House bipartisan majority team shaping up

The House Bipartisan Coalition, made up of 16 Democrats, one nonpartisan, two Republicans who have for years caucused with Democrats and six Republicans who crossed over, has formed its leadership group:
  • Bryce Edgmon, D-Dillingham, is Speaker (on Monday he switched his party registration to U)
  • Chuck Kopp, R-Anchorage, is Rules Chair
  • Steve Thompson, R-Fairbanks is Majority Leader
  • Tammie Wilson, R-North Pole, is Finance Co-Chair for Capital Budget
  • Neal Foster, D-Nome, is Finance Co-Chair for Operating Budget
  • Jennifer Johnston, R-Anchorage is Finance Vice Chair

Thursday marked Day 31 in the current legislative session.

The new bipartisan coalition has yet to announce other seats on committees. It appears there are 25 members of the caucus. No official announcement has been made.


Finance Committee Republican minority members: Cathy Tilton, Kelly Merrick, Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, Ben Carpenter.

Finance Committee Bipartisan majority members: Jennifer Johnston, Tammie Wilson, Adam Wool, Neal Foster, Bart LeBon.

Committee on Committees: Bryce Edgmon, Chuck Kopp, Jennifer Johnston, Tammie Wilson, Steve Thompson, Louise Stutes, Neal Foster.

A Republican minority has formed and their leadership team is announced in this story:

Republican minority announces leadership team


[This is a developing story. Check back]


  1. Why is Tammie Wilson listed in the majority? Did she actually join the Democratic, I mean the bi-partisan coalition? And Bart LeBon, Is this a mistake? No offense, but I sure hope it’s a typo.

  2. The Democrats would not let Tammie Wilson be in charge of the Operating Budget. That’s the Big One. The University administrators made sure Wilson stayed clear so they can fight Dunleavy’s budget without Tammie getting in their way too. This Session has a bizarre mixture of Democrats and Republicans running the show.

    • With respect, it’s a not a “bizarre mixture”.
      It’s a group of hard-working folks who finally realized they all want the same thing and are willing to do anything, be anything to get it: Money.
      No? Look for a budgetary crisis emerging in the next couple of weeks which a hard-working bipartisan group will insist can be fixed only by stiffing productive Alaskans with small, fair, sustainable income and sales taxes.
      Their first move was Senator Bishop’s $30 head tax to pay off education-industry sponsors.
      Can’t wait to see who’s next…

  3. It doesn’t make any difference on how they organize.
    They are all on the hook for the Big Decision:
    1.Raid the savings accounts again and kick the can down the road.
    2. Slash Government to highly unpopular levels while cratering the economy.
    Send the Dividend money to the Feds, Walmart, and BestBuy.
    3. Balance the Budget with a 5.25% draw from the Permanent Fund Earnings. (Includes Dividend spending).
    Reduce the Dividend to live within our means. Re-fund the CBR in installments from the PFER equal to the amount withdrawn for the General Fund.

    I know which one a fiscal conservative would choose.

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