House Jan. 6 Committee asks Justice Department to bring criminal charges against Trump


The U.S. House Select Committee’s final meeting ended Monday with a recommendation to the Justice Department that it bring criminal charges against former President Donald Trump for his contributions to what the committee believes was an insurrection against the government on Jan. 6, 2021, in an effort by protesters to stop the certification of the presidential election results.

The committee, comprised of seven Democrats and two liberal Republicans, voted unanimously and also released a summary of its report that accuses Trump of being part of a “multi-part conspiracy” to change the outcome of the election. The committee wants the Justice Department to hold the former president accountable for the actions of those who broke through the police lines and entered the U.S. Capitol that day.

Also on Monday, the committee voted to ask the Justice Department to prosecute John Eastman, a conservative lawyer, for conspiracy to defraud the United States and his role in obstructing an official process. The committee’s report states:

“Beginning election night and continuing through January 6th and thereafter, Donald Trump purposely disseminated false allegations of fraud related to the 2020 Presidential election in order to aid his effort to overturn the election and for purposes of soliciting contributions. 

“These false claims provoked his supporters to violence on January 6th.

“Knowing that he and his supporters had lost dozens of election lawsuits, and despite his own senior advisors refuting his election fraud claims and urging him to concede his election loss, Donald Trump refused to accept the lawful result of the 2020 election. Rather than honor his constitutional obligation to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” President Trump instead plotted to overturn the election outcome.

“Despite knowing that such an action would be illegal, and that no State had or would submit an altered electoral slate, Donald Trump corruptly pressured Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to count electoral votes during Congress’s joint session on January 6th.

“Donald Trump sought to corrupt the U.S. Department of Justice by attempting to enlist Department officials to make purposely false statements and thereby aid his effort to overturn the Presidential election. After that effort failed, Donald Trump offered the position of Acting Attorney General to Jeff Clark knowing that Clark intended to disseminate false information aimed at overturning the election.”

It is up to the Justice Department, and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, to decide whether to pursue charges against Trump and Eastman.

The final report by the Jan. 6 Committee is at this link:


      • He’s an idiot. He’s absolutely lost his freaking mind. I’m afraid nobody can stop him at this point but maybe some bars. Sometimes you just have to take one for the team.

        • Compared to the lawless summer of love, where antifa and blm destroyed billions in property and businesses? You are going to compare that to peacefully protesting citizens to that? 4 which lost their lives and many who are serving 20 years for trespass? Maybe you need to look at your own values and take one for the team.

      • There is no evidence of that and I don’t count the pillow guy. No doubt they would have cheated if they could, but if they were going to cheat why didn’t they cheat to get Hillary in? They wanted her in bad enough to spit.

        • They did cheat for Hillary. They simply underestimated the power of the MAGA movement and Trump himself.

          The cheaters outdid themselves in 2020.

          Demented Joe got 81M votes by golly.
          But not from 81M voters.

    • Possibly broke the law, but unlikely? Possibly, and quite likely? Possibly? And a dumb old fart beat him, eh? Certainly so! Trump was beat with a jawbone of an ass–his own, definitely so!

    • Not as much as that incoherent idiot in office now..
      Talk about hurting this country..
      Every measure : gas prices, inflation, interest rates, a wide open border, etc are worse then when Trump was in office..
      Just another delusional lib.
      Wake up snowflake.

  1. This isn’t news or unexpected. Anyone with a pulse knew we’d get here. Kangaroo courts always, always take scalps.

    This is banana republic stuff and the progressives know it. They are counting on the right to do what they do best. Nothing.

    It’s Trumped up (intended) nonsense. Everyone knows it. In the end nothing will happen besides the lawyers make money and MSNBC has free programming.

    Will the left get a conviction? Possibly, depending on venue. Will any conviction be overturned? Almost certainly.

    I just hope (but don’t expect) the right to not bite on this. This is a naked attempt to keep Trump in the press so he can be used as a way to create right of center infighting.

    But the right of center is constantly outmaneuvered by the progressives, so I’m not holding my breath.

  2. The real loser here is anyone named Biden. Even people as dense as McConnell know they must respond in kind. Otherwise this tactic will be used on them.

    Hell will be coming for the Biden clan. The progressives may be happy to let him burn, but he will not be the only person taken down.

    The left has played a stupid, stupid, stupid game. We all lose.

    • Masked. With due respect for your enthusiasm for right wing causes, you have gone too far. Such hyperbole and hypocrisy is a slam dunk for my side, the side of evidence, scientific method and compassion. But thanks, I guess.


    • Wasn’t it Hitler who invaded Poland and took the country without firing a shot? I’m not positive and Art will have to back me up but it was one of those countries over there that didn’t have a spine. Sometimes words are more powerful than bullets

      • Wow! Read a book (and not a little red one). The invasion lasted around a month before the Poles surrendered.
        Oh! And why did the Germans invade? They made up a story about the poles attacking a radio station on the German side of the border.
        Hmmm . . . using a made up story to attack an opponent. Sound familiar?

        • Now now get your panties out of a bunch. I said that I wasn’t sure of that and I requested arts historical prowess to research that. Maybe it was Ukraine or maybe it was the Netherlands. Like I said one of them countries over there was taken without firing a shot. Wow maybe you need to wash those panties out a little bit.

          • Greg, the German blitzkrieg invaded Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and France (1939-1940) and it was brutal and bloody. Once the German leadership was done with that Hitler broke the “non-aggression pact” with Stalin and attacked Russia. (1941)
            There was a “re-unification/annexation” with Austria in 1938 before the war broke out, as both are German-speaking countries and the Austria leadership gladly accepted membership in the Reich.
            Oh and to your reply to the original poster, Greg, the German army carrier weapons into Austria as well. Not once was there an UNARMED take-over of a country by the Nazis.
            Only a historical illiterate, the deliberately obtuse or the malicious propagandists compare our 45th president to Hitler.

        • First of all, read what I said. I was asking a question first of all. I admitted that I wasn’t positive on the fact but asserted that it was one of those countries over there. I simply said that I thought it might be Poland. It turns out it was Austria, but shots weren’t fired. There’s an idiot further down in this thread that says they were all playing nicey nice, but that’s not accurately what happened. They had a gentleman’s agreement with Hitler but they weren’t all thrilled to hop in bed with him. It would be more accurate to say that they were bullied into accepting the third Reich. That’s a far different story than willingly appeasing Hitler. I might add that while my memory isn’t what it used to be, the main events are crystal clear and that I was in fact accurate by declaring a country was overtaken by Hitler without firing a shot.

      • True. But there is one simple difference. Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland. Trump specifically told people to protest peacefully.

        Sorry, but the comparison doesn’t work.

        • I never said that Hitler’s Stormtroopers weren’t armed. I just said they marched into a country and I believed it was Poland but I’ll accept that I was wrong. Okay so it was Austria and a shot wasn’t fired. But I do believe that Trump knew what his crew of rednecks that he whipped up at the White House was going to do at the Capitol. Some people on here say he offered pelosi troops. Perhaps maybe she wanted it to happen so they could become martyrs. Who knows what’s in the minds of the mentally ill leadership in California.

    • Many protesters did not want to go through the metal detectors to listen to Trump’s January 6th speech, must have been all of the gold they were carrying?

  4. We knew this would happen as soon as this committee was formed. If they wanted an unbiased committee, it’d have some actual Republicans on it. This is a joke of a committee and a waste of tax payer money.

    • To call this farce of an inquisition a kangaroo court would be an insult to actual kangaroos, who are quite stupid but at least not, as far as I know, evil.

    • Check out Cheney s conservative credentials. She’s probly more out there than you. But she has the falopians to spotlight the disaster who conned you

      • Cheney (either demonic father or satanic daughter) has absolutely no conservative credentials, CT. They are both authoritarians and neocons to the core, which is to say, statists, not conservatives.

    • It might have made the count more even to have a republican on the committee but certainly Republicans are biased just like Democrats. For you to insinuate other requires you to have blinders on.

      • oh the republicans are definitely biased as well. I just meant an equal balance of liberals and conservatives. That way it’s an actual bipartisan committee, instead of just a bunch of Trump hating politicians.

        • Which Republicans would that be? Collins, or murky, or Romney or maybe some other undisclosed communist currently infesting a republican seat? They all have their agenda. There’s a little bit of communist in McConnell perhaps a lot. I’m beginning to realize that on any given day, it appears that the way a person votes is highly dependent on the direction of the wind.

  5. OK, he threw a fit and made outlandish excuses about how he lost the election through fraud. And his ego wouldn’t let him let go of his farce (“nobody beats me, no how!!”) And a small number of his minions follow his lead and do stupid, criminal things at the capitol. And that’s HIS crime?? Pure political theater.

    But I ain’t worried. There is neither the guts, or political momentum, or evidence, or anything else to make this into anything other than a sideshow.

    The best strategy? Largely ignore it, and focus on smart, tactical, clear-thinking conservatives who can win the common-sense right AND common-sense middle.

    • Maybe, just possibly, there is more to Trump’s plan and actions than your single paragraph summary wlm.

      The evidence is astronomical (the Congressional Committee’s executive summary alone is 160 pages), but you’re right, there may not be the guts to convict him.

  6. Wrong Greg Forkner!! Massive cheating at the polls, media slanting of events and politicizing of federal agencies and collusion with false reports took away Trumps victory!! Jan 6 was an attempt to DELAY certification until an investigation of widespread+heating at the polls could be done.

    • Nope. No evidence of mass cheating at the polls. He asked the media is always leaned heavily to the left. That’s nothing new. Yes members of the FBI led to his impeachment number one, which has it turns out impeachment doesn’t mean the same thing it used to. The house wakes up and is having a bad day boom, impeached somebody. Even Gore new when to throw in the towel. Yeah he went on some sort of an episode shortly after and wasn’t seen for a while and gained about 60 lb but he didn’t run around screaming asking for people to carry his beer.

    • Slone: Big accusations, and they’d be important except there is no evidence to support them. ALL the evidence points to the obvious: Trump’s a crook.

      • Yeah he typically makes these grandiose statements on here announcing something and expecting it to be chiseled in stone. Don’t fault him though it’s just who he is.

  7. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for January 6. Trump offered 2000 national guard troops to guard capital building on January 6 and Pelosi turned it down stating law enforcement was equivalent to storm troopers. Dems have been concocting lies about Trump from day one because they know he is the ONLY politician who will do what he promises without playing games to where they can control him.

    • Dream on. Trump lied about that just like every thing else. Acting Secretary of Defense Miller testified under oath that neither he or Tump ever discussed providing national guard personnel to Pelosi.

    • That’s like saying the bank tellers are responsible for the robbery. If pelosi knew it was coming, and did nothing, then she wanted to happen. Here we are almost a year later and they’re still talking about it so it was money well spent.

  8. Trump’s real problem is in Georgia where he is on tape and the NY attorney general lawsuit that will get NY State all of the taxes Trump did not pay.

    • No doubt Trump possibly has broken the law with taxes and white collar crimes but in the end he won’t do any time. He knows too much. He knows where the bodies are buried. He could call a news conference on Fox right now and tell the entire world where the Roswell aliens are. He could tell you who shot Kennedy. They’re not going to let a loose cannon do all that. The bottom line is they don’t want him to run anymore and neither do we. Our future is DeSantis. If Trump wasn’t such a idiot he would know that.

  9. Russian collusion, multiple failed impeachment attempts, raids on his home, character assasination, attacks on his family members, and the ill gotten J6 nonsense. The Trump derangement syndrome never takes a break. These knuckleheads can’t even frame someone right, the incompetency never ends.

    • There is no evidence of that and I don’t count the pillow guy. No doubt they would have cheated if they could, but if they were going to cheat why didn’t they cheat to get Hillary in? They wanted her in bad enough to spit.

    • There’s not anything that’s prosecutable about his collusion with Russia. They did impeach him twice those weren’t failed. Yes it was a raid on his home after multiple attempts to get him to turn in papers. They’re landed on pretty thick possibly too do erupodopes on Hunter but his time is coming for sure. This is all just bickering and back fighting. If Trump wanted to do what was best for the country, he would shut the hell up and live a nice happy life with his kids and grandkids. When you kick the bear, you have the other be doing everything right yourself or that bear is going to turn around and start poking you.

  10. The whole select committee needs to be arrested and charged with corruption , lying , spying on Americans , planting evidence, blackmail and other illegal activity’s they were involved with. No justice has been done by this committee.

    • Possibly so. And I’ll tell you one better than that. It’s gotten so bad that shifty shiff has emerged out of his dark closet and isback on the attack. The only way to win this game is to not play.

    • What charges? Be specific. If you have specific evidence which points to someone on the committee involved in your stated activities, bring it forward.

      It’s not criminal to be hypocritical and wrong.

    • Mark. Got ANY evidence? No, you don’t. You are just pissed off that you backed a loser and were conned.

    • Mark, just about every J6 witness was a republican who worked for Trumpster Fire. Are you saying that all these republicans were blackmailed or otherwise were corrupted to give false testimony? It’s all part of your TDS (Trump Defense Syndrome).

  11. Indictment of Trump is a declaration of war on the American people. This has never been done before. Never before has a president been attacked in this unjust manner. They want him real bad, and they’re beginning to realize that if (when) he gets back into power, he can pardon anyone who takes matter into their own hands to take the country back.

  12. Sooo give evidence of attendance and successful matriculation from Miss Primm’s School of Everlasting Good Manners or you’ll be thrown like dinner to the dogs of doj. If you have Cia pair of shoes and swing like a Cia chandelier and walk like a bug up wall you’ll be OK. Just vote western civ democrat? Is that what it eee?

  13. I love reading comments on MRAK! I learn so much about how rock solid ideology cannot be fractured by facts, evidence and reason.

    • And then, what do you learn when you read the many comments that are NOT from radical leftist extremists, such as yourself?
      Again, Lucinda, you demonstrate the classic hypocrisy and “admission by projection” of the radical leftist. Your every post encapsulates the arrogance, intolerance, cluelessness and insanity of the radical left in a nutshell.

    • It’s fun isn’t it, just like reading the pseudo-science from you leftist buffoons. Are you one of those ladies with a tadger Lucinda?

    • Thanks for the laughs Lucinda!
      This coming from you is just hilarious, since you are THE poster child for never ever letting facts, evidence, science or reason come between you and your ideology. This is especially funny since generally none of your snarky posts contain any kind of actual fact or evidence….
      So here are a few facts the “commission” conveniently ignored:
      Muriel Bowser and Nancy Pelosi had an authorization for national guard troops in writing, but decided they did not want them.
      The speaker of the house is in charge of the capitol police and this being a security breach , should have been hauled before the commission.
      The death of the lady protestor was never fully explained or explored.
      Selectively picking soundbites is not fact, it is manipulation.
      The breach of the capitol was unacceptable and trespassers should be punished. To understand this event fully, it is necessary to examine ALL aspects, including the security measure that were taken.
      Oh and fun fact Adam Schiff and a few other house members sent a letter to Facebook, Google etc. to warn them not to “backslide” their “censorship” parameters still in place, in light of Twitter reinstating banned accounts or they would be hauled before congress. This comes on official stationary. You still think this was an unbiased commission?

      • What a knucklehead. Where is this written authorization? Who wrote it? Trump and his secretary of defense were the only people authorized to call up the DC guard and secretary of defense testified under oath that it never happened and was never discussed. Was this Fox News, a My Pillow Guy price tag, or did you make it up?

        • ‘

          • timeline about 1/3 down the page:

            Merry Christmas

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