House of Rep. Covid case means no committees today


The Alaska House of Representatives has nothing planned for the day, after a member tested positive for Covid-19. The members and staff will remain out of the building, per an order from House Speaker Louise Stutes, and more plans will be forthcoming.

The House has not passed legislation that would allow it to meet remotely, although that was one of the first orders of business in the Senate.

Senate President Peter Micciche said that for now, Senate committee meetings will continue.

Stutes sent the memo out late Wednesday shutting down committee work on Thursday and advising members and staff to remain out of the building.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy also has a case of coronavirus, but he has not been in the Capitol. Must Read Alaska sources say he did not come into contact with the virus at the Alaska Outdoor Council Banquet and was not contagious when he attended the event on Saturday night. He has been self-quarantining since Sunday morning.


  1. JEEZ … What a bunch of wussies! Get in there and do your dang job and “Git-R-Done!” Constituents expect RESULTS, not EXCUSES! Constituents deserve maximum effort!
    Remember, in AK the survival rate of Covid is ~99%. More people die yearly from: suicide, cancer, obesity, vehicle accidents, the common flu (influenza) and abortion.

  2. They can’t take their chances. The legislators 45 and older are elderly. No we can’t have half of them dying on us. It would just make things worse for Alaska than what we are already facing.

    • It takes someone to be 60 years or older to be classified as elderly. In Alaska can’t be any worse than it already is. Bryce and his Clint East have raidef and pillaged all the coffers that they can get their hands on so time for them to change some more laws so they can get the rest of it.

  3. So why don’t they mask up and go to work?
    I thought the masks were the holy grail to prevent them from catching this virus?
    By all of them fleeing in terror and hiding under their beds instead of masking up and going to work, are they not admitting that just maybe masks are not the end all be all they’ve claimed?

    • They are already “masked up”, in my view that is the problem. As I’ve said many times I’m over 70 and no mask so social distancing just taking care of myself and family and guess what not been sick with anything in over 8 years! Go figure so I agree they need to get to work! If I and others like me can work and function then so cant they!

      • As I understand it they will be working, just not together.
        Who knows where Cronk picked up the disease but he was seen at Palmer’s Outdoor Council meeting without a mask (along with many others without masks).
        Are you thinking he picked it up in a committee meeting? Heheh!

  4. They are incompetent anyway, they need to be baby sat. I strongly believe the legislature should be in the valley of ANC, so we can reach out and slap the hell out of them when needed, which seams daily.

  5. This is just a scam. I love saying this…56 years old with asthma and I recovered from COVID in an afternoon. These people need to get to work as we are quickly approaching some real dire straits here. I thought masks were the cure all. Wear a mask and as the famous quote from the old movie “Outsiders” so famously said, “You’re Golden Pony Boy.”

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