House kicks Rep. Santos to the curb


New York Rep. George Santos, a Republican, was expelled by the House of Representatives today, becoming only the sixth House lawmaker in history to be removed by his colleagues.

The Friday vote, which is the third time the House has voted on Santos’ 11-month congressional career. He survived the first two votes, but this time 105 Republicans joined almost all Democrats in removing him.

“Representative Santos sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit,” an Ethics subcommittee said in a published report. Santos’ conduct “has brought severe discredit upon the House.”

“Representative George Santos cannot be trusted. At nearly every opportunity, he placed his desire for private gain above his duty to uphold the Constitution, federal law, and ethical principles,” the report said.

Before Santos, the most recent member expelled was Rep. James Traficant of Ohio. The Democrat was kicked out of the House of Representatives in 2002 after being convicted in a bribery and racketeering; he served time in prison, during which he mounted an unsuccessful campaign to regain his seat as an independent.

Before Traficant, three members of the House were expelled in 1861 for their disloyalty to the union at the outset of the Civil War: John Bullock Clark, a member of the Whig Party; John William Reid of Missouri, a Democrat; and Henry Cornelius Burnett of Kentucky, also a Democrat. All three supported the southern confederate cause. Reid actually resigned several months before he was expelled.


  1. He deserves to go. The rules are supposed to matter.

    Yet somehow Grandpa Bloodstains is a strong candidate to be re-elected.

    • The thing with Santos is not that he is crooked since all of his former colleagues are also crooked (and I do mean all), his problem is that he was too obvious about his thievery and thus caused the tribe too much embarrassment and had to go.

  2. This is the milk toast cowardice of the current Republican led house. This guy would have been replaced by the Nassau voters in 24. What a waste of time, resources and sensationalism! Idiots!

    Meanwhile, Rashida Tlaib, Free Palestine and Kill all Jews and wait a minute Kill All Other Non-Muslims, and Jamaal Bowman, who falsely pulled a fire alarm in the Capitol earlier this month, prompting evacuation of a congressional office building as his party was trying to delay a key vote then gets off basically scot-free. This is outrageous. These are the two who should have been expelled.

    House Republicans are such cowards!

  3. Apparently the rules only apply to a small few! He should have been judged by His Constituents at election time, The corruption in the House & Senate is atrocious and nothing happens to these sleeze balls. I’m no fan of Santos but they have now set a precedent to eliminate people from the Club.

  4. There is no love lost from me for this corrupt congresscreature, but it is wildly hypocritical, and shameful, to go after small-fry like this one, while “The Big Guy” currently occupying the White House has engaged in FAR greater corruption, for far longer than Santos — and continues to do so to this day.

    • I was wndering when someone was going to bring up the Briben corruption King.
      Joe and Hunter’s dirty foreign deals with corrupt adversaries makes Santos look like a kid who stole a candy bar out of the jar.

  5. he’s not the biggest liar in the political class just one of the least talented liars in the political class.

  6. It’s good to see standards set. Now that a standard has been set there are a number of elected officials who do not meet the standard. It’s time to clean house, and to clean the senate, and higher offices all the way to the Presidency.

  7. I sat on the State of Alaska Special Committee for Legislative Ethics previously and I say good riddance to Mr. Santos for his clear violations of the ethics code. Ethics should be more important to all of us as we lose more and more faith in our elected officials. If they cannot behave in an ethical manor, then they should not be serving. This has nothing to do with crimes, this has to do with the fact he was found to have violated many ethical codes. Therefore, his explusion is justified simply by the ethics violations.

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