Gov. Mike Dunleavy holds steady with over 52%, Kelly Tshibaka has slight lead for Senate, Peltola for House


Update: The Division of Elections did an update at 2:22 am, and this story is being updated.

It may be a few days before results are final, since the ranked choice voting tabulation takes place Nov. 23. But it appears the governor of Alaska has won second term.

It was a big night for Gov. Mike Dunleavy, but not surprising. If his results hold over 50%+1, he’ll be the first Republican governor since Jay Hammond to win reelection in Alaska. At this point, the votes for Democrat Les Gara and Bill Walker, if awarded to the other as second on the ballot, could not overtake Dunleavy’s lead, and that’s without counting any of Charlie Pierce’s votes going to, presumably, Dunleavy. But there are still tens of thousands of votes to be counted.

With 387 of 402 (83.58%) reporting, and 216,430 ballots counted as of midnight Tuesday:

  • – Gov. Mike Dunleavy / Nancy Dahlstrom – 111,761, or 52.06%
  • – Les Gara / Jessica Cook – 49,535, or 23.07%
  • – Bill Walker / Heather Drygas – 43,142, or 20.09%
  • – Charlie Pierce / Edie Grundwald – 9,771, or 4.55%

Senate race

  • – Kelly Tshibaka – 94,120, or 44.26%
  • – Lisa Murkowski – 90,990, or 42.79%
  • – Pat Chesbro – 20,245, or 9.52%
  • – Buzz Kelley – 6,228, or 2.93%

House race

  • – Mary Peltola – 101,236, or 47.22%
  • – Sarah Palin – 57,005, or 26.59%
  • – Nick Begich – 51,896, or 24.21%
  • – Chris Bye – 3,716, or 1.73%

The constitutional convention ballot measure went down with 136,029 against it, and just 57,747 for it.

Other results at this link.

Senate apparent winners (tens of thousands of votes not yet counted):

R- Sen. Bert Stedman, Seat A, 68.12%

D – Jesse Kiehl, Seat B, unchallenged, 95.70%

R – Gary Stevens, Seat C, 55.24%

R – Jesse Bjorkman, 46.33%, Tuckerman Babcock, 41.87%, Andy Cizek, 11.19%, Seat D

R – Roger Holland, 33.91%, Cathy Giessel, 34.21%, Roselyn Cacy, 31.64%, Seat E

R – James Kaufman, Seat F, 55.90%

D – Elvi Gray-Jackson, Seat G, 54.70%

D – Matt Claman, Seat H, 50.45%, Mia Costello, 49.36%

D – Loki Tobin, Seat I, 65.81%

D – Forrest Dunbar, Seat J, 48.73%, Andrew Satterfield, 34.82%, Geran Tarr, 16.10%

D – Bill Wielechowski, Seat K, 56.35%

R – Kelly Merrick, Seat L, 57.69%

R – Shelley Hughes, Seat M, 76.57%

R – David Wilson, Seat N, 44.09%, Stephen Wright, 29.64%, Scott Clayton, 25.29%

R – Mike Shower, Seat O, 52.41%

D – Scott Kawasaki, Seat P, 49.30%, Jim Matherly, 43.91, Alex Jafre, 6.52%

R – Robert Myers, Seat Q, 64.28%

R – Click Bishop, Seat R, 56.31%

D – Lyman Hoffman, Seat S, 62.74%

House apparent winners:

I – Daniel Ortiz, District 1

D – Rebecca Himschoot, District 2

D – Andi Story, District 3

D – Sara Hannan, District 4

R – Louise Stutes, District 5

R – Sarah Vance, District 6

R – Justin Ruffridge, District 7

R – Ben Carpenter, District 8

R – Laddie Shaw, District 9

R – Craig Johnson, District 10

I – Walter Featherly, 43.86%, R – Julie Coulombe, 39.74%, R – Ross Beiling, 15.98%, District 11

I – Calvin Schrage, District 12

D – Andy Josephson, District 13

D – Alyse Galvin, District 14

D – Denny Wells, 45.06%, R – Tom McKay, 39.94%, R – David Eibeck, 14.58%, District 15

D – Jennifer Armstrong, District 16

D – Zack Fields, District 17

R – David Nelson, 43.85%, D – Cliff Groh, 36.34%, D- Lyn Franks, 19.56, District 18

D – Genevieve Mina, District 19

D – Andrew Gray, District 20

R – Forrest Wolfe, District 21

R – Stanley Wright, District 22

R – Jamie Allard, District 23

R – Dan Saddler, District 24

R – DeLena Johnson, District 25

R – Cathy Tilton, District 26

R – David Eastman, District 27

R – Jesse Sumner, 36.72%, Steve Menard, 25.67%, Rachel Allen, 21.62%, Jessica Wright, 14.70%, District 28

R – George Rauscher, District 29

R – Kevin McCabe, 46.11%, Doyle Holmes, 35.90%, Joy Mindiola, 17.59%, District 30

D – Maxine Dibert, 47.53%, Bart LeBon, 30.64%, Kelly Nash, 21.33, District 31

R – Will Stapp, District 32

R – Mike Prax, District 33

R – Frank Tomaszewski, District 34

D – Ashley Carrick, District 35

R – Mike Cronk, District 36

I – Bryce Edgmon, District 37

D – C.J. McCormick, District 38

D – Neal Foster, District 39

I – Josiah Patkotak, District 40


  1. You’re showing
    – Kelly Tshibaka – 86,342, or 44.28%
    – Lisa Murkowski – 86,342, or 42.70%

    Obviously Kelly has more votes than the 86,342 shown since she is at 44.28% with Lisa at 42.7%. You are showing the exact same number of votes for each which is an error. This correction is VERY IMPORTANT as the under reporting of Kelly’s vote count will confuse the Democrats as the Democrats won’t be able to calculate how many additional votes they will need to pad the books with for a Lisa win!!

  2. Looks like Sarah may have won if Rank the Red was done. I stongly backed her, and ranked Nick #2. He worked hard and ran a good campaign. The main thing is that Mary can now spend her time in fish camp, and maybe invite Nancy Pelosi to join her. Sarah earned her victory a long time ago for her hard work over many years helping get Conservative people get elected—including Trump.. I think she will do a good job, it’s not like being Governor. Being a Congresswoman will allow her to utilize a lot of Don Young’s old Hunting Buddies to help her to Bring Home Bacon. CONGRATULATIONS SARAH, Your Still The Little Engine That Could. God Bless You.

    • If you and others would have ranked Nick first and Palin second Nick would have been over the 50% threshold. Palin will do it again and quit to run away to the Lower 48. She does not care about Alaska or Alaskans. Palin is a serial quitter and will do it again. She quit on her marriage, and she will quit on us too.

      • And, I would still rather have Sarah Palin in Congress representing AK, than the commie/socialist/leftist that will be there supporting the Biden agenda for the next two years.
        But, hey, whatever. You are making a stand, screw the State of Alaska and the nation as a whole.

  3. Budget time. Alaskans say get it done and out in 90 days. Defend and secure American’s rights. That’s all we want! Just like 1776.

  4. Peltola wins as the sole democrat on the ticket and the two republicans (predictably) split the rest of the votes. Neither Begich or Palin backed down earlier, so that guaranteed a Peltola win for Don’s seat. Do it all over again in 2024.

  5. Blame the stupidity of the Alaska Republican Party and the selfishness and blind ambition of Palin and Begich for Peltola’s win. All they did was split the vote. Morons.

    • Exactly- they both knew the rules of the game had changed and they were playing by the old rules. They absolutely knew they would split the Republicans votes.
      Perfectly orchestrated by Murkowski.

    • Nick Begich had been running for Congress for more than a year, Palin jumped in after Don Young passed and 30 minutes prior to the filing deadline. It was not Nick’s fault that Republicans cut up the vote.

    • No, the blame lies with Palin. She has quit on us once before and will do it again. Nick Begich has been here the whole time traveling the State while she galivants off to her boyfriend in NY. She should have quit after the first failure at least Nick Begich is here to stay she is only in it for Herself.

  6. So Giessel gets back in? Thank you South Anchorage RINOs. Just what we needed. Someone who hates Alaskans, hates the Gov, thinks your PFD belongs to her (or the Rasmuson’s) and in general is just about the most miserable person to be in Alaska politics, next to Natasha Von Imhoff. Well done.

    • Not so fast.
      Any lead that does not exceed 50% + 1 vote means it goes to ranking. The question is how many of the Schaff voters ranked Giessel or Holland second.

  7. Palin was the spoiler. She sucked votes away from Begich, handing the race to a leftist who will basically have no clout in the new Congress anyway. Silly Palin-bots! You blew your chance to elect a true conservative representative who would have had clout, and gave your votes to a woman who has no loyalty to you and who is chummy with Peltola. You got used good and the Dems are laughing bout it now.

    • i do not get the logic here.
      Palin got a larger number of votes than NB. It makes no sense to claim the person who came in 3rd place somehow was the victim of vote siphoning.

    • I hope you ranked Palin #2, if not then you’re just as responsible for a Peltola victory. The only way to win is for the Begich voters to have Palin ranked after him.

      • I ranked Palin 2, but here’s why she’s the spoiler:
        She told her people to rank no one second.
        She implied she would vote for Peltola second.
        When the math showed she would not win any head to head, she could have helped the party and the state and she didn’t. If Nick dropped she still would have lost and the math proved that. If she dropped he would have won. It’s all that that points to someone who doesn’t give a rip about Alaska.

        • And, she changed her tune on the vote no one second. Please try to keep up.
          The Peltola statement was just plain stupid, trying to be a “nice” person is a bad political move in a campaign.
          And, when the primary, the special election, and pretty much every number showed Palin winning if Begich dropped out, he didn’t.
          Finally, if the Begich voters voted Palin second, instead of blanking it or voting Peltola, Palin would already be the incumbent. Reminder… For those with short memories, NBIII came in 3rd in the special election. He was the first candidate removed.
          But, somehow, it is Sarah Palin’s fault we have Peltola for another two years? Just because she was not your first choice does not mean she is the spoiler. Might as well say Peltola should have dropped out, she spoiled it for everyone.

          • Actually, it was Washington DC for financially supporting her candidacy.
            They poured so much money into her that I looked into it.

            Also heard (from a retired woman with time on her hands) that Palin, like Trump, trusted ppl that were working for her. It’s said her war chest was mismanaged & squandered by her “campaign manager” before she caught on, took over & began to do it all herself at the end. Too late.
            To believe that she was such an egomaniac that she wouldn’t bother to even campaign?
            No. No one is that stupid.
            Except Biden & Fat Slingblade (PA)

  8. A big FAT thank you for all the people who think it just doesn’t matter whether you vote or not, It does FOOL!!! You Better start Praying Mike pulls this one off! Thanks Charlie. You could have given your support to Mike and sat this one out!!!!! And a huge thank you to you Nick and don’t let me forget you Self absorbed Sarah! You both could have gotten together and decided to be a unified party and support the person who has the best chance of winning for our state, the people of this state and our Country. READERS,,,,, DONT BOTHER TELLING ME THAT I DONT UNDERSTAND RANK CHOICE VOTING! I UNDERSTAND ITS B.S.!!!! There are too many ways for this R C V system to Go off in the ditch! THE PLANDEMIC IS OVER SO LETS GET BACK TO VOTING IN WHAT USED TO BE A NORMAL FASHION. ONE VOTE! ONE DAY! God help up all! Oh and could you people on this forum make an effort to be kinder to eachother? Words have power.

    • You are hilarious.
      You tell ppl to be kinder while you’re yelling at all kinds of ppl here.

      But, Yes, get rid of rank choice voting.
      And YES, VOTE ON THE DAY TO VOTE. No more of this month long voting season crap. Why don’t we just phone up the Dems & TELL them how many pre-filled ballots to print up?
      It is absolute BS that anyone needs weeks to vote. Or a 1,000 ppl village cannot make a phone call (like everyone used to) to turn in their count – the radio ads: “Because our rural villages count”. “Because our college kids count”. shut up. We know they count. & they can make a phone call after they count.
      more comments up top.

  9. This puts a nail in the coffin of Alaska as a red state. Time to accept reality. Half the people with Rs are bluer than the Democrats they ran against.

    This disaster has many authors, but let’s acknowledge this is primarily the result of the ego of two people whose names start with P.

    Palin never could be bothered to campaign. Her ego broke the already dysfunctional GOP.

    Porcaro took money from a known Democrat operative, possibly the sleaziest in Alaska. There is a historical precedent here. 30 pieces worth.

    He used both his private and public influence to push RVC on the public. Claimed repeatedly it would increase GOP chances not reduce them.

    Even if by some miracle Princess or Pelatoa lose, the damage is done.

  10. Kiss this state, and this country, goodbye.
    Apparently, the majority of the voters WANT more programmed decay, degeneration, destruction and national death. And they are going to get all of it, good and hard.

    • The only way Kelly T. was going to win was getting 50%+1 vote on the first round. We have six more years of Murkowski to deal with.

  11. Congrats to all of the Sarah haters.
    Despite your RINO pleadings – Sarah beat poser boy RINO Begich – again.
    RINO Boy should’ve done the right thing and dropped out of the race and let the true MAGA candidate run unopposed against Peltola.
    Hope your coffee is very bitter this morning and luke warm – this is on YOU!

    • MAGA candidates endorsed by Trump got slaughtered nationwide. Your Queen included.

      Exactly what did your Queen run on? Exactly? Besides it being her?

    • Palin quit on us once and she will do it again at least Nick campaigned and still lives in the State I highly doubt Palin does.

      • Better someone who quit on us once, and for good reasons, than the socialist, green new deal loving, destroy energy production, leftist we are going to get.

  12. Happy Days: Lisa will win on second choices, Peltola will win with a repeat of her last election, no Constitutional Convention, and many Trump candidates got trounced nationwide. Plus, Biden has his Veto pen filled with ink!

    • Yes, happy days for the deranged and evil death cultists, such as you.
      I hope that you and your radical leftist, pro-globalist ilk enjoy the destruction of freedom and of civilization that you have engendered, and continue to support and applaud.

      • The problem with leftists is their kindergarten level reasoning skills.
        Here is what is going to happen. The economy is going to stink, energy will cost more and more every day, China will position itself as the world leader, both economically and militarily. The education system will continue to decline, your rights to free speech and self protection will continue to dwindle.
        And, the leftists will continue to swear they are doing the right thing.
        It will not be until Whidbey and the rest of the children actually have to suffer the consequences of their toddler level decisions that they will actually wake up and realize that the leftists promises are hollow. Until then, they will continue to support damaging policies because “equity” or “diversity” or whatever. When Whidbey is no longer needed by the leftists he supports, he might find out the folly of his ways.
        Unfortunately, until then, we all have to suffer.

  13. Murkowski wins. It was what RCV was designed for.
    Peltola wins again because neither NB3 or SP continued to split the vote. The only possible outcome where Peltola does not go back to Congress is if everyone ranked the red. For SP to win, 100% of NB3’s 2nd choices MUST be for SP.
    Thanks RCV. We got a leftists delegation in DC.

    • > The only possible outcome where Peltola does not go back to Congress is if everyone ranked the red

      Hopefully everyone learned from the special election. But I doubt it.

    • You are so correct on this and what a SHAME! I’m in Maine …the first state to implement RCV …. and I warned this forum (earlier on when the topic was being discussed) of what it did to us. We lost our conservative U.S. Congressman in 2020 to the liberal Democrat that came in 2nd on the first ballot count. Why does anyone have to win by over 50% in order to win? The person with more votes than the other should always be the winner. It’s called “plurality” voting and it has worked from the beginning! RCV always allows for Democratic candidates to come out on top. I’m watching, intently, for Kelly to win but I see the RCV bullshit is going to do to you guys as it’s done to us over here in the Northeast corner. Man oh man…

  14. Looking thru the Div of Election numbers this morning, here’s what I dont like about RCVoting:
    1) Tshibaka is ahead, but Murkowski will likely get more 2nd place votes from D than Tshibaka gets from last place R.
    2) Senate P: Kawasaki is ahead by 383 votes, will Mather get enough of the 490 votes from 3rd place finisher to flip the seat to R?
    3) House Dist 11 and 15 may flip from D to R.?
    4) House Dist 18 may flip from R to D?
    5) Dist 32 Dibert, D, (2021 votes) could lose to LaBon, R, (1303) if Bart gets all of Nash’s 3rd place R votes (907).
    6) We have to wait till Nov 23 to find out.
    7) AK House and Senate will organize w/o knowing.
    Note: Overseas ballots still incoming.

  15. So Peltola and Murkowski will win.
    Thankfully, the two senators from Missouri have said the McConnell must go. Of course Trump will prop McConnell and McCarthy up in exchange for their support in 2024… because we all know Trump is about himself and not what is best for the country. DeSantis 2024!

  16. It looks like RCV could give us another Murkowski term despite her finishing behind Tshibaka and getting less than 50%+1 votes. That is the miracle of RCV, where a losing candidate wins. If we only take away one thing from this election, it is that RCV has to go.

    • Agree totally.
      However, if we cannot ditch RCV, we need to get rid of the jungle/open primary. There is no reason why two people from the same party should be running against each other.

    • Fill your Senate and Representative from the Alaska inbox with mail. Let them know that RCV must go and push Dunleavy to get a spine and sign it into Law plus tell Kendall to leave the State. Maybe hard for me do to the stupidity of Eagle River Voters to put back stabber Merrick back into the Senate seat she gave away last time.

    • Fill your Senate and Representative from the Alaska inbox with mail. Let them know that RCV must go and push Dunleavy to get a spine and sign it into Law plus tell Kendall to leave the State. Maybe hard for me do to the stupidity of Eagle River Voters to put back stabber Merrick back into the Senate seat she gave away last time.

  17. As it stands, Lisa is in the lead I presume. However it’s impossible to know which 25% hasn’t been counted. So hopefully that swings things. The House Seat is looking like Round 2 of the same. So we’ll see if that last 25% changes anything and/or whether Begich voters put Palin second.

    Republicans underperformed yesterday, no other way to look at it.

    • As much as I didn’t want to, I held my nose and put Palin 2nd but I guarantee that Palin voters didn’t put Nick 2nd.

      • Not so fast.
        Besides, Nick is 3rd out of 4, and since Bye basically got no votes, he might as well be 3rd out of 3.
        Palin voters second choice is meaningless. Either she wins in the ranking or Peltola does. Begich will be in the 2nd round of ranking, and that’s it.

  18. Looking at the Senate race, I see that Democrat Chesbro pulled in almost ten percent of the vote; assuming most of those votes slip in the second round of ranked-choice stupidity to Murkowski, well, there’s another six years of Princess Lisa.

      • Totally agree.
        If the Dems really wanted the seat, they would have ran someone with name recognition. There are plenty of Dems that would fit the bill, but where is feisty Alyse Galvin? Why didn’t Mark Begich run again? Walker or Gara could have run, but…. Al Gross was strangely absent.
        The plan was pretty obvious. Lisa was going to win because the dems recognized her leftists credentials.

  19. This just in…..An unknown number of ballots have been found floating on an Ice-pack in Bethel….The number of votes for Murkowski is unknown until they know how many she needs…..Strangely and unrelated the ballots appear to be written by one or two individuals….

  20. Great reporting job, Suzanne!
    Bill Walker is now released to the pasture forever, until he rejoins his pedophile soul brother Mallott.
    RCV MUST be repealed. But until it does we will end up with Murkowski again, thanks to
    the sacrificial Cheeseburger. But……Sara Palin will probably end up in DC with Sarah when NB3’s votes are directed to Sarah. Not my choices, but we have to work with them. If RCV was designed primarily to save Lisa Murkowski, then it did it’s job. Only the uninformed and ignorant electorate in Alaska is to be blamed. Without RCV, Lisa would be pleading with Frankie and Nancy for her pre-inheritance for a beach condo in Cabo.

    • How exactly?
      Of the republicans, she once again, got the most votes.
      So… if anything the person who got the least votes, for the second election in a row, should be blamed for putting a democrat into Congress.

  21. I am so ashamed of the west side today.
    Absolutely let down.
    These are their best candidates?

    Claman censors the citizenry under the color of law.
    Armstrong has barely been here for 3 years.
    How do either of these zealots represent me?

  22. No need to post this comment. Just wanted to point out minor error in last election article so you could edit. You had the same number of votes for the top two US senate candidates. Meat

    • And we are left to watch the train wreck as Alaska’s Independence is squashed by liberal ideology.
      Democrats Slugs have moved up the west coast leaving their slime and destruction behind them- now they are here to devour Alaska.

    • Sarah didn’t win squat! If she gets in, it’s because Republicans used her as an insurance package. She is literally hated by Democrats and despised by 50% of Alaska’s Republicans. Cheap insurance can be as simple as filling in a second oval.

  23. Nice job Republicans…

    Miss Mary, a Democrat, will win our only house seat with a minority of votes due to Republicans spitting their vote three ways,

    Remember when Al Gross dropped out for “personal reasons”? It’s because he was personally told to get out so the left could pump all the outside money into manufacturing the “fishing and hunting” Mary persona. Great, she pro fishing. Wow. But she will vote with the side that wants wide open borders, that rewards those who refuse to take care of themselves, forcibly end all fossil fuels, and tax anyone silly enough to have a job into the Stone Age.

    • Depending on how many Republicans ranked the red this time, Sarah Palin will probably beat Peltola by the last round counting. Peltola does not have over 50%. Palin can catch her with NB3’s left-overs.

  24. I’m glad we dodged the Walker/Gara bullet, but will forever hold Dunleavy accountable for never endorsing or supporting Kelly Tshibaka. They were both Trump endorsed. Another example of how spineless Dunleavy is.

    • Incorrect. He invited her up here, watched her botch move costs, was in the cat bird seat for a few of her other choices and was likely in the perfect position to have made an objective decision.

      Just because he didn’t do what you thought he should doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a spine. The opposite can easily be the case.

  25. .
    100,000 morons just put all Alaskans at the bottom of the House.
    Why? So ,none of you that voted for her know how things work in government?

  26. The election post mortem should include this:
    Scott Kendall was not a winner with his RCV. Not yet anyway. Bill Walker has no remedies. He’s gone, without RCV assistance. Lisa Murkowski is probably in for six more years. Sara Palin will likely go to DC by the skin of her teeth, thanks to RCV. And Scott Kendall’s brother in law, Grier Hopkins, is not going back to Juneau as a member of the state house.
    Now, let’s get rid of RCV.

  27. As Alaskans are drinking hot dog water soup cause that’s all they can afford anything else. At least they will be able to say, hey we saved abortion uh I mean reproductive rights for women. Hey were these all beef hotdogs?? I can taste the difference in the soup..

  28. Well the good news is dumbar is off the assembly. The bad news is he is going to be in the state senate. Where the heck was the huge red wave. Something stinks as usual.

    • Give the Leftist Assembly time they will bypass the Special Election Requirement and appoint one of their buddies to fill out the rest of his term just like they did with the Mayor’s Office

  29. Can’t wait till they try and take our guns in this once great state, that’s when the real “red wave” will come

  30. And by the way, Palin just did for the Alaskan GOP what Cheney will do for the National GOP in 2024. Gotta love ’em both.

  31. Thank you, Suzanne, for all of your hard work in this 2022 election year. I wish I had the kind of money to contribute to you that you so richly deserve. If I ever get even again, you will be the first beneficiary.

  32. My only question?? When can/will we get rid of RCV..How much longer will we suffer from the lies that produced such a vote?..remember we saw “black money from outside” that misguided the majority..we didn’t read any further to uncover the lies behind the print.

    • Fill your Senate and Representative from the Alaska inbox with mail. Let them know that RCV must go and push Dunleavy to get a spine and sign it into Law plus tell Kendall to leave the State. Maybe hard for me do to the stupidity of Eagle River Voters to put back stabber Merrick back into the Senate seat she gave away last time.

  33. I have a question: Will Buzz Kelley votes go to Kelly Tshibaka if they ranked her second on the ballots cast for him?

  34. Fill your Senate and Representative from the Alaska inbox with mail. Let them know that RCV must go and push Dunleavy to get a spine and sign it into Law plus tell Kendall to leave the State. Maybe hard for me do to the stupidity of Eagle River Voters to put back stabber Merrick back into the Senate seat she gave away last time.

  35. Alaska will get red flag laws sooner than you all think. This is what makes democrats good at this game. They don’t talk about this in states like Alaska well not in public. But behind closed doors, they are talking about it. Once they get the right mix ie rinos from the Kenai, Anchorage etc. They will introduce it, the kicker it will be tied in with a full pfd pay out. We will really see how many conservatives we have in this state…

  36. I voted.
    I threw my ballot into the tabulator myself, and all my votes were instantly tabulated.
    Along with everyone else.
    Yos cannot tell me it takes days to process the ranked choice results.
    It takes milliseconds. And not many of those.
    We are lied to, and we have no representation.


    ~ Get rid of rank choice voting.
    ~ And YES, VOTE ON THE DAY TO VOTE. No more of this month long voting season crap. Why don’t we just phone up the Dems & TELL them how many pre-filled ballots to print up?
    ~ And USE A BLUE INK PEN. (Take it in your pocket to avoid a fight.) There’s no law saying we HAVE to use their pen!! They have machines now that can stamp out an imperfect oval just like we’d mark it, but the blue will show up on an audit, and ink pens (used to use them until now) can make an impression / dent in the paper.
    How about PAPER BALLOTS?
    And if you don’t want to research everyone & everything?
    I thought a Constitutional Convention was bad, until an 80 yr old lady explained it to me, then said, “Look who’s pushing the NO vote – she was right – all those ads sponsored from DC. wtf?

    Same with “Alaska wouldn’t be Alaska without guns” Peltola. Read between the lines & look for who paid for the ads.NO, she means li ke Canada – ONLY RIFLES FOR HUNTING. They’ll get rid of handguns in a minute.

    Then she campaigned with Murkowski? Who is NOT GOP, who voted FOR THE ILLEGAL RED FLAG LAWS. Who voted with Obama 73% of the time, who condemned Trump when he first announced he was running? That in itself made me suspicious of her – to hate him for nothing yet? That was when I began to research her. Voted to impeach – don’t you have to commit a crime or DO something to be impeached? She was with the Dems & hateful – did you hear her? “Sustainable energy” — windmills have a lifespan of about 10 years and are not re-cyclable. They cut them up & bury them in the land. And do a search for Solar panel graveyards. They dump them in the desert. Takes WAAAAY more Earth’s resources to make them than is saved by them. (Startpage is honest so far – Duck Duck Go has been compromised) So she’s on the “Vote for me” Giant postcards with Peltola. PAY ATTENTION, PPL!! & as always, follow the money.
    Down here in SE AK, we have democrat Dan Ortiz, who votes to take our dividends, hangs with the Dems & lists himself as Independent. Pay attention for now on, as a LOT of Dems are attempting to re-brand themselves as Independents, like Murkowski calls herself Republican. NO – they SAY that to get votes.
    We need to REQUIRE they list on all of their campaign ads what party they belong to, and maybe a link to their voting record to SEE the truth. “Transparency” is the biggest lie / buzzword we have heard in YEARS – & especially in politics.
    It should be required by law with penalties & fines when caught lying.
    Project Veritas & True the Vote can’t be everywhere!

  38. RCV is bad enough, but when combined with jungle primaries. Welcome to California one party rule by the Left. I warned about this when Prop2 came up. I saw this before in,the Fools Gold state!!

  39. Just a question for Suzanne or whomever. Kelly is ahead of Lisa in the initial count. Would she be declared the winner if Ranked Choice Voting were not used? Please forgive me if this has been addressed in a previous comment.

    • FalconEddie: In the old system, only one Republican would proceed to the general election ballot, and so this would have been sorted out in the primary election. But Ballot Measure 2 instituted a jungle primary, and thus you have two Republicans in the general election who represent the opposite ends of the Republican Party, and thus a lot of voters not ranking the other Republican second.

      Remember that on the jungle primary ballot there were 19 candidates and several of them were Republicans, which split the vote. Murkowski got 45% and Tshibaka got 39%.

      In the general election, there are three Republicans on the ballot and one Democrat. Many Republicans who support Murkowski will never rank Kelly Tshibaka second because they don’t like her religion and don’t agree with her on abortion. Many Tshibaka voters won’t rank Murkowski second because of a long list of failings as a senator. But Pat Chesbro voters are pro-abortion voters who will rank Murkowski second, delivering her a win.

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