Grand Theft Anchorage

car theft

Kennedy Tali has been busy moving cars around Anchorage. And getting caught.

Last September, Anchorage Police received a report of men rummaging through a 2006 Chevy Silverado on the 800 block of North Flower Street in Mountain View, not far from Mountain View Elementary School.

The cops ran the tags on the vehicle and discovered it to be reported stolen.

Tali, 33, and Travis King, 29, and were arrested. In addition to the vehicle theft charge, they faced multiple further charges when officers recovered stolen credit cards, checkbooks, vehicle registrations, and drivers licenses that had been taken from other stolen vehicles around Anchorage.

“This case serves as a reminder to lock and remove all valuables from your vehicle. If you must leave valuables, conceal the items to ensure nothing is visible. Items such as bags, backpacks, briefcases, keys, electronics and money are extremely tempting to a thief. Don’t give criminals the opportunity,” Anchorage police warned citizens.

Tali and King posted bail and were out of jail.

Prosecutors dismissed the three charges in October and Tali went back to his ways. By December, prosecutors had refiled charges in the Silverado vehicle theft.

But before he could even go to court on that offense, Tali was arrested again on Saturday for a theft that occurred on New Year’s Eve.

This time, he was spotted in a 1999 red Honda that was parked in front of the somewhat-infamous Arctic Tern Inn. The car had been stolen from Conifer Street, up on the hillside in South Anchorage.

Tali, 33, was charged with Vehicle Theft 1, Criminal Trespass II, and Theft II.  This time, he was put in jail without bail. His passenger was charged with Criminal Mischief V, riding in a stolen vehicle.

Tali was arraigned over the weekend and had a public defender assigned to him. His first hearing is on Tuesday.


Two suspects are sought in the robbery of an east Anchorage coffee stand this afternoon. Police advise people to not leave their cars running, as the suspects are on the lam and may steal your car.

At 1:34 pm, an armed black male and Native female, driving a stolen vehicle, robbed the Alaska Sweet Cup Coffee Stand at 1467 Muldoon Road.  The pair left with an undisclosed amount of money; there were no injuries.

The stolen white truck was later located, unoccupied, at the Shell gas station in Eagle River. The same pair of suspects attempted to steal a car at Jalapenos Restaurant but were unsuccessful. There is concern the two will attempt to steal another vehicle, police warn. Do not approach them; instead, call 911.

The female is Native, mid to late 20s, long dark hair with highlights, wearing a gray sweatshirt, blue jeans, and Ugg boots rolled down to reveal the fur cuff.

The male is black; he is wearing a sweatshirt with dark gray sleeves and a light gray body, and a cap on his head.  He is believed to be armed with a handgun.


  1. I appreciate your hitting our failures in keeping criminality in check. It’s obvious the Mayor is clueless…

    • Pete, don’t you think those fools down in Juneau are more to blame than any mayor? Or, is it that the mayor isn’t of your political affiliation? Please do expand on your comment, I’m listening.

      • The Mayor does employ the police Chief the last time I looked. Let’s approach the issue this way: Perhaps the Mayor could describe those parts of SB 91 that he does not like, as well as the parts he does like.

  2. I dont know any of them but I can guarantee they all listen to hip hop, smoke marijuana, and have tattoes. And dont go to church regularly.

  3. You don’t know but you can Guarantee huh Burt. So tell me. Does that mean that anyone who listens to Hip Hop, Smokes Pot and has Tattoos are armed robbers? Heck you can’t even spell Tattoo and you think your comment has merit? Ha!

    • No it does not, and Burt doesn’t say it does. But I’d guess he’s close.
      If all hoodlums smoke pot, listen to hip hop, and have tattoos; it does not follow logically that all who smoke pot, listen to hip hop and have tattoos are hoodlums.

      • Yes, you have a point there! But its not hard to read between the lines, And the bottom line here is………. I used to feel good about the City of Anchorage but it is spiraling into a not so desirable crime ridden place to live now……………For the first time in my life I am now carrying a weapon.. Its getting so bad that law enforcement can not keep up… year out from investigating most crimes and by then why bother! And our Mayor was voted “Person of the Year” by the media! Another Ha!

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