Hundreds gather to protest Anchorage Assembly



Hundreds gathered outside the Loussac Library on Tuesday afternoon to protest two proposed ordinances: AO 2020-65, prohibiting “conversion therapy” for youth in Anchorage; and AO 2020-80, an attempt to limit police use of force.

Protesters began to converge on the library around 4 pm, armed with clipboards, signs, and recording equipment. A staging area near the flag poles, in front of the library, was assembled as Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA filled the air.

As rain continued to fall, some protesters gathered under a tent to sign a petition requesting public access to the Assembly Chambers, which have been locked to the public all month.

Assembly member Jamie Allard made a point to attend tonight’s rally before the Assembly meeting.

Chants of “Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!” echoed as Allard made her way toward the crowd. Allard engaged the group, greeted those in attendance, and listened intently as many voiced concerns over the night’s Assembly agenda.

Allard had another reason for her appearance tonight: Introducing Dave Bronson, who declared his candidacy for mayor of Anchorage in front of the rain-soaked crowd.

The announcement received thunderous applause as many group members revealed signs promoting Bronson’s campaign.

In his address, Bronson promised, if elected mayor, to keep the Assembly Chambers, businesses, and churches open. While cheers echoed through the crowd, some could hear jeers coming from behind the group.

Black Lives Matter had arrived to counter-protest. Men and women dressed in black, wearing masks and waving red flags, began congregating around the William H. Seward statue. Many held handwritten signs stating, “Defund the Police” and “Abolish the Police.”

With tensions running high, both sides remained relatively civil and peaceful. Both groups engaged in heated discussions, various side conversations, and bouts of chanting throughout the evening.

As public testimony continues for AO 2020-65, it’s unclear whether the Assembly will listen to their constituents or decide their political agenda supersedes the people’s will. 

Protests against the Assembly have taken place routinely over recent weeks, as the Assembly meets behind closed doors and is making major policy decisions regarding expenditures of COVID-19 relief funds, and now the prohibition on some forms of counseling inside the city limits.

The Assembly meeting went late into the night and was scheduled to continue on Wednesday evening.


  1. Funny how BLM keeps it civil in Anchorage, seems they save their lawlessness for other places. Whether it’s fear of getting their ass kicked good and proper or knowing that looting and burning activities would not further their cause here remains an unknown. Me thinks that BLM wants to provoke an attack by their detractors so they can play the victim card.

    • It’s quite simple really. Their popularity has gone out the window ever since the United States citizens have discovered that black lives matter is a domestic terrorist organization and nothing more. We have pulled the fangs out of the monster and they are now toothless.

    • BLM is a calculated politically motivated player. They have professional videographers that know exactly what type of video clips they want and they agitate to that end. Its despicable.

  2. Interestingly, one of the young ones w their red flags wanting to defund the police had a bit of a heated conversation w one from the other side. Once it was over she immediately ran to a cop to complain. Can’t have it both ways, little girl. Yep. I was there and saw it happen. Even have a photo.

  3. It’s not just the Assembly involved in this. There is a new sex ed curriculum under construction by ASD guaranteed to sow sexual confusion among the kiddos. What they are setting up is a regime that the response to any confusion will be medical treatment to transition. This includes but is not limited to hormones (think chemical castration), counseling, and best of all, medical mutilation.

    The union-elected majorities in ASD, on the Assembly and the Mayor all describe this a “progress.” I have other terms that may be more applicable. Cheers –

  4. Im sorry but peaceful protesting doesn’t work. You have to light things on fire and tear down monuments.

    • Or, March down the street with arms interlocked singing kumbaya well you send your storm troopers out to burn down police precincts and pull down statues of George Washington and those other dirty rat slave owners. Black lives matter is a terrorist organization and will not hesitate to stoop to any level do disrupt America and try to scare the rest of us. The solution is to arm yourself and don’t be intimidated and if they cause you to be afraid for your life, you should act accordingly.

      • Greg,
        All the mayhem, violence, chaos and intimidation by bowel movement matters, antifa and the rest of the radical scum, is orchestrated nationwide by the likes of Soros, Newsom, Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff and the rest of democrat leftists. Self defense of life, family and property is a legitimate reason for defense from a bear in Alaska and an American right. Use it. Just remember the old safety lesson taught by your dad: “Never point a weapon at anyone unless you are willing to use it”. Not following this sage advice could get you dead.

  5. “ As public testimony continues for AO 2020-65, it’s unclear whether the Assembly will listen to their constituents or decide their political agenda supersedes the people’s will. ”
    Disagree. The assembly, by their previous actions, have clearly signaled their intent to ignore the citizenry.

  6. Is there any truth that there is a BLM march planned on the 28th downtown? I heard they chartered a AA plane to bring folks in. No clue if this is factual – can anyone confirm or debunk?

  7. When I was a child, I told my Mom I was a dinosaur, and ran around the house acting like a fearsome beast. At no point did my Mom think she needed to get me transformed into a large reptile. Had I have said, at the ripe old age of 5, that I wanted to be a girl, my Mom would have treated that announcement the same way.

    Therapy is not always “conversion therapy” sometimes it is just having a third party help a child work through feelings that are not all that uncommon during the teen years. However, if this law is enacted, all therapy for teens questioning their sexuality will end up banned. That is the inevitable result. No therapist will continue to treat a child because they would be afraid that the mob will destroy their practice.

    This crap has to stop.

    • Covid 19 relief money should be spent. On the people, by the people, for the people.

      Let me repeat the covid-19 relief money should be spent on the people, by the people, for the people.

  8. I personally don’t understand how the Anchorage Assembly can unilaterally decide how the money is spent without the input from the people that they are appointed to represent.

    It’s stinking business to hold closed door Assembly meetings. If they want to do closed door, there’s a process for that.

    I personally think that it is a matter of time before we see how much of the money goes into the Assembly’s pocket.

    I have been fighting for the rights of homeless individuals in the Anchorage area for the last few years and now that there’s a great opportunity for the project to become a reality and help with social distancing, all of the positive relationships that I had built with the Assembly and others who are on the inside track mean nothing.

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