Governor’s kids celebrate his birthday by asking for money



Gov. Bill Walker is celebrating his 67th birthday today, and so are his children. They sent out a fundraising note to potential supporters of his reelection campaign:

“Today is our dad’s birthday.  Help us celebrate by donating any amount up to $500 today!”

“It was the summer of 1990 and we were begging for a treehouse.  We asked our dad to build us one and he said he would, but he would need a crew. We eagerly volunteered. About 30 minutes into the several weekend project we were ready to call it quits, but our dad kept us plugging away until we had a finished product. In retrospect it’s clear to us now that our dad didn’t need our “help.”  He was teaching us life lessons about working hard, staying focused and accomplishing our goals.

“Dad is still teaching us these same life lessons.  We know no one who works harder, is more focused, or accomplishes more than our dad.  He and Byron Mallott are fighting for Alaska like no one else.  Donate any amount today up to $500 per candidate to join their team and help us celebrate our dad’s birthday.  Like adding a treehouse to our backyard, our dad and Byron are working day in and day out to make this place we call home better and brighter for all.  By donating today, you show up as they labor together to build our future.” 

The note was signed by Lindsay, Tessa, Adam, and Jordan.

Readers who would like to send a birthday message to the governor may do so in the comment section below.


  1. The life lessen here children is learn to recognize a Liar! That’s one person you don’t encourage…

  2. I almost think this is the only person in the world that would loose to Hillary Clinton. They seem to by the same type of people. Help me get rich while I screw you over. I wonder what his wife and kids in Asia think about this. That’s right they don’t know he has another family.

  3. As the photo shows, two villages are missing their idiots. The good news is that one of the villages is in Africa. The other village is Valdez, and Valdez prefers their idiot serve out the remainder of his term in Africa where someone might not know he is a liar.

  4. Governor Taker will be famous for trying to pull off the Great Alaskan Heist. I can only hope and pray he fails.

  5. Restore Respect, Law, and Order to Alaska. Send them both back to Africa, along with the Anchorage mayor…. 3 of a kind.

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