Hot take: Assemblyman Constant admits he is out to destroy Mayor Bronson’s ‘lawless gang’


In an email to a constituent, Assemblyman Chris Constant admits that he is a man on a mission: He wants to destroy Mayor Bronson and especially City Manager Amy Demboski, a “snowflake” and “crybaby” who he says is trying to run “roughshod over the law.” Constant says Demboski should “strap in.” It’s unclear if he was referring to a jockstrap or a seatbelt.

Constant says he and his fellow leftists will be relentless in their antagonism of the Bronson Administration, until the administration is exposed as a “lawless gang.”

Constant is the vice chair of the Anchorage Assembly and worked tirelessly to get Forrest Dunbar elected, an effort that failed in May’s runoff. Constant represents downtown Anchorage and is not up for reelection this year.


  1. What is up is down and what is down is up. How could Constant possibly see Mayor Bronson as someone who would govern gang style. Constant, you strap up!!! You do not understand Alaskans. We are a tough crew. It’s best for you to definitely hide out.

    • Rabbit, this is just more of the classic radical leftist psychological projection, wherein they accuse others of the very crimes, sins and unprincipled behavior of which they themselves are guilty. It is the “adult” version of the childish “I know you are, but what am I?”

  2. Good gaslighting, Chris. Meanwhile the average Anchorage voter is thankful for Mayor Bronson and his team working to protect our community from you and your lawless gang who take every opportunity to twist laws to the detriment of all reason in your shallow efforts to “catch” others not obeying them.

    Your “work” has already proven the Bronson administration to be the hard working advocates for sanity that they are. Grow up and get over your petty power trip.

  3. The Anchorage Assembly is the epitome of what is currently wrong in America. You have a lawless gang of thugs ignoring their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution and serve the people of Anchorage, not themselves. This is a deliberate lawless act that should disqualify them from ever serving on another government board. They are purposely subverting the will of the voters by undercutting the mayor. What a bunch of leftist turds!

  4. Assemblymember Constant’s continuous vitriol against the Mayor Bronson and City Manager Demboski is revealing. It seems Constant believes he is a one man arbitrator of truth, justice and the American Way for the Assembly. He forgets that the Mayor has a constituency of the entire city whereas as an assembly member, his constituency is a fraction. What Constant’s real problem (and that of his leftist colleagues) seems to be his outrage over the audacity of Mayor Bronson to win election over his hero, Forrest Dunbar, the ‘rightful’ winner. The loser in all this are the people of Anchorage. They expect their duly elected mayor to fulfill the campaign promises he ran on and for which he elected. So instead of the Mayor being able to focus on Anchorage’s daunting problems, Constant and his ilk are waging ‘open range warfare’ with the Mayor and his staff. Of course, Constant adheres to the typical leftist tactic of name calling to destroy one’s reputation. It comes down to this: who in the hell does Constant think he is?

    Why do the people of Anchorage waste their time in electing people like Constant?

  5. I noticed at the special meeting Mr. Constant interrupted the speaker to quarrel and announced he is a …fighter. I believe that was provocative. It isn’t Thursday night at the fights. Assembly meetings are called for and by the people to converse among themselves. We need that space and time meet to discuss how proposed actions are affecting us and for us regarding the actively hostile assembly. We may decide what works better is to slip back to the US Constitution and have very short terms – a volunteer selected for one meeting to decide how to move forward for instance. Perhaps each of assembly unimpeded by anything impulses is not well intended and does not result in the good of the community.

  6. I generally find name calling inappropriate, but there is no nice word to describe Mr. Constant’s pathological hubris and arrogance demanding to get his way by ANY means necessary….what a creep!

  7. The charter written carefully several decades ago can be altered at the request and action of the people. These assembly people re-present the views of the taxpayers. They may be elected because of a pixie smile but begin to behave with no consultation with their community and proceed agitatively against desired outcomes. I for one never imagined the assembly would take over the work of day to day employees. If the charter supports this then it needs to be altered with sidebars about this encroachment. Your every impulse should not be acted on. This isn’t a monarchy. etc.

  8. Constant isn’t up for reelection this year but his comrade Forrest Dunbar is. I’m glad Stephanie Flynn Taylor is running for Assembly to take Dunbar’s place. Stephanie is awesome!

  9. The childishness that Constant continues to display is mind blowing. His “constant” one-ups-manship is the stuff of elementary schoolyards. Homeless bums crap in our parks, fornicate on our street corners, our schools are bottom tier, kids are shooting each other, and this narcissistic little brat behaves like he’s running for third grade class President. Chris, can you get out of the way and let the others strive to improve our city? You’re wasting our priceless time. Take that whining Dunbar kid with you.

  10. Chris Constant and most of the “gang” loosely called our Anchorage Assembly never got over that Bronson won and their golden boy lost. Sour grapes. Get over it.

  11. When someone tells you who they are, and states their intentions, believe them.
    Constant and the Politburo have said, in so many words, Bronson and co are lawless (ironic, isn’t it?) and mean to bring them to heel. Don’t dismiss this as crap from a professional blowhard.
    He and they are deadly serious.
    Can we please, now, stop the nonsense Alaska is conservative and “we’re better than that?” Clearly we’re not.
    Don’t forget Bronson very nearly lost. If Dunbar had been a half decent campaigner he would have won.
    This is what you wanted, Anchorage. You elected and re-elected Socialists cum Fascists. Don’t feign surprise at the result.

  12. Political warfare. It’s a necessary phase on the painful journey toward civil war. Enjoy it while it lasts. It gets more painful as time plods forward.

  13. Is this what “democracy” looks like, Chris? Openly planning to usurp the will of the people expressed in the ballot box?
    Welcome to fascist Anchorage. Coming soon to a community near you.

  14. There is a term for that but I would just use the old adage “the pot calling the kettle black”. Lawless gang?! 😂😂.

  15. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. What a self centered dope who is damaging Anchorage to feed his twisted ego.

  16. Looks like employee “chris” passes himself off as Che Guevara. The only outlaws we see are assembly employees evading and breaking laws and the MOA charter. In the end, Che received his due.

  17. No surprise to anyone that has been paying attention to the biased agenda of the liberal majority assembly since Bronson was elected. It’s been painfully obvious that certain assembly members object to their constituents elected Mayor. Now they waste our time and money trying to sabotage and block his every move. This has become the new normal for every level of government. We the people are not being represented. Elected officials never stop campaigning, always strategizing and posturing for the next election!

  18. Is this for real? This is what good governance has been reduced to? Maybe Constant should have run for Mayor and allowed the Anchorage constituents to choose the direction in lieu of this quasi-informal leadership position he has assumed. Sort of creepy, handmaiden-ish, strap in? Strap into what exactly? Perhaps this email was taken out of context?
    Conflicting ideas are absolutely normal but at this level so is professionalism.
    It’s not like Bronson shut every restaurant down but one and closed a street to enable it to prosper.

  19. Same problem here in Juneau. We have a city council that don’t see themselves as elected representatives. They’re above us all and see themselves as supreme rulers. Meetings are held by Zoom with limited access. They’re buying up commercial real estate and establishing “committees” to rule everything from COVID, tourism, property taxes, and of course racial equality. It’s getting bad and you see what happens when they meet resistance.

  20. One further thought here:
    The individual who received this missive, should consider filing an ethic complaint against Mr. Constant for “conduct unbecoming” and “abuse of municipal resources and personnel for a declared personal vendetta against individuals in the executive branch”.
    He is clearly not aware that the mayor’s office is a co-equal branch of government.

  21. Pretty sure this signals the end for the Leftist Assembly.
    I hope people are seeing the trend in Our Country, NO MORE is the tone and the mid-term elections are coming.

  22. I don’t know if Demboski is a snowflake or crybaby, but she sure seems to be a control freak. It also seems pretty clear that the whole Bronson administration isn’t interested in having it any way than their way. The assembly pushback is entirely understandable. Unless things change and there’s an effort to find common ground, nothing is going to happen in city government.
    In case you are wondering, that’s NOT a good thing.

    • You do understand, that in less than 3 months that 5 of these people are up for re election, right? Time to start discussing where all the Covid funds for businesses and land lords went. Maybe remind the public of whose businesses were able to stay open and thrive under draconian mandates, while 70+ Businesses for good. Seems like the socialist rules for thee and not for me was a bad experiment, which the Anchorage economy will suffer through for who knows how long. Is this the leadership Anchorage will vote for in April? Doubtful.

      • Perhaps of more importance, let’s start asking the Assembly why they spent millions on luxury items after the Muni took a $37.7M hit to their non-discretionary budget when the State denied the bond debt servicing assistance.
        Yeah. When hit with a massive unexpected bill, they responded by hiring on more people, pumping money to the homeless, and special interest grants.

      • Denali, you are aware that Barbara Jones is in charge of election central AND the assembly is her boss (a large conflict of interest) and she had proven to be a partisan in the past. It may be a better use of our time to volunteer to be election observers.

    • The only control freaks I see are the assembly. I guess it slipped your mind of the 70 businesses tanked out and closed their doors, all in the name of “safety”. Remember Kriner’s getting the beat-down by the MOA and assembly..? Remember the wall-to-wall traffic going out the valley Friday afternoons, so people could go to restaurants and not wear silly masks and feel normal? “Normal”, something the assembly stole from the people of anchorage and traded it for anger and fear. C’mon Man, we’d like to hear your feeble attempt at defending the vampire-like assembly.

      • He will because he agrees with them. Everything that was done despite the restrictions over the last year and change were because “people just don’t get it”. It was for their own good. In his mind, freedom is negotiable if it means he doesn’t have to live in fear of a cold or people end up complying with his point of view.

    • The gridlock is a good thing. The less these fascists on the assembly do, the better off we all are.

      Thank God for Bronson and Demboski. Projection and temper tantrums are the only tools Constant and company have.

    • Come out of your Cave homo erectus. This assembly has been engaged for the last six years in a series of social experiments on the population of Anchorage…none of which have been successful. Mayor Bronson comes in promising to observe his oath of office, preserve the safety, health and property of the citizens of Anchorage and do what he could to reinstate meaningful and lawful constraints on some of our out of control bureaucracies and the Assembly goes berserk.

      • Frank, you are wrong in one respect: the assembly’s Marxist Nine have been admirably successful with their series of social(ist) experiments on the population of Anchorage. Your mistake lies in not recognizing that the true goals of those experiments were social, moral and economic destruction.

    • You are correct, Wiseman, Constant IS a criminal, and SHOULD be taken down!
      And maybe Suzanne will see fit to censor this comment, but am I the only one who finds it shameful that almost half of the Anchorage assembly is openly homosexual? Where is the “equity” in that? They do NOT represent me!

  23. By “lawless gang” to what “law” exactly is he referring? Certainly not the City Charter, which he and his minions gleefully violate.
    Perhaps he has the stones to come on here and publicly defend his childish behavior? Constant? Are you listening? Your employers would like a word with you.
    I’m not holding my breath. Tyrants never walk alone.

  24. I remember when the “Sergeant at Arms” apologized to the Rabbi for offensive remarks. I was astounded that he said that from his chair on the Assembly. Constant is full of hate and a disgrace to our city. Now he’s on a crusade to further thwart our mayor. The conclusion I draw is that he desires to see our city in a state of decay.

  25. I have heard way too many behind the curtain issues, string pulling, manipulating of powers, intimidating qualified individuals and an abuse of influence surrounding this administration. I don’t think it looks good. Due to so many unqualified people wrongly appointed, several uninformed people do not have the professional experience or understanding of how to conduct the responsibilities of their offices adequately, and in some cases, ethically. It is a little burning ship IMO.

  26. Anchorage has been on a downhill trajectory for a long time. And it will take a long time to restore it to being a decent place to call home. Pinning all hope on one election is worthless. It will take years to oust the rats and make this a liveable city again, if that is even possible.

  27. These folks thrive on the controversy they create. For Chris it seems to be his obsession with his sexual preferences…if I knew the appropriate adjective I would use it just to be polite. Perhaps this is just an avoidance mechanism. What he can’t seem to understand is that the majority of folks don’t care about his proclivities. They just want the Assembly to do a better job of doing their job.

    The real measure of the Assembly is that after being in charge for almost six years the city is not safer, it is not healthier and our children are not smarter.
    The real problem with this Assembly is not whether they are left or right, gay or straight. The real problem is they are not very good at the job they were hired to do. Crime, homelessness, human trafficking, drug abuse have been increasing steadily the longer they have been in office. On top of this they keep passing ever larger education budgets for a school system which has gone from one of the best in the country to the bottom.

    Chris, I would be happy to address you if you will quit grandstanding, re-read the oath of office you took, brush up on the city charter, sit down with the Mayor and figure out how to solve the many problems which are plaguing the city.

  28. I concur. Half of Anchorage isn’t gay so our governing body doesn’t represent who the population is. There is no equity when a large percentage of the assembly represents a small special interest group.

  29. Frank: what documentation do you have to support your claim that “For Chris it seems to be his obsession with his sexual preferences”.

    • Evan instead of continually playing the, won’t do my own research troll, go look it up yourself. Constituents are constituents with sexual preferences a non factor. Time for our society to put on their big boy/ girl pants and take their hearts off their selves and act as responsible adults. Constant is in public service period. You don’t like living under a magnifying glass, don’t enter public service plain and simple.

  30. The ‘Snowflake’ Constant sees is the one in mirror everyday…

    The sheer childishness of Constant is something to behold; nearly every 12-year-old girl or boy within existence is more mature within scope and action than this childish buffoon…

    That he sees himself as somehow ’empowered’ is delusional at best, and honestly, disheartening, as there is obviously a mental health issue within his various stances…

    Would he not be one of representation unto others, one would certainly be sympathetic towards one such as himself, as one that is mentally, or developmentally devolved…

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