Had enough? United We Stand protest planned for Tuesday in Anchorage


A grassroots group of Anchorage residents who have become alarmed at the mayor’s many restrictions and prohibitions will gather at the Loussac Library on Tuesday evening to protest.

The protest begins at 4:30 pm, before the Anchorage Assembly will arrive to discuss several major issues — all out of sight of the citizens, who are not permitted into the building, per the orders of Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

“Take a stand. In 20 years, I will not tell my children that I watched their basic human rights being stripped away and I did nothing. I will tell them I stood up and showed up and gave it my all,” wrote organizer Elizabeth Welsh, who is the co-founder of Open Alaska, a group that started on Facebook and has 7,000 members.

Welsh says she doesn’t know how many will show up, but expects at least 500 based on the strength of the response she’s gotten.

Among items on the agenda for the Assembly is the $22.5 million in expenditures requested by the mayor for the purchase of four buildings to create a network of services for Anchorage vagrants and street people.

A resolution to curb the mayor’s emergency powers will be offered by Assembly member Jamie Allard.

Another resolution to allow people inside the Assembly chambers will be offered by Allard and Assembly member Crystal Kennedy.

Resolution No. AR 2020-296, a resolution of the Anchorage Assembly requiring the Assembly Chambers to accommodate individuals wishing to testify on public hearing items or in audience participation at Assembly Meetings, Assembly Members Allard and Kennedy. (Addendum.)

The package to purchase and renovate the buildings for Anchorage street people has come under scrutiny, as a portion of the funds would come from CARES Act monies intended to be used to alleviate economic hardships due to the COVID-19 virus. The municipality is still sitting on 85 percent of the $156 million it was given by the federal government.

Ordinance No. AO 2020-66(S), As Amended, an ordinance authorizing the acquisition by purchase, or lease with option to purchase, of real property legally described as: Lot 7a Block C Heather Meadows Subdivision (Plat 77-149) (PID 009-161-51), Lots 1 – 6 Block C Rosebud Subdivision (Plat P-224A), (PID 009-161-32, 009-161-33, 009-161-34, 009-161-35, 009-161-36, 009-161-37), Block 4A Central City Subdivision (Plat 76-245) (PID 003-241-29), the improvements on Lot 1 Block 33C USS 408 (Plat 84-374) (PID 003-073-33), and Tract C Green Valley Resubdivision No. 1 (Plat 73-210) (PID 010-193-22) (properties) with aggregate acquisition and renovation costs Not To Exceed $22,500,000, Real Estate Department, Assembly Chair Rivera, and Assembly Members Zaletel and Constant. 


  1. The Mayor and Assembly are sitting on a rather large chunk of money hoping it will hatch into a homeless solution that has already been created by idiotic decisions and policies…not by COVID-19.

    The money should rightfully go to those hardworking community investors that are impacted by the mindless shutdowns.

    Not to sotts, 50% of which don’t want help.

  2. Elizabeth Welsh, thank you for taking a stand and speaking up for Anchoragites. You show courage when others only scream.

  3. Protests will fall on deaf ears. The mayor is part of the liberal/socialist group trying to destroy the middle class and America as we have known it. The 2 conservative voices on the Assembly will be outvoted. Something more like a law suit. Kriner’s lawyer asked for more time to make a case, as he had only just met with his client. The Mayor refused him. Something is out of line here.

  4. Being a Eagle River Resident.
    When people outside of Anchorage ask me “ Man What is going on in your City”,
    I respond,”Not In my part of the City. “
    I am Proud of my Assembly Members from Chugiak/Eagle River.
    What about the rest of Anchorage, are you Proud of your Assembly Members?

    • Hard to believe the rest of Anchorage’s reps are all liberal Democrats, thank god we (EaglExit) are trying to break free from a city that does nothing for us.

  5. Planting large groups of homeless and destroying neighborhoods is exactly what the communist plan is. I just read an article where in the upper west side of NYC they just dumped a whole herd of homeless in a nice area and then it was a taboo area of filth and crime,,, Do not for one second think that your Mayor is not working that same plan, Can you imagine the game plan and the mind of someone who seeks to destroy your beloved City? Well it is the plan , recall or regret,,,

  6. United We Stand!!! THANK YOU to everyone supporting this group. I will be joining you in spirit today as I will be physically working at 4:30 today, being one of the working class tax payers that the mayor and liberal members of the assembly like to loathe so much, but love the taxes we pay because it allows them to “virtue signal and feel important because they are helping someone (by spending other people’s money)”. The only problem with other people’s money is you eventually run out of it and have to find other people…

  7. I wrote this about what is going on in Minnesota, as a former MN, but long time Juneauite, I stand with you guys… you can insert the necessary words to make sense for you all.

    A leader, must above all lead according to the law. Mask mandates, SD, shutting down churches is NOT leading by breaking the law of the land which is the Constitution of the USA. When a leader cannot lead by the law then he is no leader at all, he is a tyrant, and the sooner Minnesotans act on that, then the sooner they can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You don’t get to lock down the country on a disease that has been lied about, overblown and inflated numbers. Then YOUR governor allows himself and friends to open their business, not wear masks, not protect the citizens of Mpls from rebels AND withdraw support from those who they hired to ENFORCE the law. Not sure how much MORE you guys have to put up with before you take to the streets, but then again, perhaps a re-reading of how the Nazis came to power may be instructive.

  8. Simply amazing – have any of you visited with the families that have had someone die from covid? Have any of you been sick with this virus? No you haven’t. You don’t seem to care either as this virus ravages & kills mostly minority citizens who can’t get tested or can’t afford Healthcare. Would you like to tell them to go back where they came from – guess what you can get on a boat too because you are not from here – your roots unless you are native are from across the pond.

    Don’t talk to me about Minnesota – that place is so straight up passive-aggressive racist that they still have an operating network of KKK living there – do you have family or friends of color who are shopping or driving while black? Do you have to have a conversation with your kids about what to do in case the police stop them for no reason? A conversation that tells them how to act so they won’t be killed?

    My guess is you don’t have to worry about that at all & you don’t care about anyone who does. The things you care about are centered on you.

    Why aren’t you protesting about the unfair treatment of people of color? Oh wait a minute you are part of the crowd following that pumpkin colored face idiot in Washington aren’t you, now your stupidity makes total sense!
    My guess is that by your comments you could give a fig about anything darker than flour! Until you walk a mile in my skin and tell me how it feels; until then you can step off, sit down & shut up. Or maybe you would prefer that they kill more black people.

    Yes,, by all means stand-up and yell loudly about your rights & privilege to go into crowded places where people are getting sick! Do us a favor and write your obituary first..

    You and everyone like you is what is wrong with this world. Don’t want to wear a mask? Then stay home, it is also the rights of a business to refuse you service. The rest of us will care about our neighbors and ourselves by choosing to be safe.

    My family has been in Alaska since the 40’s and I’m happy to say that your voices are not what this greatland has ever been about.

  9. If you’re so bitter, then go to California where you would fit in with all your friends. You think you got it bad a lot of people are having a rough time now. Most of us will work through it without blaming someone else. The man in the White House did not create your problems you did.

  10. when will people of color address the same race murders happening in Chicago and other cities across America ? why is there not outrage by the people of the same race about this ? pointing at European Americans for all the problems African Americans claim they have is a cop out. laws and law enforcement are a necessity of humanity. ” I believe that people should be allowed to do anything they want,,, didn’t work out last time,, maybe it will this time.” George Carlin

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