Hot mic: Biden tells Fort Myers mayor ‘No one f–ks with a Biden’ during brief chat in devastated community


President Joe Biden, jovially chatting with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy on Wednesday, was caught on a live microphone saying, “No one f–ks with a Biden,” and chuckling as the mayor collegially appeared to agree with him, although the mayor was possibly just being polite.

Biden traveled to the devastated part of Southwest Florida to see first hand the damage caused by Hurricane Ian late last month.

Biden told residents of the area that he empathizes with their plight due to a house fire that destroyed an “awful lot” of his own home some two decades ago.

Speaking to the mayor, he said, “You were raised the same way I was.”

“I was, I was,” Mayor Murphy said.

No one f—s with a Biden,” Biden continued.

“Goddamn right,” Mayor Murphy replied, although it’s hard to know if he understood the president’s comment.

“And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” Biden said.

“That’s exactly right, that’s exactly right,” Murphy said, politely.


    • Trump has said worse things while speaking at one of his rallies. It’s hilarious (and hypocritical) that any Republican would be upset by this.

      • No, what is hypocritical, is the total silence from the left. Democrats took anything Trump did and turned it into a “gotcha moment” justified or not. What Biden did spoke to his failing mental capacities and his inability to have any compassion. There is a time and place for things like that and a visit to Florida wasn’t it. This was not a political rally, where he stood in front of a red backlit building with Marines in the background….

          • “A fail” in your opinion….however since you never actually articulate a coherent, well-though-out rebuttal argument, I am certain my point is spot on. Your commentary on this site is solely based on one personality. You ignore or down-play action of others refocusing on this personality. It is like saying about Pol Pot ” sure he murder his own people but hey Mao did much worse!” Judging individual actions regardless of personality, clearly demonstrated that Joe Biden is incapable of focusing on the task at hand and show compassion for people, who have severely suffered.
            As an aside, as an avowed atheist, not believing in a higher being your beautification of Biden is interesting.

    • Remember during the campaign, he was at a rally and there was some people off camera presumably Republicans, that were yelling something derogatory at him and he stopped everything and mouthed something back to them? Then there was the classic line where he said he wanted to take Trump out in back of the barn and one can only presume he meant to whip his ass. He reminds me of the little yipper dog that hides underneath the front porch and then when somebody walks by he comes out yipping and making all kinds of racket and then when the dog gets close enough he’s slapping any squawks and runs back underneath the porch. All bark and no bite but he acts like he’s a gangster. You have to feel sorry for him actually. His dad must have really done a number on him.

    • I believe that with Brandon it’s all about an during Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s approval hearinginferiority complex. You could be standing in front of you with blood pouring out of you, and he’ll break into some kind of a 40 or 50-year-old story talk about yeah I had an old dog one time that got ran over a car that was bleeding like that. How many times does he bring his dead son into a conversation? I know he’s hurting from the ordeal that’s evident. I’ve lost two sons and I never speak of them. I think of them every day. All I can think of about the man is he must have ran with thugs back in the day and he may have hidden it quite well, although some of that appeared from him during Clarence Thomas’s approval hearing, and it’s a constant battle to keep that thug in him contained and under wraps. I believe he’s at a point now where in he really doesn’t care and he thinks he is untouchable. People around him develop a yes sir attitude, and then close the door behind them and go in the other room and laugh their ass off.

      • We all KNOW that this guy has progressive dementia. He is here and there and his conversations and comments are way off bat. So what he says, and he needs to watch his language when he’s on a “microphone”..There’s no one in line to replace4 except Kamala, and then i think, who is worse?.

  1. Neither of those two remarks had anything to do w/ accepting the mayor’s thanks for coming down. It is *highly* likely that the mayor agreed as there’s little else that would come to mind other than ‘uh, what’?


  2. Just don’t use crude expressive words. Whenever one uses it, the speaker loses the listener’s understanding. You wouldn’t put an anchovy on a piece of steak, would you?

  3. Brandon the Godfather? LOL. This illegitimate pos of a president goes to Puerto Rico to see hurricane damage before he goes to Fort Myers. Then, at Fort Myers he talks about global warming, the Colorado River, and the trees in Oregon. How much longer will Democrats really put up with this phony old demented codger?

    • With Biden in office, we are the laughing stock of the entire globe. What other country has an Alzheimer’s patient running the show? We are becoming a nation of freaks.

  4. It was a fire that was put out in 15 minutes and damaged part of the kitchen. So he knows what it is like to lose your house and loved ones in a mega storm. In Puerto Rico he said he was raised in the Puerto Rician community in Delaware. If he came to Alaska he would tell you he was raised in a log cabin he built with his own hands.

    • I think lying comes second nature to them. Remember in that one interview when Hillary said they got off of a plane and ran to the support vehicles under gun fire? It was later proven that that was all manufactured. How can you believe a word out of their mouth after they make up some whoppers like that?

  5. This from the man that fails to honor the fallen members of his foreign wars?
    …. color me surprised.

  6. The 25th Amendment Article 4 enacted and Biden removed from office
    Longer Congress is not obeying thier oath of office

    • But you’ve been silent on him calling a large portion of Americans semi fascist.

      Perspective clearly not your thing.

      You’re not good at this. More, you get worse as you go.

      • TMA, you have to excuse Frank Rast for his consistent and ever-present hypocrisy and double standards. A radical leftist extremist can (attempt to) argue in no other way — hypocrisy, and the lack of critical thinking, is simply their nature.

  7. Two weeks of the lying media super spreaders over something so trivial that President Trump grasped a water bottle with two hands to take a sip.
    This Mr. Magoo is walk around bumbling, and the super spreaders have to edit everything out in search of something coherent

  8. From all of the corrupt, vile, and demented fools in the USA, ‘we’ have selected this character to occupy the Oval Office. (Naturally, Scranton Joe speaks approvingly of our democracy.) His handlers and the corporate news media are working overtime each day to direct our attention away from his vacuous blatherings and terrible errors of judgment, but their task is overwhelming. For us, the wretched citizens of the USA, there is a price to pay for this presidency, and it grows bigger by the day. Gasoline, for example, is approaching $6 / gallon, but this may prove to be the least of our problems. Hoarding toilet tissue and firewood again might not be a bad idea.

  9. The man’s battle for verbal supremacy will never overtop his best: “I give you my word as a Biden.”

  10. I am disappointed with the mayor of Fort Myer. Instead of an embarrassed laugh, he should have looked at Biden and simply said: “Excuse me?” Here is the president viewing the damage from a devastating storm and supposed to show support for those affected. Yet Biden’s utterance is about how no one messes with him or the family?? The press may let him get away with this, but I think it is time the people he meets do not!

      • I hate to see it happen, but the Democratic Party brought it on themselves.

        Two (three, really) failed attempts on Trump for the weakest of partisan reasons. It’s almost forced the GOP to do the same.

        I hate it because it won’t go anywhere and it wastes the political capital which needs to be spent impeaching Garland and Myorkas.

    • Oh that is just too funny!!!
      So Lucinda, with your TDS, where is your outrage? Your disgust? Your condemnation of President Biden? Not only did he use an expletive, but made it clear that he and the family are above the rules. All this while he is supposed to bring comfort to families, who have been devastated by a natural disaster. … Lucinda what gives?? Look in the mirror before you make silly condemnations!

    • Hypocrisy is found everywhere one looks, dear L, including within ourselves. Speaking of the hypocritical foundation of someone’s mind, Brandon will say, “Gun control for thee, but not for my dear boy Hunter. He didn’t actually purchase a 9mm pistol while hooked on crack cocaine – a bunch of my DC pals have sworn in the Washington Post that it’s Russian disinformation.”

      Corruption and depravity seem to be more prevalent on the left, as I view the current political scene. In any case, politics is a vast sewer of lies and hypocrisy. And I have little hope for leftists developing an honest sense of smell.

      • Has: you can’t pin corruption on the Left, not with the dozens of guilty players among the Trump administration. No administration comes close to the lies, theft and corruption of Trump.

        As for depravity, how about pussy-gabbing Trump or Gaetz and his underage girls or the many sins of Georgia candidate Herschel Walker?

  11. Maybe he was trying to quote something Obama said about Joe a while back?

    Never underestimate Joe’s ability to (effword) things up.
    Probably the one time Obama didn’t lie.

    • I suspect that Obama was thinking about the instructions he gave Biden, for promoting the leftist agenda, and that Biden would probably f that up.
      It does appear that way, as how Biden’s erratic moves have thrown the leftist’s agenda off balance.

  12. We’ll see whether or not anybody can screw with a Biden. It’s reported that the FBI now has enough evidence on Hunter to charge him with tax crimes and purchasing a gun illegally. Tax crimes was enough to throw Al Capone in prison when they couldn’t get him on racketeering or other charges. Perhaps the Bidens are vulnerable to the screw.

  13. We’ll see whether or not Biden can continue for very long. He keeps poking the Russian bear and that Russian bear is going to come out fighting one of these days. Putin doesn’t need the money he’s got bookoo billions rat holed away. All he has left his power and he doesn’t want to lose that. He will drop a couple tactical nukes on some people you mark my words. Biden as much as said this. Biden doesn’t want to be seen as weak so he has to keep up the pressure. In reality he probably wants Putin to launch. Anything for biting himself to stay in power is favorable because he’s heard the winds speaking, he knows he’s going to be impeached in a few months. That’s not what he wants for his legacy. His narcissistic demeanor is predictable, and dangerous. I never thought I’d ever say did the United States president is more dangerous than a Russian dictator but it’s true. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida said it best once. He’s from Cuban ancestry, and he recounts his mom and dad talking about how they lost their country, and he says we’re not going to lose my country under my watch. I kind of like a guy that comes out and just says it and is willing to fight for the country against the current communist and leftist socialists and whack jobs.

  14. We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out, but Biden is between a rock and a hard place. He has to continue to back Ukraine for fear that if he doesn’t they will release all of the Obama era corruption that eventually led to Trump’s first impeachment. They definitely don’t want to muddy up the waters of the anointed one.

  15. Forkner’s Best Conspiracy Hits:

    1 – “In reality he [Biden] probably wants Putin to launch.”
    2- “he’s [Biden] going to be impeached in a few months.”
    3- “His [Biden’s] narcissistic demeanor is predictable, and dangerous”. [Weirdly, Forkner is NOT referring to Trump]
    4 – “they will release all of the Obama era corruption that eventually led to Trump’s first impeachment.”

    Stay tuned for future episodes!

    • Your every hysterical, intolerant, hateful, close-minded and nonsensical comment here literally reeks of desperation, Lucinda.
      PS: Did I provide you with enough commas here?

  16. I’m pretty sure no one WANTS to F*** with a Biden, and that’s why Hunter paid them to. I know Biden’s daughter would have preferred not to. The rest of us are just disgusted by the entire family.

  17. Who Fs with a Biden? The list is quite long, actually.

    -the Crown Prince of Saudi
    -the Taliban
    -Kamala: hell, she called him racist and got the VP slot.
    -Greg Abbott
    -Corn Pop

    the better question is who of important doesn’t F with a Biden.

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