House fixation on Eastman continues, as little work gets done for the people


Alaska House Speaker Louise Stutes canceled the floor session Wednesday, because “a large portion of representatives have been exposed to Covid-19 in the last 24 hours,” according to her office. Instead, Wednesday was a “technical session,” lasting less than 20 seconds.

The leftist majority under Stutes was planning to continue its efforts to strip Rep. David Eastman from all of his committees due to his membership in the nonprofit organization called Oath Keepers.

Rep. Bart LeBon of Fairbanks posted on his Facebook page that he had tested positive, and sources say he had been in caucus with 16 of the 18 Republican minority members. None who have tested for Covid have yet announced they tested positive, but not all members have tested.

“If you’re following events in Juneau, you may have noticed I’ve not been attending committee hearings in person. The reason is that I recently tested positive for COVID-19 and am currently in quarantine. I am fully vaccinated and my symptoms have been mild. Legislators and staff are on a testing cycle to ensure new cases are identified early and the Capitol has activated the appropriate exposure protocols following my positive test. Though I am not physically in the building, I’m staying current on legislative business. I have been attending meetings remotely and my dutiful staff is keeping me up to date on any official business. Thank you to all those who have reached out to wish me a speedy recovery. I look forward to returning to the Capitol next week after my symptoms resolve,” LeBon wrote on his Facebook page.

The House Committee on Committees Democrats have been plotting against Eastman to remove him from all committees, with Republican members Cathy Tilton and Laddie Shaw objecting; the report must be approved with a simple majority of the House. It is becoming evident that the leftist House majority does not have the votes, and at this point cannot even conduct business.

Since convening 17 days ago, Stutes majority has fixated on Eastman as its sole purpose, and little work has been accomplished under her watch. Many will be gone on Friday, while others will be in quarantine.

The one bill that is being advanced to the floor for Friday, should there be a regular floor session, is HB 118, legislation to grant prisoners more rights to computer access. Its sponsor is Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins of Sitka.


  1. Don’t forget they wasted no time voting against the State Officers Compensation Commission to keep their extravagant per diem, who wouldn’t want tax free money for literally doing nothing? It’s a slap in the face to all Alaskans to have a 20 second technical session so that today they can accrue more free money for doing nothing.

      • Bill,
        Why would that be? I don’t receive any tax free money and the money I do receive is literally for doing something.
        You do know that per diem is tax exempt, right? These clowns, well a few of them, checked in for 20 seconds to get more than $300 of per diem for the day, on a day they literally did nothing.

        Heheh indeed, these clowns are laughing at each and every Alaskan, even those who are unable to understand when they are being laughed at.

  2. Disgusting, lazy-a—‘s, forgive my language but this really torques me. Eastman was elected by an overwhelming majority of his constituents and he steadfastly does the job he was hired to do, while some of his colleagues evidently would rather behave like middle school mean girls instead of doing real work. Never waste a good distraction evidently, while pretending to do the job. Which they are not. With that said, ya’ll need to take a page from his book and maybe consider the same tenants upheld by the Oath Keeper organization. Stutes needs to focus on actual important things and grow up, or get voted out, which may be the better option.

  3. Appears everyone these days who went under the needle are all getting sick these days. Its probably the start of a long life of sickness and health issues for them


  5. The clot shot strikes again! Europe is beginning to see the futility of relying on the miserably failed Covid “vaccines” to lead them out of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the United States appears to have a limitless supply of low intelligence idiots, including right here in Alaska!

  6. 7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

  7. Leftists are nothing more than adult sized children.
    When your toddler hears something they do not want to hear, they throw a tantrum, cover their ears, and make noise so no one else can hear it either.
    I cannot see how this differs in any way.

  8. Since lawyers registered to the Bar Association swear an oath to uphold the foreign British legal system they too must be run out with Representative Eastman for the lawyers disloyality to the US Constitution in order to be utterly fair and just and that is a very literal, rural Alaskan precept. So, see ya lawyers “re-presenting” Alaskan constituents pursuant to the US Constitution. Buhbye lawyers. If Eastman goes you go too for the same reason. Get back to the budget and stop the holier than thou distractions please.

  9. What if their pay actually depended on them doing their job? Does anyone else feel like the end goal always seems to be a “special session?” What’s that per diem rate again?

  10. I think that if they would actually do their job instead of witch hunting an actual loyal public servant than maybe they would learn how public servants are supposed to behave instead of the self serving tyrants that violate the freedom of the people

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