How the mainstream media sandbagged March for Life



The 2019 Women’s March on Saturday received roughly 15 times more television news coverage than Friday’s March for Life, according to the Media Research Center.

The Women’s March’s took place on Saturday despite widespread concerns about anti-Semitism at the organization’s leadership level.

One day before that march, now in its third year, the pro-life March for Life occurred.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck examined the coverage each event received on the ABC, CBS, and NBC morning and evening newscasts:

Between Wednesday morning and Saturday evening, the Women’s March had 14 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage, and the March for Life received just 58 seconds.

“For the March for Life, ABC and CBS were especially pitiful,” he wrote.

The full story is here.

What coverage there was of the March for Life centered on a now-discredited fictitious account of a young Catholic youth who the media alleged was disrespectful of a Native American man who was drumming and chanting. The media was basing its story largely on Twitter and on the one-sided account of the Native American.

The story went viral and every major mainstream media outlet picked it up. Even conservative commentators like S.E. Cupp bit hard on the hook and ran out the line.

It turned out to be false, but not before some children from Covington Catholic High School were bullied and defamed. There were death threats. Even a boy who wasn’t the one accused of the rude behavior was bullied, in a case of mistaken identity. The reputation damage is incalculable for the institution and the student.

The mainstream media still doesn’t get it. But the incident is a caution to good-hearted people everywhere to be extra cautious about what is zipping around the internet. A story like that usually gets halfway around the world before the truth even knows where it set down its shoes. It was shameful.

And it will likely be repeated again and again, with the mainstream media like The Atlantic Monthly, CNN, ABC, NBC, New. York Times, Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times getting a pass, while other not-always-credible news purveyors, such as Alex Jones’ InfoWars, were banned by social media site Facebook and Twitter for stories with far less negative impact.


  1. Everyone who is on social media needs to share the stories like this, and especially share the stories about the truth about the Covington Catholic school students being falsely accused. We will not have responsible journalism until things like this are exposed. The school kids were heckled by a hate group. The kids started doing school cheers and were exuberant, but they did not engage with the hate group or the Native American group. The Native elder put himself in the teens face, for the camaras. He has a history of lying and activism. Shame shame shame. And the media took off with it.

  2. I have not see all the video but I guess that some people believe the young man was supposed to simply get out of the way of the. man beating the drum… Is that correct? Why?

  3. National Public Radio is running an interview this morning with Kentucky State Representative Adam Koenig (SP?) who tries to explain what the students did and why they may have done it. But the NPR interviewer was having none of it, asking if the youths should be better taught and more considerate. We need all elected officials to stop funding Public Broadcasting with public money! Whatever Bernie Sanders and the Ocasio-whatever woman say NPR swoons on each word, but give them some polite, conservative 16 year-olds and NPR abandons any semblance of reasonableness. NPR may sometimes be a 21st Century Nazi outfit. Remember, Hitler was elected by people who knew best how to make the trains run on time.

  4. And in this morning’s ADN we get to read about our teens developing advocacy skills and last week read about UAA’s Education programs losing accreditation. Maybe UAA should change the name of its Education School to School of Advocacy and then everything would be aligned.

  5. Those teens st the Lincoln Memorial had more self-control and class than did the dishonest media and the Elder, who was 160 years older than them.

  6. America’s overwhelmingly left wing media is on a crusade to paint all white Americans as racist white supremacists. It’s time Americans started asking themselves what’s going on here. Do we want our country destroyed by a small group of ideologues?

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