Governor awards UAA $2.1 million to train more nurses


Governor Mike Dunleavy announced that $2.1 million from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Funds have been awarded to the University of Alaska Anchorage College of Health to increase capacity to train registered nurses.           

Alaska was experiencing a nursing shortage even before the Covid-19 pandemic, which has strained the medical sector, he said in a statement. The grant will help UAA attract qualified instructors and keep faculty at the school, allowing the UAA College of Health to enroll more nursing students who will be qualified to serve communities throughout Alaska.

“Alaska’s health care system depends on qualified, highly trained nurses providing skilled and compassionate care each and every day, and that requires the highest caliber instructors we can find,” Dunleavy said. “Graduates from the UAA nursing program are highly regarded medical professionals, the more of them we can train here in Alaska, the stronger our health care system will be.”

UAA Chancellor Sean Parnell thanked Dunleavy for recognizing the need to train professionals in state: “Thank you to Governor Dunleavy for recognizing the critically important role that UAA plays in educating health and behavioral health professionals for Alaska. This investment in recruitment and retention packages will provide a mechanism to attract and retain qualified faculty in these essential fields in Alaska now and for the future.”

The grant includes $875,000 for hiring bonuses and relocation allowances for up to 23 new faculty members or current faculty relocating to areas of high need.

The grant also includes $900,000 for loan repayment of up to 15 new faculty members and 10 current faculty members. $125,000 will be used for tuition assistance for up to five bachelor’s prepared clinical instructors to receive a master’s degree required by the Board of Nursing to qualify for a full faculty appointment. The grant adds $200,000 to hire a search firm with nursing faculty recruitment experience to facilitate the searches.

The grant is funded by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, a component of the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021.


  1. Now protect them from being sidelined by woke zealots in the hospital and healthcare industry.

    Covidians would rather see the system burn than admit they are wrong about the efficacy of vaccines and masks.

    • Who is lying about the efficacy of vaccines and masks? Everyone in the know is vaccinated and wears masks, aside from a handful (less than 1%) of outspoken dissenters. Do you honestly believe they’re lying to themselves? Or is it possible that the less-than-credible youtube sources you rely on for your medical advice are simply using you to generate more ad revenue, since they provide no actual service aside from pushing their non-peer reviewed opinions on social media so they can avoid industry scrutiny? Hmmm, who to trust…. tough one, isn’t it?

      • John, you display the ‘mass formation’ psychosis brilliantly here. “Everyone in the know” does NOT believe in your anti-scientific, ineffective and coercive measures, far from it. There are literally thousands of doctors and medical professionals who have spoken out, and are still speaking out, against the mindless groupthink and servile obedience to corrupt and self-serving authority, even at great risk to themselves and their careers.
        In fact, John, it is YOU and your fellow Covidian cultists, all of whom are under the sway of a mass psychosis, who are in the minority. However, it happens that this psychosis benefits and serves the political agenda of the sociopaths in power, so they ramp up their fearmongering and use every propaganda trick at their disposal to try to convince those not under the sway of the mass psychosis that they are in a tiny minority, when in fact they are in the majority.

        • Jeff,
          Once again, and not surprisingly you’ve recycled information incorrectly. ‘’ There’s plenty of ‘mass formation’ psychosis going around, it’s easy to spot. People repeating the same mantras over and over without ever actually questioning the mantra they are repeating is a sure sign of being under ‘mass formation’ psychosis…this is what you do here on a daily basis.
          Some on both extremes are clearly being influenced by the mass formation phenomena, and make no mistake you are on one of extremes here. This quote seems to sum up mass formation psychosis:
          “If a large segment of people are willing to follow this strategy to deal with this object of anxiety no matter the cost, then in a second step people start a collective & heroic battle with this Object of Anxiety and in that way a new kind of social bond emerges & with that a new kind of “sense making” or purpose. Suddenly life is all directed towards battling this Object of Anxiety. This creates new sense of connectedness with others in the Mass-Formation.
          This sudden and radical switch from the negative state of lack of social-connection to the opposite, a massive increase in social connection leads up to a mental intoxication.
          When people experience this mental intoxication it no longer matters if the narrative is wrong or even blatantly false. What matters is that it leads up to this mental intoxication. This is why they will continue to go along with the narrative.
          The resistance to understanding the narrative is false or wrong is driven by the fear of returning to the state of Free-Floating Anxiety and wanting to continue to experience the mental intoxication.
          This explains why arguing based on facts will not work. Facts no longer matter to them. Given the facts, they are be unable to come to sensible conclusions, even in their own best interests.”
          Sure sounds like a number of commentators here. Facts, definitions, and simple math do not matter to the true believer, to the fanatical, to the zealots, to those who are swept up into this mass formation.
          How many times have you, or someone else under mass hysteria, posted something that is completely absurd and demonstrably false and then another person agrees with it…then if it’s challenged with facts the collective hive mind attacks those who have dared question the patently absurd? The collective hive mind does not counter with any information to back up the demonstrably false information but to attack the commentator providing the facts…kind of like you just did to John?
          It certainly seems like the mass formation phenomena is happening…and there are a number of people (like yourself) who have no idea they are in fact a part of this mass formation psychosis.
          Covid is real, it’s a global pandemic on it’s way to becoming endemic. We’ve been through global pandemics before and and although they can be scary they aren’t the end of the world. I know you are very, very scared of this pandemic but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. Knowledge is key and choosing to remain willfully ignorant just leads to more fear.

          • Once again, steve, you spew a vast amount of verbiage in the vain attempt to divert attention to the matter and the truth at hand. How typically arrogant, dishonest, disingenuous, and deceitful of you.
            PS: I do NOT wish you a Happy New Year. And having received your clot shot jabs like a good sheep, there is a good chance that this will be your last year on earth in any event.

  2. The University got rid of the Associates degree program, which graduated a decent number of Nurses who could go to work right away, and continue on to get their Bachelor’s. My hunch is that UAA realized they could make more money with the 4 year program, as the Associates often used other sources to finish their Bachelor degree and not the UAA program. Providence has their own University program for this purpose, which is a fraction of the cost Nurses would shell out to UAA. $$$$$ is the real bottom line in this effort by UAA.

  3. Wonder what happens after the $2.1M runs out?
    Might have been better spent by contracting with a nationally recognized school of nursing instead of pouring it down some third-rate “college”.

  4. Is the same thing going to be awarded to Charter College? Statistically they have produced as many high qualified nursing students if not better employees/workers and who have passed their fist year nursing test on their first try compared to UAA graduates.

  5. Very poor use of state funds!! Bad thinking leads to bad planning which leads to bad spending. Our state needs more and varied nursing schools NOT continual pouring of state funds into an already bloated UAA program. At one time the Alaska Vocational Technical Educational College based in Seward had a quality and low budget medical education department that offered certification in medical secretarial,medical code billing , Certified Nursing Assistant and Licensed Practical Nurse. The LPN course,which I took in 2006/7 was about 11 months and required 3 or 4 college level courses in advance. It cost about $6k as I recall. Following the course I successfully passed theNCLEX on first attempt. In 2012/13 I again returned to AVTEC Anchorage ( where I had taken the LPN Course (certificates) and where the other medical programs where offered) and completed the LPN to RN (AAS) program in 7 month for $5500!!. It took me two attempts to pass a now more complicated NCLEX. By 2016 or 2017 the entire medical training program had been eliminated from the state budget. I heard rumors that the UAA Administration had fiercely opposed the AVTEC program ( eliminate competition for control and dollars) and an unsympathetic state administration spelled its demise. The AVTEC programs catered to the single and working mom ,possibly middle aged , at the lower spectrum of annual income and eliminated that much of the highly unnecessary pressure on the average UAA student. And now the state continues dumping $ into an already bloated UAA system that requires an average of 3 full years to produce an AAS Nursing graduate at a cost of $ 15-25 K and a 5 year average to produce a BS Nursing graduate at a cost of $30-40 K !!

    Above costs reflect only tuition,books and fees NOT living or transportation costs.

  6. I have a great idea, quit letting them go for not being vaxxed! The system contributed to the problem and now UAA gets a grant to try to fix it.

  7. Why? Alaska has lots of nurses… Until the hospitals allowed politics to guide their operations and started firing staff because they refused to get the “vaccination”. This sounds like a problem of the hospitals that they created themselves and expect the state (with our money) to pick of the tab for their indiscretions.

  8. Oh, how nice. After slashing their budget by $100s of millions of dollars, he kindly gives them back $2.1. A Christmas miracle!

  9. Here’s a novel idea! How about an Executive Order to sue any hospital that fires their nurses after violating their medical freedom for no good reason. Guess what? All of a sudden there isn’t anymore nursing shortages. Wow, that was hard. The sooner we stop medical tyranny, the sooner we can get on with our lives! This is why I can’t give Dunleavy my vote for Governor, because he continues to not make the tough choices and stop the COVID nonsense. Neither the State, medical community or businesses are following the true data on the virus to make informed conscious decisions that don’t ruin people’s lives. They just want to follow the talking heads of the media and the criminals at the CDC. The sooner the lies are dispelled, the better for America.

  10. It’s time Alaska
    This pay out is going to the same school that lost its accreditation for nursing. As I recall no one was held responsible.

    Allow for competition by removing the certificate of need that protects providence essentially enabling a monopoly.

    Rehire those folks who rejected the vax.

    Vote Libertarian. Give the status quo the boot!

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