Governor names his former AG to Permanent Fund Board


Gov.  Bill Walker has appointed former Attorney General Craig Richards to the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Board of Trustees.

Richards, who left his job as Attorney General abruptly and without explanation in June of 2016, is vice president and general counsel for Bering Straits Native Corporation.

He served as attorney general from 2014 to 2016, during which time he was the lead advocate for the governor’s Permanent Fund Protection Act, a restructuring of the Permanent Fund into an endowment plan. The legislation has been debated by the Legislature for two years, and his tenure was marked by a testy relationship between him and the Republican majority in the Senate and House.

Richards was a Permanent Fund trustee from 2015 to 2016, while he was attorney general. He takes the place of Larry Cash, founder and CEO of RIM Architects

Richards earned an undergraduate finance degree from the University of Virginia, a master in business administration from Duke University, and a juris doctor from Washington & Lee University. He is from Fairbanks and was Walker’s law partner for several years, and was the lawyer for Valdez during the days of the Alaska Gasline Port Authority.


  1. Truly unbelievable! Too bad we can’t fast forward to November in order to get this man out of office. There appears to be no limit to his hiring of good old friends in high paying positions. So now, does the former AG ,who wanted to spend more time with family, keep his job and double dip between his new political
    Appointment and his job with Bering Straits?

    • I’m surprised any of them are jumping into those spaces with is term being so close to the end. Don’t think He will get elected Dog catcher at this point.

  2. in order to stop the governor (any governor), you’ll have to change the Constitution.

    The government of Alaska is not held in check by the people (as with the 9th and 10th
    Amendment to the Federal Constitution) The Alaska Constitution alerts the people
    that the government may act arbitrarily in ways that are not specifically prohibited
    by the Constitution. Right now, the Constitution ENABLES government to do whatever
    it wants.
    Read it for yourself:
    Article XII, Section 8 of the Alaska Constitution
    says this: “The enumeration of specified powers in this constitution shall not be
    construed as limiting the powers of the State.”

    • Yes it does say that but! The structural design of the permanent fund was to allow each resident of the State of Alaska a small (Royalty) of measured proportion based on the prior years oil profits/wealth. Based on the actions of this governor it’s transparent he’s going for the divorce from the people’s signed right to get any money from the dividend.
      Back in the 90’s we as a people of the State took a vote on this very issue and we all agreed and sent a clear message (NO) you will not use this for Government spending. The only way to stop these people is to shut their hands in the cookie jar because once they have their hands it it will be gone completely gone.

  3. Must be nice to part of Wild Bills employment agency. This clown says he needs to take money out of our pockets with one breath, then turns around and hands out government jobs to all his pals. Bill do you job, stop giving them away to all your buddies.

  4. WOW… wimpy welching walker won’t… stop trying to steal the permanent fund… Picture Craig Richards on the AKPF Board, then votes to buy or guarantee debt that walker is wracking up, because walker won’t cut spending – somehow the welcher goes on to get re-elected, then declares the State bankrupt – effectively stealing the Permanent Fund out from under our noses all the while his buddies get big paychecks from the State. Something smells really bad – like a not aged enough overfull bovine colostomy sack. If he tries this, I will start a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the entire population of Alaska to recover whatever is lost from walker & buddies raid of the AKPF. This is crony corruption at its worst. Walker, you’re going DOWN next November, if we can’t force you out sooner. Sorry Suzanne & readers, this one made me very angry.

  5. Anyone who actually knows Craig personally, would be very happy for our state. He is a real conservative, libertarian even in his views.
    The guy is not afraid to say No or You are wrong to anybody including the governor. Maybe you should wonder a bit more why he actually left the state
    Know for a fact before you speak

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