Greg Sarber: With Trump conviction, Democrats have destroyed the social compact

Photo by Democratic Socialists of America Facebook page.


I’ve taken a few days to think about the Donald Trump conviction and what it means.  My initial reaction was one of surprise that the jury in New York could arrive at such a biased decision with such weak evidence.  After some time for consideration, I think it is possible to draw some conclusions about what just happened.  The essence of Donald Trump’s conviction is that the Democrat party has taken an action that will change politics in this country forever. 

Our country functions because of the social compact between the governed and those who govern over us.  Citizens lend politicians power and authority with the understanding that it is the public who is in control, and we can use elections to revoke that power from our elected leaders should they disobey the will of the people. 

The Democrats don’t realize it, but in their haste to get Trump, no matter how, they have destroyed the social compact.  With election cheating in 2020 and the weaponization of the justice system today, they have shown us the rule of law no longer matters to them.  They don’t care about the opinions of the public; they will act in their self-interest, going outside the law if necessary to do so. 

This isn’t just an opinion, Joe Biden said so himself last Wednesday.  When asked about his student loan forgiveness program and how he was continuing with it despite a ruling from the US Supreme Court that it was unconstitutional, Biden posted on X (Twitter) that he knew he was defying the Supreme Court and didn’t care.  He planned to continue with his debt forgiveness program despite their ruling.


It is clear from Biden’s statement and the actions of the judge in the Trump trial that the rule of law no longer matters to our President and the Democrats who hold positions of authority in this country.

The public is starting to realize this.  After the weaponized verdict against Donald Trump, the public has responded with an overwhelming show of support in the form of campaign contributions.  Trump set a record for the largest amount of political campaign contributions in 24 hours, receiving over 34 million dollars on the first day after his conviction. This is more than double the previous record. Those donations continued at a record pace over the weekend.  As reported on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox News yesterday, more than $200 million have been donated to Trump’s reelection campaign since the conviction.  Most of these donations were from small donors, and 30% were from people who had never contributed to a political campaign before. 

The magnitude of these donations dwarfs anything ever seen in this country in a similar period. It is a sign that the public is registering their defiance of the Democrats by donating to the Trump campaign.

After the Trump conviction was announced, there was celebration among the partisan liberals on television and in the Hollywood movie industry. Still, some Democrat politicians have started to recognize a huge public backlash against this conviction and that it will hurt Democrats this fall. Representative Dean Phillips (D-Minn) is so worried about the impact of Trump’s conviction, that he has encouraged New York Gov. Hochul to pardon Donald Trump, stating that it would be good for the country, which is a very insincere statement.  What Phillips means is that it would be good for all of the Democrats seeking reelection if Trump was pardoned. 

The Dems got their conviction, they can call Trump a convicted felon in campaign commercials, it is time to stop the persecution before they turn Trump into a martyr like Nelson Mandela.

Here in Alaska, the reactions of our local politicians were predictable.  Those who hate Trump said nothing.  Those who will benefit from a Trump reelection in the fall were quick to come out in support of him. 

This includes Gov. Mike Dunleavy who might be eyeing a potential spot in a future Trump administration.  Secretary of the Interior Dunleavy has a nice ring to it.  Dunleavy’s statements hit the right tone and will resonate with the Trump election campaign. 

The same can be said for Sen. Dan Sullivan.  Dan is no John Wayne who will lead the charge to political victory, or even outspoken like Marjorie Taylor Greene for that matter, but every army needs reliable soldiers, and Dan is one of those guys.  He positioned himself on the right side of this issue and will be in Trump’s good graces without ticking off the RINOs like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The predictable Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who despises Donald Trump, waited for a day before issuing a mealy-mouthed “defending the rule of law” statement that sounded very insincere and gave a minimal amount of support to the former President.  She took the opportunity to take a shot at Trump with the comment that a candidate with less baggage would do better than Trump in the election this November.  Everyone knows this comment was in support of Nikki Haley, the darling of the Bush neo-conservative wing of the Republican party. 

Weak Republicans like Lisa Murkowski cling to hopes that somehow Nikki Haley will pull out a miracle and win the nomination at the Republican convention in July. This idea would be helped if Judge Merchan puts Trump in jail at his sentencing hearing on July 11, so Trump is unable to attend the Convention. You will see great big old crocodile tears from Lisa if this should come to pass.

Republican Congressional candidates Begich and Dahlstrom were quick to support Trump, trying to out-MAGA each other.  Both are vying for a possible Trump endorsement that would likely secure the election for them in November. 

Rep. Mary Peltola toed the Democrat party line as expected and said nothing. Peltola is in a tight spot with this issue.  She is forced to support the Democrat position which is essentially that Trump is the devil and must be put in prison for the safety of the Democrat Party, our Democracy, but like Representative Phillips, she has to be concerned about how keeping quiet
will impact her reelection chances.  In a normal year, with no Democrat opponent, the solid support from people in Bush Alaska,
and two Republican opponents to split the conservative vote in the RCV voting system used in Alaska, Peltola would be a shoo-in to win reelection. That is how she won in 2020 and she is running the same playbook this year.  Peltola is planning to run her campaign using the same old “Nice Girl from the Bush” tactic and would have a good chance for reelection, even for a liberal Democrat in a Red state like Alaska. 

That plan has gone out the window with the Trump conviction.  If Trump is on the ballot in November, he will win Alaska by a large margin and his coattails will help down-ballot Republicans.  Sometime between now and November, you can expect Trump to express support for one of the Republican candidates running for Alaska’s congressional seat which should secure their victory.  This action would devastate the Peltola reelection campaign. The only hope Peltola has at getting reelected is if the Republicans split the vote as they did in 2020 so that the convoluted RCV voting system can give her the victory.  Ironically, Peltola could be the last politician to benefit from RCV before it is removed. The unpopular issue is on the same ballot she is this fall.

While the Democrat politicians in Alaska and nationally are starting to wake up and realize the magnitude of the possible backlash from the Trump conviction, political pundit Megyn Kelly had the best take on this issue in a video she posted on X /Twitter:

In this video, Kelly says that the Democrats celebrating Trump’s conviction are like wolves that have just eaten a sheep.  They were successful with this tactic and will keep using it against other political opponents.  Kelly says the only way they will be stopped is when Democrat politicians suffer the same fate as Donald Trump.  Democrats must be charged for crimes, real or fabricated, and then imprisoned.  It will only be after they suffer terrible retribution that will there be calls for everyone to return to the rule of law.

So, what comes next?  The sentencing date for Donald Trump is on July 11 th , just a few days before the Republican Convention. Judge Merchan seems like an evil vindictive man with an agenda to hurt Donald Trump’s reelection campaign as much as possible.  Do not expect mercy from this judge.  He could sentence Donald Trump to a long prison term and require him to immediately surrender pending an appeal.  This is what happened to Trump advisor Peter Navarro, who is in prison awaiting the appeal of his sentence.  Don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to Donald Trump.  Should this happen, the ghouls on the liberal left would cackle in glee at the optics of Trump walking out of the courtroom in handcuffs.  This is something that Judge Juan Merchan must relish thinking about. 

It could happen, but it doesn’t matter at thispoint.

Just as Julius Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon, the die is cast, there is no turning back.  The reality of this situation is now clear to everyone.  The Democrats have ended the American social compact which has lasted for 236 years since the adoption of our Constitution and our formation as a country.  The Democrats now want to rule over us permanently like the elites in some feudal aristocracy.  Fortunately, we have the opportunity to fight back against their tyranny and fascism. We find ourselves today in a unique situation.  We are just like patriots who stood up against the British on Lexington Common in 1776, like those brave young men who stormed a beach in Normandy in 1944, and individuals who struggled against Soviet Communists in the Cold War. 

Today conservative Americans have the opportunity to defend our country against tyrants who wish to take it from us. The Democrats have destroyed the social compact with the people, and we must make them understand that it is not they who rule over us, it is We the People who rule over them. To deliver this message, every Democrat must lose every race they are in this fall, even if they are just running for dog catcher or the local school board. The November election must be a referendum on the behavior of the Democrat party and become the Red Wave of all Red Waves. Tell all your liberal friends that any citizen who votes for a Democrat is supporting tyranny.  Tell all your conservative friends to get out and vote. 

These are trying times that could signify the end of our Republic.  Vote accordingly.

Greg Sarber is a board member of Alaska Gold Communications, the parent company to Must Read Alaska.


  1. Democrats, as you speak of, have a significantly large built-in cheat. This is how they win; I was once a part of it. They will win many races, perhaps even Alaska congressional, in which they do not garner a majority of votes but still a majority of ballots (God forbid even the presidency). Once before they were defeated in a critical race, and 5% of American males, including a large number of my family, died to reunite the country. I expect and dread the same from them again if power is denied, so great is their insatiable lust for power.

    • I believe the jurors followed the judge’s instructions which gave them a sense of moral justification to convict Trump. If Trump was part of a political party that aligned with their own, many of them would have embraced jury nullification. The blame of injustice clearly lies with judge and prosecutor’s malfeasance.

    • The Jury can only deliberate on what is presented, and under the conditions of the Juror instructions from the judge.
      While, I think there were several jurors who were going to find Trump guilty no matter what, there were likely others that would be willing to discuss it, had the judge’s instructions allow them to.
      And, important note. When the judge disallows the Defense’s witnesses, and sustains pretty much every objection and motion from the prosecution, while denying almost all of the Defense objections/motions, the Jury only has so much to work with.

      • In a very real, deliberate sense, the jury had no option than to render the preordained verdict.

        I had hoped (not expected) one of the lawyers on the jury to have some level of professional ethics and not be a part of this.

        But lawyers are not known for ethics.

  2. The social contract ‘was’ that we acted civilly and obeyed … Federal Rules of Civil Procedure // Roberts Rules of Order // Marquess of Queensberry Rules.
    Now that the line has been ‘grossly’ crossed, a call for “Retribution & Revenge” as well as public outcry of Jurisprudence Malpractice, one has to ask what does the future hold, especially now that there’s “NO” rules and/or ethos to be adhered to?
    Can we honestly trust the legal system here in in the US as well as AK907? How do we know for sure? Or, are we just supposed to trust the system, knowing that our local Judges hold the highest … Honor & Integrity?

  3. The jury was overwhelmed by the judges instructions. Fifty pages long!! I have sat on 4 juries and never had more than 10 pages of instructions.

    • Greg,
      You pushed the masks and vaccines and you’re opinions failed.
      You are cheering trumps illegitimate conviction.

      What separates republicans and libertarians from democrats and rhinos is that libertarians and republicans/ conservatives will not stoop and do what you cheer for . We stand by our principles.
      I declare anyone who uses the court for lawfare a misguided fool because they destroy the golden and brilliant representative republic our founders handed off to us. Greg – stand fast against the current and do what’s right. Declare disdain for trump’s conviction and lawfare in general.
      Trumps conviction is not far off what the socialist democrats did to Lincoln and the slaves . Better to fight with honor and loose than betray human principles and give the false appearance of winning.

  4. The compact, eh? Open your eyes, Greg, the “combine” has been in charge for years: even the “deep state” apparatchiks answer to them. You’re allowed to play boss, but you must know how to bow and scrap and know your place.

      • I do know that the leftists/globalists are reading your comments, and many others like them and thinking they are on the right path. Your continued gloating is just paving the way for this level of lawfare to be waged against anyone who stands against the globalists dreams of a leftist utopia.
        They thank you for your assistance.

          • That happened what… five days ago?
            And, here you are, weighing in on every little thing Trump. It is especially interesting when you say things like this “All this bickering must be entertaining to the powers.” knowing full well, you are initiating the bickering and sustaining it way beyond its expected lifespan.
            Keep it up, you are helping those that would see the US diminished.

  5. The GOP delusion continues and these kind of articles feed into that delusion. Its always “Us vs Them” for each of the extremes of both parties. A sad state of affairs. I would not have convicted Trump as there was reasonable doubt but the justice system worked. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean there is some vast conspiracy, just like with the 2020 election. The level of entitlement with the MAGA crowd is stupendous. There needs to be a new adjective invented to adequately describe it.

    • What about not liking the process? Is it OK to disagree with the processes that were followed before and during this trial? Because it is not all about not liking the outcome.
      When the defendant is prevented for actually defending themselves, when their rights as a defendant as protected by the 6th Amendment are violated, when every defense motion, no matter how reasonable, is denied, every defense objection denied, but ridiculous objections from the prosecution are sustained, I think it is OK to be upset about the process.
      That is not delusion. It is not entitlement. it is actually looking at the events that led to the conviction and saying “that is not right…”
      But, since you believe “…the justice system worked.” I am sure you will read the above, and just assume it is complaining and entitlement.

      • Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion same as everyone else. Doesn’t make anyone wrong or right. We are not in a position to do anything about it. Bitchin and moaning about it may make a person fell better or worse, but little will change. It cant. Would upset the apple cart too much. We’re just along for the ride.

        • That’s rich coming from you.
          Nothing but a steady stream of hatred for Trump and everyone that does not abhor him to the same extent as you do, but, I am the one who is wasting time?
          How about… well… I do not know. Actually responding and/or rebutting some of the things I mentioned in my post?
          Do you really think it is bitching and moaning when this trial clearly demonstrated there is a two tiered justice system in this country? That when it is politically expedient, the court system can disregard normal practices and processes?
          Tell me, greg, do you actually think the processes used to indict Trump and convict him are normal for NYC?
          Reminder, this is a DA’s office that regularly downgrades violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, but spent a tremendous amount of time finding a way to elevate this to a felony.
          Is it normal for a judge to deny almost every motion and objection from the defense, no matter how reasonable the motion is? Yet, sustain almost every objection/motion from the prosecution, no matter how petty?
          Nothing about the process to convict Trump was normal. But, I should shut up because… whining?
          Why not just parrot your hero, pResident Briben, and tell me it is “It’s reckless. It’s dangerous. It’s irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don’t like the verdict,”

          • I’ve said it one? So I guess I need to say it again since you apparently don’t listen or are incapable of comprehending what I say. I have never voted for a leftist. Or a liberal? I despise Biden, although I am fearful of what a President Harris would do to our country, I voted for Trump. Twice. The only thing I have against Trump is his lack of morality and now his mental capacity seems to have put him over the edge. And, if elected, he will be vindictive instead of presidential, but, why should that stop him now? I favor morality and if someone can’t be moral. They have no business being President of the United States. Trump has a big fat mouth. He’s proven that time and time again, and it’s gotten him into trouble. People can’t stand listening to him. And it has indeed cost him votes. I don’t know anything about New York’s justice system. I never was a liberal and lived there like you.
            All I can tell you is if the appeals process. Thanks, the judge overstepped. Then Trump is going to be able to appeal the decision. That’s the way the justice system works. On another thread, closely related to this. You told me to shut up once all I was doing was echoing your demand. All your pissing and moaning is getting you nowhere, and it’s not gonna change anything. The only thing it is doing is hello me. And others like me some comical relief that they are still Archie Bunkers like you walking around in this world. Anytime you want me to stop responding? That would be your first clue to stop your own self. Whatever you want to do the ball’s in your court, son.

                • No, I do not.
                  Not under an equal and fair justice system. You know, the one the US is supposed to have, but doesn’t.
                  Everyone within that justice systems jurisdiction must be held to the same standard. And, be treated within that system equally and without prejudice.
                  It is inappropriate to bastardize the criminal justice processes because of the title a person holds. It is wrong to ignore crimes committed by minorities, and it is equally wrong to throw the book at someone because they are famous.

            • Right Left Liberal Conservative….pretty sure the majority would say a man should not cheat on his wife doubly so when she’s pregnant and to cheat with a porn star/sex worker…crazy how anyone can believe a man with THAT moral compass should lead USA….

    • Let me add one more item about the process issues.
      The Judge in the Trump Trial donated money to the Biden Campaign in 2020. Yes, it was a small donation, but it was also a HUGE violation of the rules for NY Judges. (No partisan political donations allowed.)
      Yet, he refused to recuse himself. In fact, the process used to select him as the judge was not the same for any other trial in NY, but ignoring that, he refused to recuse himself. Even the appearance of a conflict is too much, especially for a defendant with this level of name recognition.
      Meanwhile, the leftists are demanding that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia recuse himself from the J6 case and the Trump cases because his wife flew a flag that the leftists do not like. Equal treatment? Not even close.
      In order for the justice system to actually work, and the outcome to be supportable under the law, the process used to get to that outcome must be equal for all in every trial.
      It was not in this situation.
      And, that is what those you ridicule are really upset about. Had the process been fair, equivalent to every other criminal trial, and the judge not compromised, there would be a lot less “entitlement” and “delusion.”

      • Astonishing that you think Merchan should recuse but Alito shouldn’t. That superbly highlights your Truth Denial Sickness.

        • Merchan directly violated the rules for NY Judges.
          Alito’s wife hung a flag upside down, and people who do not know why it was hung upside down are assuming motive, and demanding recusal.
          There is no equivalency between the two situations whatsoever. Which is why I brought it up, to highlight the two tier justice system we have in this country, where the treatment you get has nothing to do with your actual actions, but instead with your political affiliation.

        • One additional point.
          Merchan took the action to violate the rules that apply to NY judges when he, personally, donated to a candidate in a partisan election.
          Scalia’s wife is the person who hung the flag.
          Notice that I said NOTHING about Merchan’s daughter’s actions, which are sufficient to warrant a conflict of interest complaint. I said Merchan himself took the action that compromised his position on the bench.

    • “I would not have convicted Trump as there was reasonable doubt but the justice system worked.” You realize, of course, that the justice system did not work if a person is convicted of a crime when there is reasonable doubt. The very basis of our legal system demands that there is a legal burden of proof required to declare a conviction in a criminal case and the minimum requirement for that burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • Wow, good catch there Steve-O.
        Absolutely correct. On one hand, cman says clearly that reasonable doubt does, in fact, exist in this case, but then, praises the decision.
        How is cman capable of saying the conviction is wrong, but also saying the justice system worked correctly at the same time?

        • Last time I checked, his charges were dropped, or the DA refused to prosecute because of his last name. The only reason why this trial is happening is public outrage over the favoritism.

    • The system did not work.
      Every safeguard in the system was knowingly and deliberately bypassed. If the system worked, there would not even be an indictment.

        • Maybe someday, you or someone close to you may end up in court on felony charges. When that happens (and I do sincerely hope it does not), I hope the judge gives you (or your family/friend) and their defense team the same treatment that Merchan delivered to Trump and his team.
          I really do not think you will be OK with it, in fact, I am pretty sure you will fight tooth and nail against it.
          Please be honest with yourself here. If it were you at the defense table, would you think Merchan’s treatment was fair and balanced?

  6. “Just as Julius Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon, the die is cast, there is no turning back. The reality of this situation is now clear to everyone.”

    Hyperbolic and pedantic; a cheezy rant

    • Unlike JC, Trump doesn’t have an army that will follow him. Not even the 6ers. Just a few internet thugs that are toothless. His biggest role now is desperately trying to drum up a martyr persona in hopes an imaginary army somehow appears. Again, he shuts his mouth off claim his political foes will be jailed if he is elected. He wants a civil war….he needs a civil war. You want me on that wall! You need me on that wall!

  7. It’s funny. Some people are, allegedly, so eaten up with TDS they see the man as worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined.

    An existential threat to all humanity to be stopped at literally any cost. In this case the US judicial system and rule of law.

    By logic, that means if they believe this, the man must be removed completely and totally by any means necessary. Any means.

    Sooner or later some broken fool is gonna try to remove him from this mortal coil. Ask Steve Scalise.

    Yet when asked if that should happen, the heroic defenders of “democracy, rule of law, decency” and so forth suddenly go very quiet.


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