House Republicans will investigate origins of Covid-19



House Republicans have made it clear they plan to use their newfound majority to investigate the origins of COVID-19.

House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer, R-Ky., and House Committee on the Judiciary Ranking Member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, sent a string of letters to Biden administration officials demanding records, communications and interviews.

“Mounting evidence points to the virus originating from a leak at the Wuhan lab,” Comer said. “EcoHealth Alliance, a U.S. National Institutes of Health grantee, passed taxpayer funds to the Wuhan lab to conduct gain of function research on bat coronaviruses – research that may have started the pandemic. Dr. [Anthony] Fauci was warned early on that the virus appeared man made and pointed to a lab leak and instead of blowing the whistle may have attempted to cover it up.”

House Republicans will have new teeth for their investigations with the majority next year. Lawmakers have highlighted three major investigations going forward: Covid’s origins, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the related chaos and deaths.

U.S. Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, weighed in as well. He pointed to the recently released report on Covid-19 origins from his committee.

That report said the Biden administration and intelligence communities have not given up the information sought by Congress and raised serious concerns that the American people were misled by the IC about Covid’s origins and that Health and Human Services knew about the risk of funding the Wuhan research but proceeded anyway.

The committee also said that intelligence agencies were quick to say that Covid-19 could become a pandemic but missed an opportunity to spy on the Chinese doctors and officials involved, an opportunity that could have provided invaluable insight into the origin of the virus.

“The American people are owed answers about the origins of Covid-19. Our report states that Covid–19 may have been tied to China’s bioweapons research program and that the Intelligence Community (IC) withheld key information from the American public’s authorized elected officials, deepening public mistrust,” Wenstrup said. “Our findings also show that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) bears more responsibility for the Covid–19 pandemic than what has been publicly known or transparently communicated to the American people.”

Until answers are found, Congress will keep seeking information, Republicans say.

“The American people deserve answers and accountability. We will continue to follow the facts to determine what, if anything, could have been done differently to guard against the harms Americans have endured during the pandemic,” Comer said. “We will continue this oversight to hold U.S. government officials accountable for any wrongdoing and ensure Americans’ tax dollars aren’t being used on risky research at unsecure labs.”

Casey Harper is a Senior Reporter for the Washington, D.C. Bureau. He previously worked for The Daily Caller, The Hill, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A graduate of Hillsdale College, Casey’s work has also appeared in Fox News, Fox Business, and USA Today.


  1. They are to late we already know what happened just like the laptop. You just need to listen to the truth that some news outlets have to say. Save us taxpayers some money and fix the boarder instead. What a waste of time and resources. All Fauci is guilty of lying.

  2. Sure they will. And if they find something, nothing will happen. This will be much like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. The end result is predictable.

  3. So, where do the people that stand on every word of their government and always insisted on “ show me the evidence “ feel about the new developments. Our doctors were given the gag order from the government or risk loosing their medical licenses. So even asking for advice from your doctor wasn’t helpful in most cases. And the hospitals to loose funding if they offered anything other than government approved treatments was nothing more than a financial decision for them. We have been so duped by the institutions that we need to trust that most people of average intelligence are beginning to distrust anything put out, especially the media, who have been busy proving that they are simply an extension of the the crooked government. Propaganda at its worst. The Chinese Communist Government has gained tremendously from this epidemic and it would not be a surprise if the release of this man made epidemic wasn’t intentional. If you recall at the beginning of the epidemic, Trump was in the process of trying to return manufacturing to America, and had introduced higher taxes on Chinese products. They fixed that little problem.

    • You are right on the mark Trig. Elon Musk is now exposing how corrupt our government is by releasing the censored Twitter Files! They are directly censoring Americans free speech; a direct violation of our 1st Amendment rights. The FBI is now completely exposed, welcome to communism. See below.


  4. If Alaska had representation with curiosity, intellect and advocasy in mind they might ask with manly firmness ask: Which US state received the first virulent Chinese vector(s) and when. They might congressionally investigate where the premier ingredients originated? Ukraine? Alaska? Which world populations were the most and least impervious to the (bugs) and enumerate and quantify. This would show respect and fondness for the science religion for which the people subjugated their many freedoms heretofore in this prefecture This would emulate respect for science proving to be superior to freedoms. That would be a great demonstration of a nice worship of the goddess of “science” of whom they are most gently and ladylikely fond.

    • You do understand that science is based on data and religion is based on faith, right? Data can be tested and subject to falsification and predictions can be made. Your post signals a complete ignorance of the scientific method. I suppose you think we evolved from
      monkeys as well?

          • “It’s the science” the scientologist said, admiringly. “It’s the singing of hymns aloud…that caused the spread…” reported the Seattle Times. Bill Gates, behind his large muffler walked alone, unrecognized across the ferry.

        • “It’s not science anymore” said the psychologist “And it hasn’t been in the DSM for over two years”. “No.” Agreed the insurance company.

    • Not sure I’m following you here. They ignored science during the whole planned-demic. Wear masks that can’t stop a virus particle, take this experimental drug that doesn’t stop the spread or protect you from said virus and by the way, it is safe and effective even though we didn’t provide any safety data to the public. Americans need to stop being so gullible and trusting of their government and demand accountability.

  5. We all know where the virus originated, hence the original name “Wuhan Virus” and nicknamed “Wuhan Flu.” It’s what happened afterwards is where the travesty is. You were labeled racist if you mentioned Wuhan and it had to be COVID 19 or social media cancelled you. In times of crisis people are willing to give up their freedoms, we sure witnessed that. All perfectly orchestrated by the global elites.

    • Jim, A very wise man recently said that the Americans will tell you that the Covid 19 virus was released by the Chi-Coms from a Lab in Wuhan, meanwhile the Chi-Coms will tell you that the virus was a product of American Gain of Function Research, and you know what? Neither of them will be lying.

  6. Whatever you do “Don’t sing in church. It’s the science”. What else is singing in church? Anyone?
    It is making a cheerful noise unto the Lord. Lifting your voice and praising the Lifegiver for He is very much to be praised. What are the two reasons to be alive according to the psalmist? No, it’s not to falk in love with a lesser woman’s husband. We are alive to: 1. “make wealth, and 2. to Praise God”. That means raising our voices to Him. He wants these things. Heavens are full of ?. The science goddesses wanted this praise music taken away from God, the earth and the heavens. It was a particular petulence they firmly wished to eliminate as they worshipped their Baal service to the science goddess.

    • Why would an all powerful god need to be constantly praised? Is it so insecure that it needs daily affirmation? Sounds like a heavenly North Korea to me. If you want to do it, more power to ya; just keep your illusions private and don’t expect my tax dollars to subsidize your beliefs.

      • Why are you so insecure you need to take shots at God? It might make Him sad, but you’re not capable of hurting his feelings.

        It makes you look like a petty teen age mean girl, but you do you.

        I’m always fascinated by the insecurities of faithless people. And their need to criticize something they clearly don’t understand. They can speak so “authoritatively” about God by and faith can’t tell the difference between men and women.

        Deep inside they know they are wrong, but lack to humility and the discernment to accept it.

        For what it’s worth, I’m sick to death myself of the constant sermonettes.

        • How do you know it’s not a Her? I was raised in a strict Christian household so I know the religion well. It’s Bronze Age mythology, made up by a species afraid of death. Nothing more. It’s difficult to be insecure about something that doesn’t exist.

        • This is typical of your logic: “ It might make Him sad, but you’re not capable of hurting his feelings.” Isn’t being sad a result of hurt feelings?

          Try harder masked avenger, you’re not very good at this.

  7. Everyone can agree that swapping a global “Merchant of Death” for a semi-literate lesbian wife beater best suited post emancipation to games involving a stick or a ball was a freakishly poor choice


    What’s worse? That would be ordering your own people to abandon top drawer military arms amongst stone age, militant, oppressive retards arguably best known for bacha bazi (older men sodomizing young men), circumcising women, and oppression on a massive scale. Abandoning your own men on the way out the door is beyond shameful behavior and all from a worthless individual masquerading as a leader with notable challenges in every other aspect of his life.

  8. Just ask Project Veritas. They’ll find the evidence faster than Congress. They already had a release about Fauci over a year ago.

  9. Is this more important than inflation? McCarthy will be forced to do this by the Freedom Caucus and get nothing done on the economy

    • It would appear that Frank, with his stunted and limited mentality, cannot envision the possibility that a person, or a representative body, could consider or investigate more than one matter at a time.

      • Check back in March and we shall see how Jordan, MGT, Gaetz et al make chewing gum and walking at the same time difficult for Mc Carthy

    • Gee Frank, it’s like your admitting defeat and complaining about the score at the same time. Too bad you hitched your wagon to the ultra lefty fauci is science crowd. An educated man such as yourself should have been able to see through the big pharma lies. Oh well, maybe next plandemic you’ll temper you’re actions with wisdom instead of going whole hog on righteous indifference and self serving platitudes. Do you think your clot shots will wipe out the 45 years of smoking you and your wife did? Im curious which you thought was worse for you, the china flu or the smokes was President Trump responsible for you smoking for decades? I mean if you die soon, it’s probably his fault for not trusting fauci right?

      • I did smoke for over 40 years, quit long before the grifter became President. I could care less about Big Pharma, I threw away the Lisinprol and Lipitor years ago and I feel a lot better

  10. What’s there to investigate? It came from the Wuhan lab, funded by NIH w/ Lord Fauci’s approval, released by the CCP upon the world (intentionally or not, does it matter?), and commies of all nationalities seized the opportunity to begin ushering the Great Reset. No one will be held accountable, and we all will be subjected to ever expanding tyranny until the end of the United States thanks to the pathetic cowards referred to as US citizens. We get the government we deserve. This is a sham, change my mind.

  11. Do they not? Have better things too do?
    Get over the China bug! We know where it came from? CHINA! Wuhan! Holy Crap!

    • Now we’re getting “someplace” by chasing the Red Chinese wherever “science” leads! Look, this is Christmas season: what we really need to do is dispel the half-baked notions of the Darwinians and cast them from our libraries. Moreover, if Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants to do something for us God-fearing-Alaskans he can use good science to prove that Santa Clause exists at the outskirts of Fairbanks.

  12. And when they find out that it started in a wet animal market in Wuhan, will the GOP (and all the Fauci-bashing people here), admit that he was correct? Are conspiracy theorists even capable of a mea culpa?

    • cman: You know the answer to your question. No amount of reason and evidence will dissuade them from their hatred of the Left.

    • Talk about mindless religious faith. The irony here is delicious.

      You do believe in a god. His name is Fauci.

  13. Just as the 6 January Committee has rigorously investigated the events of the day (and correctly recommended indicting Trump), we hope that this new Committee will be equally meticulous in determining, once and for all, Covid’s origin.

  14. The insolence of the left and their lazy, habitual hatred of freedom and the liberties built by the USA is at a level comparable to US haters anywhere historically in the past. Lack of morals and integrity is destructive to our nation. Plus, most leftists need to be told what to do by others who yearn to be labeled experts in superior living.

  15. In my limited opinion, no discussion about the origins of the Covid-19 virus is worth having without first reading the speech delivered by Comrade Chi Haotian, ­Vice Chairman of China’s Military Commission to the CCP. The defense minister lays out China’s long range strategic plans for America with no uncertain terms. I find it fascinating that we are so lost in the small details of this virus origin we may be missing the obvious. We as a nation have been played hard, and the further we go down this road, the more I can’t help but think we are as a nation running out of time.


    We can only hope our congressional membership understand China’s long range plans for us and act accordingly, otherwise our future as a nation is at risk

    • Your reference is to an obscure and suspect document that appears to be written by a racist and historical revisionist. Those same militant fanatics are responsible for centuries of focused internal strife directed at their own people and as a result their populace has proven to be something less than the nutbar that wrote the article would have you believe. Want proof? Consider that one of the smallest developed nations beat the living dog snot out of the largest in a scorched earth policy that left their capital city in tatters with tens of thousands of able bodied men dead and a reported 20,000 women in that city were raped.

      America’s contribution to this mess has been that publicly traded American companies provided their ingenuity, processes and know how to a backwater nation and now some 40 years later our nation is dependent upon theirs for nearly everything.


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