Governor’s midwife board pick rejected by Legislature

The House vote on Kenni Linden is shown above, but the Senate vote is not shown because in joint session it is an audible vote.

The Alaska Legislature, confirming nominees by the governor to various boards, commissions, and Cabinet seats, blocked Kenni Linden from being named to the Board of Certified Direct Entry Midwives today. The vote was expected, since Linden is a former staff member of Planned Parenthood who had applied to bring her wisdom and oversight to midwifery in Alaska.

Among those who voted against her nomination were two surprises: Rep Gabrielle LeDoux and Rep. Jason Grenn. Both are facing elections in swing districts and both are affiliated with Democrats on the vast majority of votes.

Alaska Right to Life was among those who opposed the Palmer mother’s nomination.

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  1. ‘Bring her wisdom?’ I hope that was sarcasm. Anyone who works for the murderous machine Planned Infanticide is morally bankrupt and has zero wisdom to share. Hallelujah that the legislature did the right thing and thankfully, it is smarter than Walker to see through her for what she is. A proponent of killing babies has no business overseeing midwives — whose sole function is to protect babies and bring them into this world.

    Thank you to the AK legislature for sending that message on or behalf, even if LeDouz is just trying to save her skin.

  2. How does a pro-choice, pro-abortion activist expect to be seated onto a board that regulates live births? This woman has a long track record of spewing amoral liberal drivel, and it is clear that 32 lawmakers across both houses saw an agenda afoot. This obviously immature person needs to grow up and get her oars in the water

  3. Is this nomination that was thankfully defeated Walker trolling for PP campaign dollars? What a truly sordid evil.

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