Gun sales soar as Democrats make gains



If you think Americans trust their government when it comes to guns, think again. Gun sales soared at a record pace in April, for a second straight month.

Growing concerns about possible unrest stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and the prospect of Democrats fielding candidates who have vowed to impose draconian anti-gun measures, including forced “buy-backs,” are among the forces driving the sales. Americans want to get theirs now, while they still can, and they are doing it in droves.

National Instant Criminal Background Check requests in April, the FBI says, hit a record 2,911,128 – 576,879 more than in April 2019.

NICS background checks in March totaled 3,740,688, the most ever, the FBI says. They were up 1,095,837 over April 2019.

Democrats, it turns out, are this nation’s best firearms sales force.


  1. Forced buy-backs will spark another civil war. American patriots will stop the tyranny of government.

  2. “There are 390 million guns out on the streets of a country of 329 million people.”
    The latest study of civilian-owned firearms in the United States supports this statement. We rate this claim True.”- Politifact
    We can only speculate as to how many unregistered, unknown guns are out there, especially military “souvenirs”.
    According to the 2017 Pew study, 30% of Americans own guns themselves…”
    Of those 97/98 million gun owners, how many will actually decide to shoot it out? I believe our only real hope is in our military, our own family members in the military.
    Keep our military strong, it’s our best defense against foreign and domestic enemies.

    • Depends on who you are shooting at. I would not fire against our armed forces. No way. Some lame snowflake who was shooting at me, you bet your sweet country ass I would.

      • A million gunslingers does not make an army. Organization, communication, chain of command, logistics, training, and etc makes an army.
        A million gunslingers is a rabble! Useless, and impotent. None of the private “militia” will be able to bust a grape.
        It is our military and all the experienced veterans who are standing between us and any possible rogue government.

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