House Oversight Committee will hear about fallout from Biden Covid mandates


Ohio Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup, chair of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, will convene a hearing Thursday on the impact of the Biden Administration’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

The hearing,”Because I Said So: Examining the Science and Impact of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates,” has a goal of evaluating the necessity and effectiveness of the various mandates and address the erosion of public trust caused by coercive vaccination policies.

The federal government issued its first Covid-19 vaccine mandate on Aug. 24, 2021, followed by four additional major federal mandates and numerous state-level mandates.

The mandates purportedly aimed to curb the spread of the virus and protect public health. But many Americans have raised concerns about the efficacy of things like mask mandates, and the consequences on American society, including businesses, schools, and military readiness.

Contrary to promises made by medical experts at the time, evidence suggests the Covid-19 vaccine mandates may not have been as effective in curbing the spread of the virus as hoped. Concerns include the resulting infringement on individual liberties and the erosion of public trust in public health policies.

Critics argue that such mandates did not take into account individual medical freedoms and patient-physician relationships. Instead, it imposed an experimental vaccine on millions of healthy Americans, including children as young as 2, without sufficient evidence to support their necessity.

Wenstrup said doctors and contrary scientific opinions were sidelined from the conversation surrounding the mandates, with politicians and government officials taking center stage.

The hearing, scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, will feature witnesses who will share their insights and experiences regarding the consequences of Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

According to Wenstrup, this hearing may help the public gain a deeper understanding of the science behind vaccine mandates and its implications.

The goal is to foster an informed and educated public, rather than enforcing policies through coercion or a “because I told you so” approach.

The hearing, which is starting at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, will be livestreamed online at this link.


  1. Aside from the demonstrated inefficacy of the so-called ‘vaccine’, and the innumerable cases of harm or death caused by its administration, the most damning aspect of this entire sordid and evil program was not just the mass administration, but the COERCED mass administration, of a purely experimental treatment to the public. Those behind and responsible for this so-called Covid ‘vaccine’ program are guilty of crimes against humanity.

    • You are absolutely correct, Jefferson. I will never forgive the criminal abuse carried out by covid cultists.

  2. I am unhappy about the medical doctors being threatened with losing their licenses if they tried any non-approved therapies. Also medical facilities like the Ford Medical Foundation being forced to end trials of non-approved therapies. Meanwhile the CDC, if it was doing any studies, was not releasing the results to the public. I don’t just want to “understand”. I want to see a strong backlash to these actions.

  3. I saw this in the news cycle for about a second…

    US suspends federal funding to Wuhan lab over non-compliance

  4. -Wrecked economy.
    -Loss of civil rights.
    -Purged military.
    -Educationally stunted children.
    -Social divide.
    -Rampant hypocrisy.
    -Politicization of healthcare.
    -Job loss.
    Business closures.
    -Loss of faith in electoral process (hat tip to Trump, who set it in motion).
    -Needless loss of life.
    -State sponsored censorship of dissent at a near cellular level.

    And on and on and on.

    Best part? Almost 50% of Americans will happily vote him back into office knowing what he did.

    • What do my policies in the great state of Florida have to do with this? You must be the Meatball Avenger!

    • No we won’t. Both parties are guilty as he’ll! We are a for profit healthcare system and boy did they ALL rake it in. All of us need to realize that our government and big pharma along with the other major corporate players are one and the same. It’s a revolving door. The policy’s, regulations, laws and so called mandates are all bought and paid for with big corporate money. Both and I mean both sides republicans and democrats have blood on there hands and they don’t give a damn because there pocket are overflowing with big money.

  5. Got the jab back during the panic. Got the rona a year and half later. Had a “heart incident” two months later. Doctor said, ” No clogging, heart and arteries look great, don’t know why it happened. Did you get the jab?”. FYI, had a stress test about a year earlier and was told awesome for my age “almost active duty level”. I really don’t care what others say or think about the subject, I feel getting the jab signed my death warrant. But, on the bright side, I try to live everyday like it might be my last. Appreciate the little things folks; a old dog’s morning kiss, a good cup of tea, and a good chat over a meal with your loved one. End the end Momento Mori.

  6. Again a waste of time and money. This is just another feel good dog and pony show. Until some crooked politicians and lawyers are in jail this will be a two tiered legal system. How much money has the law industry made with all these hearings and lawsuits? Where is judge Roy Bean?

  7. The administration is unable to just admit that they messed up on many levels on this one. The result is a total distrust by any intelligent American. Now, everything they come up with will be questioned. As well it should.

  8. Biden’s ‘Holy Vaccine Mandate’ of 2021 worked nicely to take our focus off of the evil acts of Dr. Fauci and his gain-of-function Wuhan virus lab cronies. If, today, we know only one-half of the whole truth of this evil scheme, it is still enough to condemn and hang Dr. Fauci and his affiliated minions.

    • Yes an Trump needs to come clean as well. Don’t forget operation warp speed. 18 months for all the big pharma players to get the green light when most vaccines get approval after 18 years. It’s warp speed alright! Vaccinated people are dropping like flies! I’ve changed my opinion on The Donald. I have my suspicion he may be just another corrupt corporate politician.

  9. “Contrary to promises made by medical experts at the time, evidence suggests the Covid-19 vaccine mandates may not have been as effective in curbing the spread of the virus as hoped.” The aforesaid is but a dance-around-the-issue which doesn’t make it completely true considering the implication of that statement which Jefferson swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

    Utilizing the vaccines stymied the prevalence and sheer rapidity of contracting infections, which consequently decreased the viral load in the population, and decreased its virulence. Folks still contract COVID, but by a virus infection rate that’s been somewhat tamed. A person does not forget the news photos of those ill overflowing outside hospitals, with bodies piling up in morgues.

    Again, I blame the past president for this national disgrace. I was old enough to receive a smallpox shot and the polio vaccine in a little fluted paper cup in school. Maybe some folks died because of the oral polio vaccine, but generally polio has been not the national health urgency that it was in the 1950s considering there is no cure for it, though it’s preventable through a safe, effective 99–100 % effective vaccine for those who receive the proper recommended doses. Whereas, with smallpox, the disease had been deemed eradicated by the CDC at this time, or so I read.

    The past president’s role as an ignorant nay-sayer confused the general public about the role of vaccination and prevention implying that freedom of a virus to plunder otherwise healthy adults is more important than individuals, and in so doing jeopardized the health and economy of the country. This contributes to continuing further conspiracy theories as if it was entirely an issue of compromised freedom and rights in the name of some bogeyman public health ‘big-brother’.

    At this time x number people have died. Though the mourning and weeping for those who died horrific deaths may eventually cease by their loved ones, the effect of the vaccination campaign has been felt throughout the the world.

    For some, the matter of vaccinations is a contentious matter, to pursue discussion ad infinitum, while those of us who continue employment in the health sector continue to care for those infected more often than not unvaccinated, providing the required intensive care and rehabilitation necessary, with acute infection as well as ‘long COVID’.

    Of course, I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. What do I know?

    • Mrs. N,
      Honestly, one must either have been in a coma, a victim of Mass Psychosis or a chauvinistic Democrat these last 3 years to believe the tripe you wrote above, ( but I wax redundant).

      Evidence of Trump’s Operation Light Speed failure is widely documented, begin with countries that start with an I, Israel, Iceland, Ireland, universal Jabbing and yet the highest rate of infection and hospitalization.
      Big Pharma’s and Tony” rat face” Fauci’s profitable criminal concoction didn’t work in stopping the spread of the virus, on the contrary it appears to have promoted the spread of infection. Now it seems that death rates are rising higher than the rate of covid caused inflation amongst those who got poked and boosted. This medicalization of society is without precedent in human history and it is criminal.

      You have a right to your opinions and religious beliefs, you are entitled to worship your most high gods of medicine and heap scorn upon the goat headed devil Trump all you want, but in the bitter end the truth is you were scammed. Somethings transcend politics Mrs. N.

      My heart grieves for all of those who have been killed or damaged by this scamdemic. May God have mercy.

      • “a victim of Mass Psychosis”

        You apparently also believe in your own “tripe” because both “victim” and “Mass Psychosis” are euphemisms or reality distortions almost all people of the “awakened” movement has bought into …. ‘

        “We’ll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” —William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

  10. I would rather they spend their time and efforts investigating the government’s covid relief giveaway programs.

    • That is by far the most damaging effect.
      “Free money” destroys mental and physical strength in all species of life.
      The population explosion of the homeless is a direct result and living proof until they die early from substandard living conditions.

    • Allot if not all the states are still sitting on a pile of it,,,,,The money that is. A major majority of small businesses never saw a dime. The only people who made out like fat cats are those who know how to scam the system including our Awesome Ass embly

  11. Ivermectin Horse paste saved my butt! Hospitals killed more people with there negligence than Covid in my opinion.

  12. Mrs N
    “ Utilizing the vaccines stymied the prevalence and sheer rapidity of contracting infections, which consequently decreased the viral load in the population, and decreased its virulence. Folks still contract COVID, but by a virus infection rate that’s been somewhat tamed.”
    This statement is not even close to truthful. You’re making this up. Many of us went with natural immunity, never went to a hospital and never got the clot shot. I never “utilized” the vaccine and I came through fine. More people were hurt by or are now immuno-compromised from the shot than were saved by it. Almost everyone who got multiple shots still ended up with Covid. So how did it help again?

    “ A person does not forget the news photos of those ill overflowing outside hospitals, with bodies piling up in morgues.” People were dying of the flu, which is what Covid-19 is. Hundreds of thousands die from the flu. They always have….they always will. Maybe you should research how many annual flu deaths we had before Covid. Then research how many we had during Covid… was almost none. So the flu, that kills thousands, took a two year break? Hardly. The name flu was replaced with Covid, this was all done on purpose. You really should stop watching the view and find some alternative news sources.
    Also, without President Trump you wouldn’t have had your precious vaccine, he got it done through operation light speed. You can thank him later.

  13. Research where n = 1 is anecdotal.

    Influenza, or flu, and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. COVID-19 is caused by infection with a coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Flu is caused by infection with influenza viruses. There is more than one variation of influenza viruses which is why the flu shot is different each flu season (based on which flu viruses are likely to be in a certain location during the winter months. Recall it is winter in the southern hemisphere at a different time that in the northern hemisphere.) My information sources are from JAMA, CDC, WHO, Lancet, pharmacy journals, previous college virology/human pathophysiology classes, webinars given by infectious diseases experts esp doctors, etc.

    In the early 60s messenger RNA, was discovered and researching how mRNA could be delivered into cells was developing ten years later. Flu mRNA vaccines were tested in mice in the 1990s and rabies mRNA vaccines were being tested in the early 2010s. Thank heavens the previous president did not obstruct the coordinated private-government funded effort to develop safe and effective coronavirus vaccines to reach the goal of producing 300 million doses with initial funding through the CARES Act. It could have been worse.

    Where the money went to support the health, welfare, and economy during the pandemic would be an informative albeit interesting report, if the focus on the hearing was on objective data.

    Disclaimer: by no means am I an expert on viral diseases, and definitely more detailed information is available in the scientific journals.

    • All that crap is put out by big pharmaceutical, and as some of us recall, leading experts who had opposing views were banned. Too bad that you and many others took the bait, but now you just sound stupid. Sometimes you just have to admit that you made bad choices.

    • Mrs N, your credentials and references are noteworthy. However, they do not guarantee the truth of your assertions. For example, like so many parroting the party line, you describe the mRNA treatment as a “vaccine” similar to those for Polio or Diphtheria. It is not even remotely the same. The mRNA treatment is intended to stimulate our cells at the genetic level (DNA in the nucleus of our cells). The result is mRNA triggering Ribosomes to create spike proteins to stimulate our antibodies rather than relying upon our immune system to produce its own naturally. The problem is, the Genome is so complex it is virtually impossible to replicate the natural process. Consequently, we see unintended results like clotting and organ failure. The so-called mRNA vaccine has proven to be a deadly gamble for those receiving it.

      • One of the lingering problems with the Covid hysteria is a lot of people with really good credentials have ignored reality for politics.

        Combine that with a history of left of center babble, it devalues the credentials to the point of non serious.

  14. I think what you meant to say was thank heavens the previous president didnt obstruct the coordinated government funded effort with the Chinese to develop gain of function research in Wuhan for a much more dangerous virus than even “Batman” could find in his batcave that Obama was so big on funding due to the “benefits” of a deadly virus.

    Anthony Fauci was recorded in 2012 defending HIS gain of function research by saying “The risk of a leak from a deadly virus is far outweighed by the benefit of our gain of function viral research”.
    He lied through his teeth claiming they had no clue of the origin.

    Your flu research is incomplete if you ignore ALL the facts.
    Dr Robert Malone who was credited with his important role in developing the vaccine made an effort to warn everyone of the potentially dangerous side effects of the mRNA vaccine all because HE himself was a victim of serious heart complications immediately after he took the vaccine as well as several others prompting him to make recomendations to CDC and FDA to do more testing prior to rollout and especially mandates for all.
    He was immediately shut down and discredited “because He wasnt supporting the governments immediate vaccine mandate for all” regardless of the danger.

    There is danger in ALL vaccines especially when the then speaker or the house of Congress in lockstep with the corrupt president are so heavily invested in all the pharmaceutical companies through Paul Pelosi’s very successful lucrative Venture Capitalist investment business.
    All the vaccines were sold to the feds at a very high cost with absolutely no cost control “all in the name of saving lives” and then came the “mandates that cost many peoples jobs careers AND most importantly self health and safety.

    Am I the only one who remembers the dangerous swine flu vax that the goverment was trying to mandate in the seventies? Oh that was just paralysis and complications that lead to death.
    My first cousin was coerced into getting that vaccine from the “then deadly pig flu” which never panned out as planned. She was paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her shortened life in the same way too many others were affected until that untested vaccine was banned because of the number of people injured.

    If all these phony vaccines were safe and effective the government would NOT grant big pharma immunity from lawsuits stemming from personal injury.

    I as well as my entire extended family are immune to government overreach and especially the expensive profit making mandated vaccines.

    A bit of advice for novice investors Paul Pelosi strangely shifted their millions to Ratheon long before Russia invaded Ukraine. I know several successful investment strategists who follow Paul Pelosi’s highly secret portfolio and consider it the “Gospel”

    • I was forced to take that swine flu vaccine by the military in the late 70’s. It nearly killed my then young body. After that, I learned my lesson. Seems a lot of people died from that shot before it was pulled. We may never know how many.

  15. Evidently, the people that didn’t get deworming through intervectim have the parasites eating their brains. And young people having having unexplainable heart attacks, and the elderly dying at an incredible frequency. After the shots. Understand that social security is underfunded, but really? This is modern mass extermination . History will tell a different story about this someday. But not soon. Kind of like UFOs. Or Kennedy.

  16. Thank you for your intelligent reply Mr Coogan.

    My point was the ex-president didn’t just ‘wheel out’ vaccines as the technology was already in the works.

    I did not compare the mechanism of action to the polio or smallpox vaccines. I introduced these two examples because adults who oppose vaccines in general often fail to recognize the significance of contribution of vaccines, such as these two drugs, to favorable public health outcomes. The mRNA technology was used to develop vaccines which impacted the outcome of the pandemic. Like any other vaccines there is always a chance that someone will take any vaccine and have side-effects and possibly die. Whenever I’ve heard about the Iditarod and Togo, there has been no one mentions how bad it was for those who received diphtheria antitoxins.

    In the case of the major two mRNA products used in the US, any facility in which I was involved in administering it we 1. monitored each person for 15 minutes after administration, and 2, did not administer any second vaccine in a series even for the slightest reaction in the first.

    Not a whole lot of information was available about stimulating the body’s immune system to fight this particular coronavirus prior to mass vaccination efforts, even after after the mass vaccination efforts involved in swine flu clinics. One person I encountered in the COVID-19 clinic told me that he’d been on life support for weeks from swine flu and he didn’t want to put his family through the trauma again.

    One thing that the mass immunization effort for COVID-19 was that it was able to ‘buy time’ while researching effective therapy. Not every healthcare facility had ECMO. Most of the patients in the hospital now diagnosed with COVID-19 have never been immunized even after their first illness. And, those with breakthrough vaccination suffer milder cases that do not require hospitalization. Now, depending on the severity of this various options especially with early diagnosis seem much more promising that the when a majority patients flooded and overwhelmed the healthcare systems as they were directly admitted to ICU and never left alive as was the case at the beginning of the pandemic.

    I can understand how a person who suffered with side-effects of a shot, and in some cases died from various inflammation responses might be leery, but there are far more people that actually died from COVID-19 who never were immunized.

    I don’t think I mentioned my credentials here other than the couple classes related to the topic in college, and over at ACC anyone could take any class so long as they’d passed the first class. The journals I cited are there on the web. Some people believe in research. And, finally, like many other Alaskans I do not ‘belong’ to any political party. It would be nice if there was a decent alternative to the ex-president of the republican party, but if they choose to go with him or someone that even supports his criminal behavior they’re setting themselves up for loss. Independent voters are not going to buy whatever he’s selling. And, they’re not going to buy the case for those that toadied to him earlier.

    • Mrs N, My point is, you are falling into the trap of mutilating our common language. Everyone knows the term “vaccine” traditionally means the introduction of a neutralized version, or part, of a pathogen into our system to trigger a natural immune response to the actual pathogen itself. mRNA therapy does not fit that description. Rather, it is a bio-engineered gene delivery system designed to stimulate a customized response… intended to mimic our natural immune response by triggering the creation of proteins that ostensibly neutralize the pathogen; in this case, Covid. We should not be conflating mRNA therapy with traditional vaccine therapy.

      • Wayne,

        Here’s a list of medical definitions from different medical dictionary sources for the word vaccine, they are all pre-covid and show the year the definitions were accepted to that specific medical dictionary. ‘’ It might be worth your time to pursue these definitions before saying something that is demonstrably false.

        Most of the approved covid vaccines around the world were/are not mRNA vaccines, and yes mRNA vaccines absolutely meet the definition of what a vaccine is…both pre and post covid definitions.

        • Steve, you again parrot the discredited official narrative on Covid here, but disingenuously trying to claim that the Covid so-called “mRNA vaccines” are in fact vaccines when they are not. First and foremost, a vaccine should prevent the acquisition and transmission of a disease, but the mRNA Covid ‘vaccines’ do neither.

          • Jeff,

            Words have meaning, and definitions tell us what the meaning of words are. You are welcome to your opinion, but your opinion flies in the face of the very definition of the word and you cannot simply substitute your opinion for the definition of a word.

  17. I stand by my assertion that whatever the mRNA shots were, their use in the COVID-19 pandemic saved lives, with the balance of a heckalot more good than harm.

    Not sure where a ‘free’ dictionary originates, but I think we’re going into the weeds, so to speak. In communication, the point is meaning is interpreted in the same fashion between interested parties, that is, that statements are somewhat equivalent between people understanding a word or concept. I agree with Steve O’s explanation, but understanding by Jefferson and myself of immunity, immunization, and vaccines seems a bit asynchronous, not totally compatible or comparable. My guess is that Jefferson is probably 35-45 years old and is basing his understanding on a very precise and possibly modern esoteric understanding of the concept of introducing some foreign agent into ones’ body with consequent reaction.

    I am considerably older. I remember when we used a few different ‘allergens’ like Candida albicans to help determine one’s innate immunity as a response especially to HIV infection. We also used to prepare penicillin and sulfa desensitization serial dilutions for those allergic to either when either was the drug of choice e.g. penicillin for syphilis, sulfa for pneumocystis carinii. My usage of the word vaccine is ‘something which triggers one’s own immune systems to recognize a specific ‘foreign’ substance, eliciting an immunogenic response which repels further infection by that substance’.

    Just a general online definition of vaccine is “a substance used to stimulate immunity to a particular infectious disease or pathogen, typically prepared from an inactivated or weakened form of the causative agent or from its constituents or products.” The operative word in this explanation is ‘typically’ referring to the usual understanding. I don’t know when this online definition was available but it fits most of the ways I understand a vaccine works. About five years ago when I was trained in vaccine administration, it seemed like this was my understanding then, and a simple CDC, NIH explanation.

    However, at this point, I am going to review allergic vs immune responses such as whether a vaccination with hymenoptera venom would prevent a reaction to bee stings, as my curiosity has been piqued and even at this age, I can learn something new. I do know of folks that have idiopathic urticaria, so maybe Jefferson knows something about that as well.

    • Mrs N and others, using long words and technical terms does not strengthen an argument. My fundamental point is, your mutilation of our common language degrades our culture. I realize many factions consider the mRNA therapy a “vaccine.” However, that doesn’t make it right. I am simply contending it should be called a “pseudo-vaccine.” Although its intended effect is similar to a classic vaccine, it functions substantially differently. As an analogy, why must we call homosexuals “gay?” Why must we call stewardesses “attendants?” The proper descriptive name would be “airline servants.” Why must a secretary be called an administrative assistant? Why is a wino on the street called a “gentleman?” We are all expected to lie to each other every day with multitudes of such ridiculous corny abd phony terms. The woke faction believes this trend somehow indicates the evolution of a better culture. However, in reality, it is a symptom of a culture in decline.

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