Gross plays the Semite card, feigns victim, demands stuff



In a scenario reminiscent of a stunt that State Sen. Jessie Kiehl and Juneau Democrats pulled on Republican Women of Juneau in 2018, U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Gross is playing the “anti-semitic” card and going after Sen. Dan Sullivan, calling him a racist.

Gross is accusing Sen. Dan Sullivan in what appears to be a desperate attempt to curry favor with Alaska voters. It may backfire, since most voters in Alaska will not be sympathetic to such a ploy.

Gross says a photo of him that depicts him holding money is an “anti-semitic trope,” the same terminology that Sen. Kiehl used in 2018 when the Republican women published a flyer saying he would tax Alaskans. In that flyer, the women said if you give Kiehl your vote, you may as well give him your wallet.

In this instance, the response from the Gross campaign comes comes from a hired publicity gun in Washington, D.C., as a cover for the campaign.

Andrew Feldman Strategies is carrying the spear, issuing a press release that says the picture is dark, and that having Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in the background is also what it makes it anti-Jewish.

But Gross himself got into the act, calling the ad “disgusting.”

“This ad has disgusting anti-Semitic tropes but it’s what we should expect from a candidate who has hidden how his family does business with communist China and has voted time and again to benefit their bottom line. They should take the ad down,” Gross huffed in the press release. So did a few others who are clearly in the Democrat camp, such as J Street, a liberal advocacy group, and the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

In recent weeks, Gross has called Sullivan a number of names, (lapdog, corrupt, communist Chinese sympathizer, and has made numerous there unfounded accusations, such as blaming him for the coronavirus pandemic.

Gross is the son of the late Avrum Gross, who was a Jew from New York City. It’s unclear if Alan’s mother is Jewish; her maiden name was Teeple, a Germanic name, typically. In her time, Shari Gross was a significant political player in Juneau, and was a founder of the Alaska League of Women Voters, a known liberal group that pretend to be neutral.

It’s unclear why Alan Gross believes that the depiction of him with Schumer and dark money is anything but accurate, since his campaign has been built on $25 million in Outside dark money, and since he has met with Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and pledged his loyalty. Schumer’s political action committee has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Gross’ campaign.

In 2016, Democrats in Juneau savaged Republican women for an ad that was fair game for criticizing Democrats and their spendthrift ways. The Republican Women of Juneau found the “anti-Semitic” claim against them to be so hateful and unworthy, they simply didn’t respond, although through actors such as former Gov. Walker chief of staff Scott Kendall, the abuse against the Juneau Republican women made it to the Washington Post, which happily continued the accusation.


  1. When Senator Sullivan and Congressman Young go back to DC after their Victory tomorrow I hope they confront Schumer and Pelosi to ask them how they feel so much poorer. I would tell both to go stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  2. Judicial Watch has released a comparison study of Census Bureau population statistics and state voter registration data to reveal a notable disparity. The watch dog group is now warning of potential voter fraud and “dirty” voter rolls.

    The study found that 352 U.S. counties in 29 states managed to have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens.

    Trump won Pennsylvania by 45,000 votes in 2016. It was in some measure because of places like Butler going heavily for him.

    So it was perhaps odd that thousands of ballots seem to disappear in the mail in Butler County, not reaching the people to whom the Board of Elections allegedly sent them. It’s not clear exactly how many went missing. The Board sent out 40,000 but as of Thursday only 21,300 had been received. Given the election is Tuesday, this obviously is very concerning to people. Federal postal investigators are now looking into the matter to determine what happened.
    “In other words, the registration rates of those counties exceeded 100% of eligible voters. The study found eight states showing state-wide registration rates exceeding 100%: Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont,” reported Tom Fitton, president of the watchdog group.

  3. Gross is feeling desperate.
    One of his ads playing on the radio as I drive around, cites Salon dot com as their source when smearing Dan Sullivan using lies.
    When someone cites Salon to attack their opponent, you know they are flailing desperately and have nothing to offer the people of this state….

  4. How can you infer that this ad was ‘Racist”? It merely is drawing attention to a fact. Gross is swimming in historic outside Alaska, Leftist Donations. Is this something Alan Gross disputes? Given his statements regarding his leftist values he should be proud of the fact that he has garnered untold millions from the left. Gross has missed a chance to celebrate his Democratic Leftist values, I would think that Gross would be proud of the moolah his fellow Leftists have shoveled his way.

    • Your point ignores the obvious contradiction in Gross’ identity. Like many others, he is running as an independent to avoid the Democrat label… which he realizes is now synonymous with straight-up communist. Contrary to being proud, he is frustrated the money trail has exposed his alter-ego. He naively miscalculated his ability to conceal his ruse.

      • Wayne,
        I see no contradiction in Gross. A macho guy with tons of cash. I am appalled however that he would claim racism when his rival points out the fact that he has a ton of cash.

  5. This just shows you that the globalists and socialists currently infesting our political system are desperate, very desperate. They will stoop to nothing and say and promise everything and lie through their teeth to try to convince the intelligent voters of Alaska that he is something that he is not. These kind of people are lucky they are in America. You pull this crap and Nazi Germany or Russia or China they not only kill you but they kill your wife all your family your dogs and anybody you know. But that’s not how we roll here we just send them packing with maybe a protective coating of tar and feathers.

  6. Don’t know why it took me so long to be able to understand, but since Dr. Gross doesn’t have enough substance to himself for more than one campaign ad, clearly he has to spend his contributions attacking Senator Sullivan.

    That one ad: “I own a fishing boat as a hobby job; my buddy shot a bear; I made millions in health care (enough to buy a house in California); now I’m campaigning against the cost of health care since I’m not dependent on that anymore.”

  7. Left wing democratic sheep herder. Semocrats attempting a coup d’etat in every state of the union.
    Our freedoms , our money , our country is at stake. Choose wisely
    Freedom is not free
    Live free or die
    Easy decision for me.
    Moderate democrats are extinct.

    • The quickest way to become a racist is to be told you have no choice but to appreciate societal dung as they loot their way backward in time, or when a clear liar tells you that you must retract a perceived anti semitic slight simply because he finds it offensive.


  8. Gimme a break! What about the pro Gross ads showing Sullivan stuffing insurance lobbyists cash into his pockets. The Dems desperation is absolutely pathetic!

  9. Well that’s what Ephraim would have him do. Ephraim handles Berkowitz also and is close to Rogoff and Rubenstein. #SanFranCabal

  10. Egregious. and Anchorage Daily Pravda milking for all it’s worth alongside a smattering of hand picked WaPo propaganda.

  11. Strange how big Al Gross brings up the Money Card, with all the Millions of dollars big Al made off the Good People of SouthEast Alaska, where is the trail of giving back to the Community of SouthEast Alaska?
    Surly one who has viciously attacked his opponent as big Al, has a Long record of positive service of giving financially back to the people he profited so handsomely from for decades. If we have not heard about it by now it has not happened.
    So again what’s with the money deal Big Al?

  12. Gosh, I guess the “Bear Doctor” trope isn’t working as well as they thought. Or the working-stiff gillnetter trope.

  13. If it makes Al happy, just redo the picture.
    Look… in the background, a montage of riots, burning cities, burning flags, black lives matter banners, aborted babies, illegal aliens, things that make the Democrat party what it is today.
    Then in the foreground, Big Al as pictured now, except with thirty pieces of silver in hand.
    Everybody happy?

  14. Thanks, I did not know Gross is Jewish. So what?
    Separately, in the above pic Schumer just needs a couple of fangs to play a really badass vampire!

  15. After three solid months of calling Dan Sullivan every name in the book, Gross goes into full whine mode with a tough ad against him. Perhaps he ought to change his first name from Alan to Karen. Cheers –

  16. Until they brought it up, I had not realized the Gross was Jewish. If there are indeed anti-Semites out there in Alaska, which I doubt – I think they lost more votes with the ploy than they gained – particularly given that many Alaskans, like me, were annoyed to be accused of paying attention to anti-Semitic “tropes.”

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