House Republicans take gloves off in new video



The House Republican Minority posted this video tonight on social media, criticizing two Republicans  — Chuck Kopp and Tammie Wilson — who jumped ship and formed a caucus with the Democrats to take over control of the House.

Here’s the Link to the Facebook Video:


  1. I hope the AKR Party spends money in prime news broadcasts on TV and plays this.

    What the Democrats have done is expected, spend, support the unions, killing the unborn. What the Turncoat 9 did is disgraceful and a rejection of their voters wishes.

    Keep the spotlight on the Turncoat 9.

  2. I’m for severe cuts to wastage. Ironically Universal Basic Income is a Leftist cause everywhere but Alaska where it is supported at least as much by Republicans as Leftists. If nothing else, the PFD is an amazing social experiment.

    • erak,
      I disagree with you. “Universal Basic Income” is a taxpayer funded liability, not available to all. The PFD deprives no taxpayer/citizen of rightful expenditure. The PFD is a sharing of Alaskan resource income, separate of taxpayer burden. The PFD puts a portion of the State oil income into the hands of the owners/citizens. Alaska is not like any other state. Alaska takes a special type of individual to endure and thrive in the harsh, expensive environment. When the PFD was enacted, the real, honest, true representatives of the citizens, were returning a portion of Alaska’s resource income to Alaskan citizens, the rightful owners. I surely don’t see any socialist intent there, as in the “universal basic income”.

  3. Can’t watch the video here because it says YouTube took it down. Is there another place to see it?

  4. Like Abraham Lincoln said: “To test a person’s (man’s) character, give him power”. That seems more true every time the true colors show.

  5. Tammie Wilson is a hillbilly carpetbagger. She’s not been in Alaska that long. She thinks she is intelligent, but she talks and acts like an old hick. That blonde do-over doesn’t fool anyone. She is a turncoat and the Democrats used her. She bought in to overcome some severe psychological insecurities. She’s toast.

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