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House committee assignments gel

Leading the state: The Alaska House of Representatives is now led by a Democratic majority with Anchorage-based Gabrielle LeDoux, center, and two other Republicans (not pictured: Paul Seaton, Homer; Louise Stutes, Kodiak) having switched their voting loyalties to be part of the new caucus.


The Democratic-controlled Alaska House majority caucus has released the updated, corrected list of their committee membership. They’re followed by the Republican House minority’s committee assignments:

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Rules – Chair Gabrielle LeDoux; Vice-Chair Matt Claman; Sam Kito; Louise Stutes

Finance – Co-Chair Paul Seaton; Co-Chair Neal Foster; Vice-Chair Les Gara; Jason Grenn; David Guttenberg; Scott Kawasaki; Dan Ortiz

Resources – Co-Chair Andy Josephson; Co-Chair Geran Tarr; Vice-Chair Dean Westlake; Harriet Drummond; Justin Parish.

Community & Regional Affairs – Co-Chair Zach Fansler; Co-Chair Justin Parish; Harriet Drummond; Dean Westlake

Education – Chair Harriet Drummond; Vice-Chair Justin Parish; Zach Fansler; Ivy Spohnholz

Health & Social Services – Chair Ivy Spohnholz; Vice-Chair Bryce Edgmon; Sam Kito; Geran Tarr

Judiciary – Chair Matt Claman; Vice-Chair Zach Fansler; Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins; Gabrielle LeDoux

Labor & Commerce – Chair Sam Kito; Vice-Chair Adam Wool; Andy Josephson; Louise Stutes

State Affairs – Chair Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins; Vice-Chair Gabrielle LeDoux; Louise Stutes; Chris Tuck

Transportation – Co-Chair Louise Stutes; Co-Chair Adam Wool; Matt Claman; Harriet Drummond


Committee on Committees – Chair Bryce Edgmon; Neal Foster; Gabrielle LeDoux; Paul Seaton; Chris Tuck

Economic Development; Tourism; Arctic Policy – Chair Dean Westlake; Bryce Edgmon; Andy Josephson; Chris Tuck

Energy – Chair Adam Wool; Vice-Chair Ivy Spohnholz; Matt Claman; Dean Westlake

Fisheries – Chair Louise Stutes; Zach Fansler; Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins; Geran Tarr

Military & Veterans Affairs – Chair Chris Tuck; Vice-Chair Gabrielle LeDoux; Justin Parish; Ivy Spohnholz


Legislative Budget & Audit – Vice-Chair Andy Josephson; Scott Kawasaki; Paul Seaton; Ivy Spohnholz; Alternate Dan Ortiz

Legislative Council – Chair Sam Kito; Matt Claman; Bryce Edgmon; David Guttenberg; Dan Ortiz; Louise Stutes; Alternate Harriet Drummond

Joint Armed Services – Co-Chair Scott Kawasaki; Zach Fansler; Gabrielle LeDoux; Geran Tarr

Select Committee on Legislative Ethics – Chris Tuck; Alternate Justin Parish


Minority Leader – Charisse Millett

Minority Whip – Mike Chenault

Minority Floor Leader –Dan Saddler

Minority Finance Leader – Lance Pruitt

Rules – Mike Chenault, Lora Reinbold, David Eastman

Finance – Lance Pruitt, Steve Thompson, Tammie Wilson, Cathy Tilton

Resources – Dave Talerico, George Rauscher, Chris Birch, DeLena Johnson

Community and Regional Affairs – Dave Talerico, DeLena Johnson, George Rauscher

Education – Dave Talerico, Jennifer Johnston, Chuck Kopp

Health and Social Services – David Eastman, Jennifer Johnson, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard

Judiciary – David Eastman, Chuck Kopp, Lora Reinbold

Labor and Commerce – Gary Knopp, Chris Birch, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard

State Affairs – Gary Knopp, Chris Birch, DeLena Johnson

Transportation – Mark Neuman, Chuck Kopp, Colleeen Sullivan-Leonard


Committee on Committees – Charisse Millett

Economic Development; Tourism; Arctic Policy – Mark Neuman, Gary Knopp, Dave Talerico

Energy – Jennifer Johnston, DeLena Johnson, George Rauscher

Fisheries – David Eastman, Mark Newman, Mike Chenault

Military & Veterans Affairs – Dan Saddler, Lora Reinbold, George Rauscher


Legislative Council – Charisse Millett, David Eastman, alt.

Legislative Budget and Audit – Jennifer Johnston, Lora Reinbold, at.

Ethics – David Eastman

Joint Armed Services – Lora Reinbold

Regulation Review – Mark Neuman

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I am writing Gabrielle and telling her I want my money back to replace her and the two other Republicans in this caucus.

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