Hayden Ludwig: Automatic voter registration exists to keep Democrats in power. Why aren’t Republicans fighting it?



Election integrity hawks — myself among them — have spilled gallons of ink since 2020 exposing ballot drop boxes, “Zuckbucks,” and voting machine vulnerabilities, and conservatives are all the better prepared to face the 2024 election for those efforts. But there’s a massive front in this fight we can’t afford to overlook because we’re losing: voter registration. 

If getting out the vote (GOTV) is the key to winning elections, registering voters is the key to effective GOTV. But doing it at scale takes money and coordination, something Republican strategists and donors have almost totally ignored. 

As it stands, the left is more than a decade ahead in that race. 

Beginning around 2008, “progressive” operatives discovered they could weaponize 501(c)(3) charities — the same part of the tax code as your local church or The Salvation Army — to identify and register tens of millions of new Democrat voters across the country purely by using demographics. Take it from the far-left Brennan Center, which birthed this scheme: To build a permanent Democrat majority, we must bring “millions of new voters onto the rolls through a modernized registration system — starting in 2010.”

secret strategy memo from 2015 asks mega-donors to fund “large-scale, multi-year voter registration programs” focused on “underrepresented” groups to “fundamentally reshape the electorate in as many as 13 states” — by 2020.

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  1. Because one side desires to have educated, informed voters and the other side really wants useful idiots, and has moved to cultivate them for the last century. It is not about real votes, only about ballots to count. I grew up a democrat and witnessed (and participated in) first hand. Their lust for power and control is so overwhelming that no means is beneath them. What Hayden suggests is joining them. What needs to happen, if even still possible, is to cultivate an informed public, voting with knowledge for proper leadership. Sadly, today the voting populace is only mostly concerned about getting a bigger share at the public trough, to which most add nothing. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. Orwell meant to produce a warning, not an instruction manual.

    • AK. This quote, “ Their lust for power and control is so overwhelming that no means is beneath them” certainly fits MAGA better than democrats. Your quote captures civil and criminal defendant Trump well.

      • Paola, your ragingly dishonest and disingenuous projection of your own radical leftist lust for total power over others here is so over the top, I simply have to call it out.

        HOW can you not see that it is YOU, and your radical leftist extremist ilk, who are desperately and demonically seeking power, rather than your opponents? HOW?!
        Are you truly THAT divorced from all reality?

        Most of your opponents just want to be left alone, and to live their lives as THEY see fit. But no, every radical leftist extremist, in their arrogance and self-righteousness, demand an all-encompassing, all-powerful government to exert centralized control, to mandate and coerce all others into living and conforming to their own narrow and intolerant way of living and thinking. This is so self-evident that I truly have to wonder how anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and honesty can dispute it.

  2. If the right agrees as a matter of principle that it will not wield government power to achieve its preferred outcomes, but the left vows to use the government whenever and however it can, then the left is going to win every time. We need start thinking of ourselves as counterrevolutionary. We have to re-found our country, and to do that we will have to seize power from the left — and use it. Otherwise we will live a country run by people who hate us and are determined to destroy our way of life.

    In the short term that means deportations of illegal aliens, treason trials and punishments for the many crimes committed over the last many years, massive decentralization of state power, and dismantling of the corporate welfare program for Pentagon contractors as we end global empire. A much smaller state will have a much smaller impact.

    Some “conservative” will balk at what they regard as harsh measures. Fine. Let them walk. The Revolution was won by about a third of Americans, as another third were loyalists, and the final third were too timid or indifferent to matter. We are in a cold civil war. Lead, support, get out of the way, or if you oppose us be prepared for push back (or worse).

    What other choice do we have?

    • We have no other choice.

      Politics is not about whether or not someone will wield power. It is about the business of deciding who will wield it.

      If you will not wield it, someone else gladly will (and allegedly on your behalf).

      • You are one of the few Alaskan pols that is fighting the good fight. However, you seem alone in a sea of corruption and mediocrity. I pray that changes. And soon.

  3. The importation of illegal immigrants is at the top of their list of priorities.

    Ask any “newcomer” who enters through our open borders and is rewarded with a new cell phone a handsome paycheck a free plane ride to a vacation destination of their choice as well as a boatload of free benefits (medicaid, dental, welfare, food stamps, hotel lodging, education, daycare, transportation, legal services) when they get there who they will mark on their ballot….

    It certainly wont be difficult to mark the big D in front of the name of anyone even if they cant read or write.
    We can expect the number of language requirements on ballots to be nine pages long since no one will bother to learn english (that would be too racist)

  4. Because they are one and the same.
    The uniparty wins no matter who votes for who and who counts the votes.

  5. Why aren’t they fighting? When, outside of a small few, do they ever?

    The left wants to win. The alleged right wants DC cocktail party invitations.

  6. Republicans when they don’t have its house in order when all groups under the Republican order aren’t unified is why they aren’t tackling election integrity as these

    I think your current chair wouldn’t be successful uniting the Republican Party members and their groups they each represent. She’d made a better vice chair under a Man chair such as Rep Pruitt.

  7. I have been working against automatic voter registration since they first announced they were trying to put it on the ballot in 2016. Unfortunately, in 2016 I took that stance alone. At the time, the Republican Party could not be convinced to oppose it publicly as many were worried about the potential of being called racist for doing so.

    Last year, in the House Judiciary Committee we passed out a bill that would have made automatic voter registration an opt-in when you go to file your PFD (‘https://www.akleg.gov/basis/get_documents.asp?session=33&docid=26966). Unfortunately, that bill (HB4) has been blocked by the Democrat-majority in the House Finance Committee; another reason not to give majority control of the Finance Committee to Democrats.

  8. This would be a good question for people to ask Dan Sullivan and the new AK GOP Chair Warfield at the Republican women’s mtg they supposedly will be attending Saturday April 27th 1 PM through 3 PM at Mat-Su Restaurant in Wasilla.

  9. When the Attorney General of the U.S. publicly denounces voter ID of any kind, ALL who call themselves conservatives should realize that at this point, serious action must be taken. ( I have yet to hear an explanation, valid or otherwise, of how voter ID is racist in any way). At the very least, the auto PFD registration here in AK should be defeated. Sadly, many, if not most of the Republicans in our legislature are actually democrats.

  10. Why won’t the GOP fight back? Simple answer- GOP Alaska has no back bone. Until GOP Alaska starts requiring a litmus test for it’s staff and candidates (potential employees), it will continue to roll over. GOP Alaska did not even fight RCV or support it’s repeal. I used to be registered republican until I figured out there was no expedience in expelling RINOs. I’ll continue with “un-decided” until the GOP cleans house of the back-stabbing RINOs.

  11. Why aren’t Republicans fighting it? It is called Blackmail. You need to look at this from the perspective of a person of honor and integrity. You believe they are representing the people and defending liberty, but the truth is, they are representing special interests that are either holding a crime over their heads or paying them under the table. Because the rank-and-file politician today is being bought out, so they will sell you out. This type of human being is a retched soul, a demon that would sellout their best friend for a buck. They have the morales of a snake. Now picture this nationwide and you see why they have so much control. NGO’s funded by dark money (i.e. Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg) and now the U.N. are spending huge money to see this nation fall. The illegal people flooding our border are being funded by the U.N. as they are showing independent journalists the Credit Cards paid for by the U.N. to get them into the USA. This is a global take down of the USA. Now you understand why they so badly want to take your guns. Once they do, the Obama, Bush and Clinton organized insurrection of the USA is complete. They have documentation proving Biden is using taxpayer money to fly illegals into the USA. Your government is funding an invasion of the USA, period.

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