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Friday, April 23, 2021
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High Court meddled in 2020 election, and it may have flipped this House seat


Rep. Lance Pruitt lost his race in District 27 by 16 votes to Democrat activist Liz Snyder, but the question is being raised: Was there fraud?

The Alaska Supreme Court opened the door to fraud when it allowed absentee ballots to be voted on without a witness. Add to that the ballot harvesting that was rampant throughout the neighborhood, compliments of Outside groups pushing Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Al Gross.

Normally 2.5 percent of vote-by-mail ballots in this district are discarded because of some failure on the ballot, be it a signature or some other mistake.

But this year, only .37 percent of the vote-by-mail ballots in District 27 were rejected. It’s a big anomaly when there’s a 16-vote difference.

In 2016, 819 mail-in ballots were received by the Division of Elections for District 27, and 25 were rejected for some fatal deficiency.

This year, 3,533 mail-in ballots were received, and just 13 were rejected, a 99.6 percent acceptance rate.

The court’s ruling on “no witness needed” may have also affected District 15, where Republican David Nelson leads Democrat Lyn Franks by about 90 votes.

In October, the Supreme Court agreed with the ACLU and liberal litigants that a witness signature is not needed on ballots this year, due to COVID-19. That’s overturning state law that requires the signature to ensure a greater level of voting security.

Once ballots are separated from their absentee vote envelopes by election officials, the votes cannot be traced back to those voters. There is no practical way to determine if the absentee votes in District 27 were legitimate, no way to put those ballots back in the envelopes and start over.

Ballot harvesters from the Al Gross and Alyse Galvin campaigns went through the voter rolls in Anchorage and Fairbanks and swarmed District 27, where they gathered up absentee ballots from low-turnout voters.

It’s hard to say who actually voted those ballots, but Must Read Alaska estimates show that up to 500 votes in District 27 may have been harvested by Democratic operatives who were shipped in from out of state.

To compare, in the 2018 election over 3.1 percent of all mail-in ballots were rejected statewide. The final totals from around the state are not in yet for 2020, but the District 27 results may be telling about whether signatures from voters are being verified at all.

The Left pushed vote-by-mail on Alaskans, promising it was secure. Many of the ballot harvesters told voters they did not want to go to the polls, because they might catch the coronavirus. They asked them to hand over their ballots instead.

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer has said there will be a hand count of the district’s race, but once the ballot is separated from the envelope, there’s no putting it back and checking the signatures to see if legitimate voters really voted those ballots.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • 1. End mail in balloting. Make it only for those who cannot be present to vote, like the military, allow absentee, and require proper notary verification.
    2. Prohibit ballot harvesting. Jail time (maybe at a discount out of state prison in Mexico) for violation.
    3. For those who cannot present themselves to vote, for a certified legitimate reason, allow official appointed representatives like city or state employees go to them and accept a ballot (with proper identification) while maintaining a chain of custody.
    Or, like Ballot Measure 2 (which must be challenged in court), we can just let the Zuckerberg/Dorsey computer algorithm choose our masters.
    I observed voter malfeasance first hand as a child and have never forgotten the disgust of it. We must win every time, the dishonest socialist tyrants only have to win once.
    And I voted against retaining every judge.

    • I concur & agree 100% with your comments…. Transparency at every level !

    • You basically made the same comment I was going to, word for word, so saved me a lot of typing.
      I would only add that I think the “no witness needed” is asinine and needs to be repealed immediately, and in the future, all ballots without a witnessing signature be thrown in a burn barrel.

    • Because the elderly and physically infirm (and countless others who are unable to participate in person) shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

      • 3. For those who cannot present themselves to vote, for a certified legitimate reason, allow official appointed representatives like city or state employees go to them and accept a ballot (with proper identification) while maintaining a chain of custody.
        They may vote and every effort should be made to bring the ballot to them. BUT as I saw as a child, having political partisans ‘help’ them vote represents neither them nor any of us.

    • Absolutely and ballot measure 2 cannot be allowed to stand. Anchorage has become a banana republic, with an oligarchy manipulating the charter to allow them to continue to run rough shod over the people paying all the bills in Anchorage. The whole state will become that way with ranked choice voting.

    • Who does your typing for you? Who helps you turn on and off your computer? And your phone… who helps you perform updates, find your email, and send text messages for you? Mail ballots are not the problem. Get real. Join the 20th century when you can, and then see if you can come around to the 21st…

      • And let the Zuckerberg/Dorsey algorithm just determine our governance? No thanks. I do these things for myself, and when the time comes when I cannot then perhaps I should no longer vote.

    • Sadly, the Bill Walker Democrat Supreme Court has already decided (unanimously) to uphold the ballot measure

    • Completely agree!

  • Exactly. No legitimate reason for the current state of affairs. It’s beyond belief.

  • “And I voted against retaining every judge.”

    I’m sure the system is susceptible to abuse, but I’m also confident that the vast majority of judges take professional pride in following the law.

  • The same goes statewide when it comes to Ballot Measure 2. Ranked voting is an absolute disaster, and the State Supremes allowing such a convoluted bifurcated piece of crap to make it to the General Election Ballot, proved their unworthiness.

  • This election fraud in Alaska was planned months in advance. It is why the State legislature illegally extended the Governor’s declared emergency until November 15, 2020 just three days after the Governor declared the emergency on March 24, 2020.

    The leftists in the State legislature knew this was their opportunity to fix an election. After all, it is the leftist motto never to allow a crisis to go to waste.

    Take a look at who, and how many voted in election districts. They far exceed the number of actual eligible voters for that district. Just like in 2010, when somehow Murkowski managed to win a write-in campaign after getting 400%+ turn-out in bush districts. One village alone submitted more than 400 mail-in ballots, all with the exact same signature, from a village with a total population of just under 100.

    Alaska’s elections are a joke, and cannot be trusted. The election fraud is systemic from a criminally corrupt legislature.

  • I have witnessed “Malarkey” at play in another house District , that of James Kaufman. In a small sample space of just 30 properties I personally know 5 Republicans that are no longer in state and 1 liberal who left state 7 years ago all having absentee ballots prepared for them. One guy who is now in California , voted in person there as did his wife… when I alerted him he called SOA DOE to enquire the status of his “ballot” …. after a while they hung up on him… So here’s what you do if you want to contest this election and make it to Juneau to make a difference. …1. Request a recount. 2. Request at the same time via the head of DOE Fenemui that the votes cast are first separated into Early & in person. Then the mail in / absentee if possible are split into Mailed and Dropped. Then request that these ballots are further filtered…. Those “Registered voters” that applied for and received a PFD and those that did not receive a PFD.

    I am highly suspicious that there may be a high number of Non PFD recipients in the dropped mail category (ie emptied from an official drop box such as DOE 2525 Gambell St. These are very likely “harvested Ballots” that may never have left the DOE… A simple follow upo call from DOE officials for these ballots will reveal the authenticity or otherwise. Ie Did the vote get cast by the “registered voter” was he / she a resident in AK only and did he/she vote in another state… The PFD filter is a very useful one for DF&G when investigating fishing & hunting felonies… no reason why it shouldn’t be used on District ballots too….
    And lastly…. If you need to go after the unwitnessed ballots that were never verified… they are technically illegal. As I am sure you are well aware.

    • They can vote. They can do an absentee ballot. They need a witness. If an elderly person has absolutely no one in there life and they are truly alone and never see anyone who they could trust to be a witness for them, in my opinion the odds for that situation would be astronomical so is not a valid argument. We should not be allowing people from outside into our elections in anyway, either via money or in person. The elderly or physically impaired can vote with a witness from inside the state. No ballot harvesting. We know that many elderly people are abused by scammers and fraudsters which just may include ballot harvesters from outside with an agenda. Frankly, if I am to old too figure out how to vote absentee and or have no one in my life I trust to help me vote I’m thinking at that point I am not able to make a very good decision about who I’ll vote for without being manipulated or coerced, especially by a stranger. As far as the physically impaired, I would hope they would have someone in their lives who could witness an absentee ballot.

  • The US Constitution states that only State Legislatures can make election law, There are no exemptions indicated such as war, epidemics, weather, etc. State courts should not be crafting election law. That is most definitely not their job. The US Supreme Court most step in immediately or we are about to lose our State & country!

  • It happened because the Alaska State Supreme Court is tainted with political bias and partial corruption. In all the voters I spoke with all judges were voted out expect two conservatives yet all retained seats. Voter fraud in Alaska has been going on for decades!!!

    • I voted no on all judges as well, so did my son.

  • The Lt Gov needs to shoulder some of this blame for not fighting this harder! He should have demanded the votes to be segregated and then taken this to SCOTUS.

  • There was mail in fraud – except for races that we won, no fraud there. The sore loser mentality drags Repubs down to the level of the Dems, which is unfortunate.

  • Mail in ballots could of been witnessed while maintaining COVID-19 suggested mandates.
    How stupid or sheep does the Alaska Supreme Court justices think we are. This Alaska think the Justices have lost their marbles.

  • The only thing left about people these days is remember cheaters never prosper and Rep. Snyder will carry her sin into the grave. she still young and one day she will be older and the bloom of her flower will one day wilt and she be replaced by another leader and she be has-been while no one will miss the cheater while her children be grown and long forget their mom like all children of her income level they raise their children to leave the nest and a parent will be an alone elder with nothing but empty treasures and accomplishments surrounding them.

  • Rep. Snyder will reap she sows, she’ll get what’s coming her a way in whatever unexpected form

  • Mail in ballots invite and encourage election fraud – vote buying and selling, voter coercion and vote theft. That’s what vote by mail is intended to do. By now, everyone knows this.
    Multiply this District 27 scenario by thousands of precincts nation wide and…poof! you’ve got a new president!

  • I believe with a small amount of difference between the candidates and the data that shows a wide difference in ballots that there should be a runoff between the two candidates .

    • Absolutely. A runoff with no mail-in ballots whatsoever.

  • Well because of covid I don’t want to pay taxes. The ACLU better back me on this or they are just the left’s pile of s___.

  • The level of corruption in Alaska is staggering.

    Every time it seems it can’t be worse, it is.

  • Cast your mind back. Joe Miller. 2010. Whatever you think of him, the race, and the media bias and establishment opposition, was Trumpian before Trump. The guy literally had to fight the media, not just locally but NATIONALLY, and the GOP (not just locally, but nationally as well) and the DNC (who ran a fake candidate to send votes to their preferred candidate).

    He also had to take on the AK judiciary, who ruled to release his sealed personnel file, something that had never been done before, anywhere in the country, in US election history.

    But..The parallels don’t stop there..

    Election laws were changed, apparently unlawfully, and the Murkowski write in campaign was given historic and special allowances. On election night she won narrowly.

    A recount was ordered, which was just as corrupt as the original process. Stacks of votes from rural areas, were received written in the exact same handwriting, with perfect spelling, all counted, no questions asked. Abnormal votes where people write derogatory comments about Murkowski, were counted FOR her. Felons voting, etc etc.

    It’s debatable, whether it would have been enough to overturn the result, but the irregularities, the fraud and bias was rampant.

    So… let’s not pretend vote fraud in Alaska is new. It’s been going on for quite awhile, and no one has lifted a finger to do anything about it. Until we demonstrate the will as a people to demand more, the left, the media, the judiciary, and the establishment, will keep slandering candidates, manipulating law, and processes, and jobbing vote counts to make sure the people WE want in office, don’t get there.

  • This cracks me up. It’s always fraud if a Republican loses. It’s never a possibility that constituents simply decided they’ve had enough of you.

  • What’s the remedy for an illegitimate election?

  • If you do not like mail in ballots, then the next direction is adopting a software program that can allow for E-Voting.
    Remote voting is here to stay and there is no reason the state cannot move towards electronic voting.
    We do banking online, apply for our PFD online and pay taxes online as well as received government stimulus payments online…folks also visit their doctor remotely with companies like Teladoc.
    Society and technology only move forward, many Alaskans are luddites who cannot embrace change.

    • A paragon of the left, former President Jimmy Carter, said mail in ballots posed the greatest potential threat for voter fraud. Why would anyone want the vote to be in question? If it is in question? Why fight a hand recount? Asking people to show up in person, just as they would need to do to cash a check, and asking for ID, like we do if they want to board a plane, is not an excessive or burdensome requirement. Paper ballots, done in person, with ID verification, are, and remain, the most secure voting method. To oppose secure voting and elections, begs some questions as well.. are you more concerned with the process, or the outcome?

      Personally, if it’s legal, and accurate, and the state or country wants to move to the crazy left? Have at it. But if it’s suspicious, why would you want to just force an election half of your fellow countrymen and Alaskans think is illegitimate, down their throats? I would think you would want them, as unhappy as they may be with the result, to feel that it was at least honest. Otherwise I don’t think you are too concerned about peaceably sharing the nation and the state with your right leaning brothers and sisters, but merely compelling them to accept your will. We can’t continue, as a United people, very much longer, if that’s the prevailing view.

      • You did not accurately quote Jimmy Carter. It seems conservatives, following the lead of the orange man in the White House until Jan 20, 2021, love to bend the facts to support their perspective. See cartercenter.org/news/pr/2020/united-states-050620.html for Carter’s real thought on mail-in balloting.

        • In 2005 Pres. Carter & James baker (GOP) ran a voting review commision that found, among other things, that mail in voting was ripe for fraud & not a good idea.

          Mail-in is not used in the vast majority of countries for that reason.

          Yes recently (15 yrs later) the very liberal “Carter Center” came out for mail in voting because it helps Dems (who cheat as well as Republicans)

          The statement from the Carter Center is just lib politics, nothing more

          • In 2005 Donald Trump was a registered Democrat. Do you agree that people’s views can legitimately change over the course of 15 years? You imply that Carter changed his opinion after 15 for purely partisan reasons (without any evidence). Perhaps Carter changed his position because of improvements in mail-in balloting (for example Oregon). Also note that Alaska’s Lt. Governor, a very conservative Republican is on record stating that there is no fraud in the 2020 general election, which included a record number of mail-in votes.

    • We don’t need mail-in ballots or evoting. We have absentee ballots. They are mail-in ballots and they work if the signature is required. If it’s not then they are ripe for fraud and that should matter. I would hope we all would want to keep our elections as tight as possible when it comes to keeping fraud out.

  • Is someone going to challenge the court’s decision to remove the witness requirement? Someone has to check our courts!!

    • There is—it’s called the SCOTUS.

  • Vote my mail is not secure not even in the wildest sense of imagination. Alaska could be like Pennsylvania and on those ballots when there was a discrepancy or some other anomaly, the vote counters tried to determine the intent of the voter and corrected the ballots rather than throwing them out. In Alaska we have illiterate people who rely on local village corporation attorneys to fill out the ballots for them. Alaska is ripe with fraud, be it election results, failure to report PFD income on taxes, failure to report income in general because the fishing tenders pay cash so it’s not traceable. There’s no ways to solve the voting problem in Alaska unless Alaska is willing to send out poll watchers to each village and each polling station and film and observe the practices currently infesting the state.

    • There are shenanigans in a village, but there are not “corporate attorneys” there.

      When I voted in a village …the white liberal store owner (who made a fortune on food stamps) had Tony Knowles pamphlets next to his cash register.

      He spoke Yupik adequately & elders sought advice from him (on gussack issues).

      When you walked into the bingo hall to vote, there was a giant poster of Tony Knowles taped to the entrance door.

      I would have complained, but was young & I didn’t even know this was wrong.

      Even so, they would have said take the poster down & the village would have still voted Dem.

  • Lance just needs to find 18 people in his district who will declare either that they didn’t really vote (and thus someone submitted a fraudulent ballot on their behalf), or that someone tricked them into voting for Snyder. For example, find a fat guy who was bribed with a Happy Meal to vote for Snyder.

    • The ballots are now separated from the paperwork that they came in.
      Only that paperwork (envelope) can be scrutinized & challenged.

      Recount all you want ….any fraudulent votes are now in the system & that won’t change.

      It is mail-in that has to go ….it’s too corruptible

  • The legislature is the only entity in Alaska, or any state, capable of changing laws that govern our elections. This fiddling with the electoral process by the judiciary is unconstitutional and the judges should be fired for failing to uphold the constitution in these procedings.

    • The judges decide what the constitution means, not you.

  • To me the Lt. Gov. failed miserably at the most important of his two duties. In all honesty I cannot suppress my joy that Rep. Pruitt will not be speaker of the house. Ms Snyder may be a raging liberal, but Rep Pruitt would have been a door mat for the Democrat minority. But then again the reelected Republicans with few exceptions, will react just like former Rep Pruitt and fold like a cheap card tables just as they have in the past.

  • I knew that there would be cheating and fraudulent voting when the Alaska Supreme Court sided with the ACLU on no witnesses on mail in ballots. There is no way to know who voted that ballot.

  • The judges knew exactly what they were doing here. And I would not be surprised to learn that the are chuckling and giggling in their chambers.

  • I was upset when they initially allowed the no witness, knowing it would lead to unaccountable fraud. I was even more upset when a bunch of out of staters came in butting their noses into our business. I don’t call up Washington state voters and jack with their elections. And to hand your ballot over to some unofficial biased individual is about damn stupid. I say redo the whole dang election, and do it properly this time. It’s not like our Covid economy doesn’t have the time for it. What a joke they’ve made of our whole system.

  • Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” That quote isn’t from President Trump, who criticized mail-in voting this week after Wisconsin Democrats tried and failed to change an election at the last minute into an exclusively mail-in affair. It’s the conclusion of the bipartisan 2005 report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker III.

  • The United States Constitution delegates to the State Legislatures the responsibility of making voting law for their state. Nobody else.

    If the state Supreme Court decided that a witness signature is not needed on ballots this year, for any reason, that’s changing state law. That is a violation of the US Constitution.

    Let the lawsuits begin.

  • Voter suppression, fraud, and gerrymandering are how you win senate seats despite consistently losing the popular votes.
    We need universal mail in voting and automatic voter registration. The people need to be heard for a democracy to function.
    Questioning the security of our voting system, when there is no evidence of fraud is a strong man tactic like Putin, or other dictators would use. It will harm us in the long run, and plays into the plans of people like Putin around the world.

    • So there was never any voter fraud in Chicago (Mayor Daley)
      Or Tammany Hall (NYC)
      Or Jersey City (Frank “I am the law” Hague?
      Or Louisiana (Huey Long)

      That’s just made up history & political parties are all honest & upstanding?
      Mail in voting is not used worldwide because of its potential for cheating

      As reported by J. Carter & J. Baker in a 2005 bipartisan commision on US elections

  • “…once the ballot is separated from the envelope, there’s no putting it back and checking the signatures to see if legitimate voters really voted those ballots.”
    This is done to protect the secrecy of the vote. When mailed ballots are received by election officials, they are screened to verify their authenticity. Then the actual ballots are separated from the signature envelopes. It is possible that some votes may have been improperly cast, but there is no way to know if they were for any particular candidate. Pruitt may have benefited from this just as easily as Snyder.
    The above article implies impropriety without proof. From all reports, voting this year was as secure as it has ever been. There is no proof that fraud has happened one way or the other, or any reason to assume it has occurred.
    On the other hand, a recount certainly seems reasonable.

  • Here is the strategy,

    Do not concede, push through the courts based on the unlawful changes done by the Judiciary instead of State Legislature.

    Sue to throw out all absentee ballots since the state can not trace back to the voter…this is a consequence of unlawful actions by the courts.

    This will then hopefully push to the 9th Circuit and then the SCOTUS if necessary.

    There is a reason why election laws can only be made by the State Legislatures…thus is in Section 2 of the US Constitution.

  • Without doubt the fraud we see nation wide was from unverifiable mail ballots. Statistical data science and forensic accounting tell us fraud occurred. Write our congressional delegation.

  • From what I read in other “news,” only 2 people could not seem to find a way to have their absentee ballot registered. Seems to me this could have been resolved without threatening the secure votes of so very many others!

  • This is so pathetic.

  • Everyone must start contacting the Republicans that actually won their seats. They must make sure they do not remain silent, or just go along to get along.

    If the numerous red flags (which all favor the democrats) nationally are any indication of the shenanigans I suspect are happening, they are coming after the lower level seats next. If the (suspected) voter fraud that is running rampant across the nation in the Presidential, House, and Senate is not challenged to the Nth degree, it will only embolden the perpetrators to commit more (and more obvious) fraud in the future.

    No republican, or conservative) seat is safe.

    Want to see a 100% Democrat run government, all the way from DC to your local school board? Remain silent.

    • Interesting. All the fraud, none of which has been proven, put Dems in seats, and none of it helped Repubs. Yet, a lot of Repubs won seats in places where Dems were supposed to have won. Where’s the outcry about fraud in those cases? Or is it a case where if I lose, the election was rigged and if I win, the election was fine, fine, fine?

      • No fraud there because they didn’t canvas those districts. Voter outcome for Republican win would have been much higher.

  • “No, we have not seen anything that looks like fraud or looks weird or looks like an irregularity,” Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer said after the Alaska Division of Elections published final unofficial results.

  • Your claims of election fraud and crying in your beer, priceless.

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