Harriet the heartless


This isn’t the kind of social media post one would hope to see from a sitting lawmaker, or a candidate, referring to a leading business person and family man as “the dead guy” on Facebook simply because he supported the efforts of a candidate for governor who Harriet doesn’t plan to vote for.

Josh Pepperd, of Davis Constructors, and two others, including one of Pepperd’s sons, died in a helicopter crash in Lituya Bay last month. His other son on board was gravely injured. There are children, spouses, parents, sisters and brothers — not to mention friends and coworkers — who find Drummond’s “dead guy” reference offensive.

Drummond is running for her seat in District 18. Her opponent is young Anthony Lekanof, who was born and raised on St. Paul Island and who is running as a Republican.

Unfortunately for District 18, Drummond is considered safe in what is a very liberal neighborhood.


  1. What an awful person. This coupled with one of her previous posts of always wanting to “smack the smug look” off of Senator Sullivan’s face really shows this elected official is a class act. I am sorry to say this person represents my district. I’m voting Lekanoff.

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