‘Hell Freezes Over’ wins Art Hackney Communications national gold award


During the 2021 American Association for Political Consultants Awards this year, Art Hackney Communications won nine awards — four golds, four silvers, and one bronze Pollie Award.

Hackney won top awards for Best Overall Radio Campaign of the 2020 cycle: Gold for the campaign for Troy Downing for State Auditor in Montana; and Silver for the US congressional campaign for Congressman Don Young.  He won Gold awards for Best Regional Radio, Best Negative/Contrast Radio and Best Newspaper ad – for Don Young.

The newspaper ad that won the Gold award was the one pictured above, which declared that hell had frozen over with an endorsement for Young by the Anchorage Daily News.

The other Silver awards were for Best Regional Radio, Best Non-Federal Radio and Best US Congressional Radio ad in the US for the 2020 cycle.

The Bronze award was also for a newspaper ad campaign for Congressman Don Young.

Esquire magazine has dubbed the Pollie Awards “…the Oscars of political advertising.” Hackney has walls and walls of Pollie awards lining his Spenard eighth-floor offices.

Founded in 1969, the AAPC is a multi-partisan organization of political and public affairs professionals, with over 1,500 members from all corners of the globe. It is the largest association of political and public affairs professionals in the world.

Hackney also won several awards at the Reed Awards, named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed.

Hackney won five Reed trophies – for Best Legislative Radio for James Kaufman for House, Best Congressional radio for Don Young, Toughest Radio and Best Overall Radio of the 2020 cycle for Troy Downing race in Montana, and Best Newspaper ad for Congressman Don Young.

Hackney remains the winningest writer and producer of political radio ads in America for the past 20 years. A lifelong Alaskan, he is based in Anchorage.

In 2016, when the Must Read Alaska website was launched, a profile on Art Hackney was its first story. It’s at this link: The art of being Art Hackney.


  1. While certainly a change in stance, it doesn’t really mean anything. Look at all the other candidates that they’ve endorsed. Their strange bedfellows might not be look strange in a dark closet.

  2. Art is still my favorite. He’s put more people into public office than any other political consultant.

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