Governor Walker angry with people of Alaska



Governor Bill Walker, in a press conference today, flashed anger at Alaskans for not giving up to $1,200 of their Permanent Fund dividends to support state services. He appeared miffed that citizens, as represented by their elected lawmakers, didn’t understand the seriousness of the fiscal problem the state faces.

He also issued a proclamation for a special session to be held in Juneau on July 11 to take up three major revenue items that were not settled in the special session that ended today.

In his press availability that lasted just 11 minutes, the governor was asked by Juneau Empire reporter James Brooks why he thinks another special session will be productive.

Governor Bill Walker has told lawmakers they may not use his image without his permission.
Governor Bill Walker has told lawmakers they may not use his image without his permission.

Walker’s answer was: “I think it will be because I’ll address some of those issues in the budget. When the budget comes to me and I address the financial situation, it will get the attention of Alaskans. I have the obligation to do some things as governor with the budget.”

The reporter went on to ask the governor if he intends to veto a portion of the Permanent Fund dividend.

Walker responded: “We’ll look at every item individually and decide between now and July 1st what gets vetoed and what does not…I will veto where I think it’s appropriate.”

The governor was piqued that the House Finance Committee refused to send his SB 128 to the floor for a vote. The legislation that would restructure the Alaska Permanent Fund passed the Senate, but was panned by many members of the House.  Both Democrats and Republicans received pushback from constituents about taking Permanent Fund dividends, while not cutting government spending enough.
Walker said he his administration has had more than 400 meetings with Alaskans to explain his restructuring of Alaska’s finances.
“The governor’s idea of helping is to keep count of meetings,” said one legislative insider.


Showing his sensitivities to his image,  the governor told members of the Legislature that they may not use his image without his permission. A screen shot outlines the terms:
Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.44.56 PM


  1. Does anyone know if Walker, an elected public official, is legally allowed to prohibit people from using his image in these publications?

    Can anyone cite the statute for this bizarre request from the out-of-control gov’s office?

    The people want the government of Alaska to balance the budget by providing fiscally responsible service with the funds it has received. What’s essential, what will be an investment in Alaskas future, what can you and the Legislators do to fix your own?

  3. Why doesn’t Walker forfeit his salary, like Gov. Schwarzenegger did, instead of pushing his agenda on us to steal from the PFD? After all, he’s a rich lawyer who has made a fortune from suing oil companies.

    And, what a pompous, childish man to order legislators they are prohibited from using his image in newsletters or campaign materials! Is he a king or a governor? Is it because he doesn’t want proof of his public tirades circulating. Walker — give up your salary and show Alaskans that YOU are willing to take a hit for the state, instead of making the little people take it for your bad management. One-term Walker has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

  4. While Walker may be angry with the People of Alaska for not responding favorably to his bill, the People are becoming more and more ANGRY with him for not listening to the balance of the people above the 400 that he has apparently convinced about his bill. I heard some very positive things in the Bill SB128 but what I did not hear is any reference to curtail spending. For example calling special sessions in Juneau which costs the taxpayer per diem and enhanced expenses to house the Legislators while they have no chance to speak to their constituents about the state of the budget. Also there does not appear to be any mechanisms in the Bill that would sufficiently keep the Governor from raiding the peoples money at will. When the Governor starts listening to the people instead of his buddies who all want to keep the people of Alaska broke, maybe then we can have a reasonable dialog about cutting spending and new revenues. The little people of Alaska are the ones to carry your bad decisions on their backs and we don’t want to do that alone. We will carry our share of the burden but the Governor has to realize that he must carry his share as well by cutting spending on special projects that he and he alone thinks are great.

  5. This characterization of the photo thing is petty. Pretty standard protocol for use of photos, don’t you think? I mean, if I published YOUR photo next to a favorable position statement on an issue and implied you were also in favor, but you were, in fact, opposed to it, would that be OK with you? Generally, in this day and age of social media and the ever-present-camera-phone, it’s fair and professional to ask those who are friends and/or associates to check first with you as to whether or not they may publish your photo. Best practices 101. Get over it and move on to less insinuation and more constructive criticism and/or suggestions.

    • Perhaps you’ve never heard of the freedom of speech? That extends to lawmakers, too. And when you have such an out-of-control, hot-headed, unreasonable, selfish, proud and pompous, incompetent governor, you can’t blame anyone for pointing that out and using whatever images they can to underscore how ridiculous he is. Lawmakers can take whatever photos they want and he can’t do a thing about it, unless he made himself king behind our backs?

      Are you drunk on that Walker kool-aid?

      • He made a polite statement and set forth his expectations. I doubt he’ll take legal action if anyone fails to heed his request. I also have absolutely no doubt that some selfish, proud, unreasonable and ridiculous Alaskans will push forward to use his photo without his permission. Because for sure, there are a bunch of those types of Alaskans out there.

        • Polite statement? Are you drunk on that walker kool-aid again? He made an order — one that he cannot make or expect or even ask politely. Let him take legal action against the legislature for taking his photograph. That would prove how pompous he is. He’d lose miserably, too, and that would be even more newsworthy. What a narcissist.

          Yeah, those people voted for this guy. Elections have consequences.

          I find it interesting that you didn’t have an answer about my suggestion that he forfeit his salary, like Gov. Schwarzenegger did. Image that? Being a true conservative and a public servant, instead of telling the citizenry, surrender your PFD earnings. Let them eat cake.

    • NO..We are not….She helped to foist this little liberal tyrant on the people of Alaska…

  6. I don’t think it’s necessary to use his picture. But I do think he needs to look in the mirror and remember who he works for. He’s miffed, eh? Well good! I and many others have been “miffed” for quite a while. Time for pay cuts at the top, before digging into my pockets any deeper.

  7. The fact is the majors have paid lobbyist that help make laws that are pricing Alaskans out of the drilling and selling oil for a profit business so they can have a monopoly on Alaska’s oil!

    Alaskans are being sold out and no one seems to care or notice, why?

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