee at the trailhead? Go to one without the iron ranger. Or use a city park instead of a State park.
      Oh… they do not have kayaks or tents? So, it is suddenly my responsibility to ensure they have better outdoor gear than I have? There are plenty of places that will rent, or Craigslist is a good place to look for used gear. I buy my stuff there, why can’t the minorities.
      This woman is thinking like a child. Minorities are not going outdoors enough? Racism, obviously.

  6. Is Los Anchorage Next??? With this Assembly, very likely…..

    LA Is Spending Up To $837,000 Per Unit to House the Homeless


  7. Does she really think that minorities cannot make choices for themselves what they want to do and not want to do? I’m sure as a White Karen she is more qualified than the adults of color she is supposedly protecting. The soft bigotry of low expectations.

    • Yes, that is exactly what she is thinking. It is the “logic” behind any “equity” initiative.
      It is the job of white liberals to force minorities to take up activities they do not want to participate in because… equity.

  8. What the hell kind of BS is this??! Grow some dammed testicles and get rid of this crap! Favoritism, politically correct whatever the dam hell you call it, it’s pure BS!!! No wonder this country has gone to hell, no one has any balls!

  9. Alaskans need to wake-up and recognize HCR-4 is garbage, a complete waste of time and resources. There is absolutely no merit and.or legitimacy with regards to this legislation. Hopefully, a majority of reasonable – logical Legislators see it for what it is and kill it.

  10. She is exactly in line with the same Leftist ideology that minorities do not possess enough common sense to get a simple ID card!!! That is what the Left thinks of people!!! STOP this nonsense!!!

  11. What an absolute waste of time and tax dollars! I really wonder if she was using her own money if she would think that this would be a worthy investment. So, just who does she think should be the worthy recipients? Everybody? Only people she knows or compadres? Curious minds want to know.

  12. This is mere deflection to avoid facing the real issues of how refusal to disburse statutory PFD ‘s disproportionately negatively impacts the people of the land economic safety and credit scores and is done willfully and maliciously (“The greed!”) by elected representatives so as to impede economic gain by the people of the land. You know the dreaded bracket creep while maintaining decred WEF strategies for supply chain designs decided in Davos.

  13. Can we just buy all the homeless in Anchorage new BMW SUVs? This is why residents believe their legislators are idiots.

  14. I wonder what her plan is to get more Asians to play basketball. What’s her plan to get more male makeup artists?

    Did it ever occur to this racist that maybe minorities don’t want to go kayaking? And what does race have to do with how much money you have?

  15. Racist leftist: “Non-white people aren’t doing the same things as white people. It must be because non-white people are too poor! We must propagandize them until they comply! They must do everything we do! Everybody must be the same!”

    Normal people: “WTF is wrong with you?”

  16. Is it not a wonder that suddenly the plight of those so indebted with student loans might find an occupation befitting their multiple post-grad degrees in basket-weaving!

    Might we dare pray that some of them (well, a few) might use their high-bracket incomes to PAY BACK THOSE LOANS?

  17. Ms. TARR looks like she needs to get outside more.

    I’d use our trails more if it were not for the large volume of human shit pooped out all over our taxpayer funded trails.

    The trash and camps litter every park.

    How is that equitable? I appreciate for something I can’t use?

    Have another doughnut, Geran.

  18. If the US Chamber of Commerce, RINOs (YES RINOs) and the DEMs would close the southern border to people happy to make $2 an hour, maybe there wouldn’t be so many poor “people of color”.

  19. It’s ok folks, my conservative representative says these are merely ‘cultural issues’. Just keep ignoring them and they’ll simply go away on their own! He’s worried if he says something he might be called a racist and not get elected again. I’m gonna go put my head back in the sand now. See ya later!

  20. All those conservation groups are racist. Just white people imposing their will on the great outdoors. Empire building at its finest. And empires need subjects, preferably minorities.

  21. Many of our parks and recreation areas are filled with tents occupied by the homeless in our summer months. Thanks to all the COVID lock downs recreation is more expensive than ever. Want to fly out to view bears on Admiralty Island? You’re looking at about $400 per person for a day. Hop in your car for a trip to Haines? Haven’t tallied up that cost but its more than most can afford for a getaway. Now if it’s paid for by the government, cost isn’t a concern for those entitled few.

  22. How ironic!
    Mrs. Tarr decries the lack of outdoor access for minorities, her definition of “outdoors” restricted to hiking in a park, kayaking etc. and ignoring the landscape of this state. This really is a complete insult to all our native communities, who value a subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing and being outdoors. What a farce and arrogant waste of taxpayer money for an “out of touch” solution in search of a problem!

  23. Glad to see she doesn’t miss many meals. Perhaps she should worry about food equity and start that at home.

  24. Just one more thing legislative folks feel they need to throw money at. No wonder they don’t want to give us our lawfully due PFDs. They feel they know better than us how to spend our money.

  25. This is nothing compared to what is happening in YOUR K12 public schools. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are being implemented in most AK schools. The budget for the Equity and Compliance department in ASD will be near a Million $$ next year. So, if a student lacks in math, maybe that student should get an extra 30 points on a test just to ensure equity to start with. Then all students will get the same final score. Kinda like everyone gets a trophy.

  26. Forty two days into the session and this kind of CRAP is what they find to work on! What a fiasco legislative leadership has become! Citizenry of Alaska is being governed by a bunch loony tunes!

  27. We are on the brink of ww3. all these democrats think of is their dumb equity. They have been attending too many parties, they are out of touch with public. Europe and asia, right now are not thinking about if America can be more equitable.

  28. How long before we see a state owned “people mover” bus between Anchorage and Homer with two people on it and 1 paddle board on the front bumper.
    All for ……. You guessed it. “FREE “

  29. I bet this has to do alot with lgbt and trans than a skin color thing. Men wearing lipstick are tired getting leers while using the trail.

  30. When Geran Tarr loses her next election no one will want much to do with her. She has no marketable skills and will be of no value to any business. Without her status as a State Representative, she will be of no consequence and have no influence. Can’t wait for that to happen.

    • thats not just tarr its probably close to 80% of all politicians and if the regs these pols put into place that takes connections and knowledge of different obstacles they themselves put into place it’d probably be closer to 95%

  31. Stupid, stupid democrats, open your door and walk outside. Mother nature doesn’t discriminated only people.

  32. Here they come again after more of your hard earned money for a useless office. Does he have friends he wants to put to work and to pay with your money? Probably!

  33. Going for a hike, to a park, for a walk, for a swim….all free. I don’t kayak or flat tire bike, because I don’t have money to spend on it. Teach people how to find a job and handle their finances. That’s a better solution.

  34. This makes two things clear: Tarr was not raised in Alaska, Tarr was not raised underprivileged. Spend any time with Alaskans and you’ll find plenty of locals not raised with the ability to “afford” every outdoor experience but find a way to do so anyway. “Equity” = Racist

  35. ‘Whatever is valued by the left’ wait but don’t conservatives constantly brag about being super outdoorsy and rugged or did I miss something?

  36. Well, it’s about time!
    Anchorage residents, undoubtedly outraged that only bums seem to inhabit outdoor bum camps, will be relieved to know Alaska’s state constabulary, indeed Alaska’s entire ABA-owned and operated judicial system will be mobilized to protect, even encourage, non-bum access to outdoor bum camps.

  37. On the other hand they do have another 78 days to waste without doing anything [1]; so maybe it’s better that they keep busy with bills that won’t pass, rather than finding somewhat less bad bills that _will_ pass.

    [1] At least if you go by their recent record they do.

  38. Sounds like Ms. Tarr has made too many trips to the weed shop.
    Want “equality”? Get a job and pay for your own “outdoor experiences”.

  39. I was raised that if you want something you worked for what you wanted. It was not handed to you on a silver platter.

    Rep. Tar believes minorities cannot afford kayaks, skis, and tents, for instance. Not to mention fat-tire bikes.
    They could afford it if they went to work and earned it.

  40. Homeless people are outside all the time have tents and are living in the parks. You cannot get more outdoor than that. I cannot get out because I have to work and pay for the people that do not work and can be outside.

    • Great comment Bob, I’m in the same boat. On that topic, I work a lot so my boat stays on the trailer most of the year.

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