Gov. Kemp wins GOP primary in Georgia, despite Sarah Palin, Donald Trump endorsement of former Sen. Perdue


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp easily won his primary challenge from former U.S. Sen. David Perdue. The race was watched nationally, with former President Donald Trump endorsing Perdue, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin traveling to Georgia last week to try to close the gap between the two frontrunner Republican candidates.

Kemp leads Perdue by more than 200,000 votes at last count, with Kemp winning 73.6 percent of the Republican vote — 859,985 votes — to Perdue’s 21.9 percent, or 256,237 votes.

Former Vice President Mike Pence had endorsed Kemp in the race that has been seen as a bellwether for Trump’s influence in other races this year. Trump has endorsed Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska, who is running against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Both are Republicans, and Murkowski has the endorsement, money, and support of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Trump has also endorsed Palin in her race to fill Alaska’s lone congressional seat.

Kemp will continue on to the general election, where he will face radical leftist, Black Lives Matter activist Stacey Abrams, who is running as a Democrat. After narrowing losing the race for Georgia governor in 2018 to Kemp, Abrams ran unopposed this time in the Democrat primary and got just 678,303 votes, while the five Republican candidates in the race had a combined total of more than 1,179,543 votes.


  1. Kemp is a RINO. This is the only big upset with Trump’s endorsements. The rest of them have done well. Sarah Huckabee Sanders just won the primary for Arkansas governor in a landslide, with Trump’s endorsement. The media will focus on the one endorsement that didn’t do well.

    • Kemp may be the Second Coming of Thomas E. Dewey, but he’s going to beat Stacey Abrams like a bell, which is all that matters.

      • You are grossly uninformed. Kemp works for Stacy Abrams as he and his Secretary of State signed a decent decree in order to allow Stacy to stuff the mail-in ballot boxes with fake ballots. There was no signature verification done in Georgia for the 2020 election. Kemp and his SOS are complete sellouts to the left. Georgia voters need to build a case against their corrupt Governor and sue the State of Georgia for allowing voter fraud.

    • Most of Trump’s endorsements ran unopposed, the Republican party is ready to move on from Trump. Trump will cost the Republicans the Senate again with his narccissism and pettiness.

      • Frank – as you well know as a partisan Democrat, the Dems are absolutely terrified of a Trump return to the White House. As are a significant number of Rhinos in Congress.

    • Ceak, it’s not just Purdue, don’t forget the media is also focusing on Janice McGeachin (Idaho), Sean Parnell (Pennsylvania–had to withdraw), Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania–and still pending in a very tight and likely fraud-filled election), Madison Cawthorne (North Carolina), Morgan Ortagus (Tennessee–the legislature had the gall to have her removed from the ballot! So much for The People), John Gordon (Georgia Attorney General race), Jody Hice (Georgia Secretary of State race), …

    • This was no upset. They stole the election again in Georgia. Kemp was only up by 2% at 52 prior to election day and on election day he jumped to 72%. They knew he would get the Democrats out voting for him because Georgia has an open primary that allows members of both parties to vote for who they want in either party. Since Kemp works for Stacy Abrams, they showed up for Kemp. That being said, 72% is an impossible number and I’m sure there will be more coming out on this soon. Kemp and Rothlesburger are sellouts to the left and are betraying the trust of Georgians while allowing voter fraud to reign in Georgia.

  2. The problem was…….Abrams could have possibly beaten Perdue in the general election. And Georgians knew this. That’s why they went with Kemp……who will soundly beat Abrams.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kemp won with the help of his friends at Dominion.

    Kemp was responsible for that contract being awarded.

    Alaska must get rid of all electronic voting systems and go back to live in person voting only with paper ballots and no electronic tabulators.

    When you give up control of elections to a third party running electronic voting systems you are permitting elections to be stolen by outside interests with little to no visibility or risk of being caught. This rings especially true for systems running proprietary code, or that permit ranked choice voting where you can weight votes.

    Suzanne are youtube links permitted in comments or are comments that include them filtered out?

  4. Palin went down there as a favor to Trump and to collect on some Perdue chicken money for the fall campaign. Everyone knew that Kemp was Winning that race, including Perdue. That trip was strictly business.

    Palin got some financing and the DeSantis people in Tallahassee, as well as the lion’s share of the Republican Party of Florida, are doing just fine this morning. Trump? Not so much.

  5. Maybe perdue and his team didn’t get out of their social bubble, so georgia republicans overwhelmingly voted for incumbent.

    • 256,000 to 800,000. Pretty bad loss. Looks like only his interest groups and tight friends circle voted for him. Cliques are bad for anyone-demi or repubby.

  6. All you Rinos must be rubbing your Legs together like a Fly! Thankfully Baby Bush lost His race in Texas, maybe an end to this Rino Dynasty

  7. Why would anyone be surprised about this outcome? While there were some superficial changes to voting law in Georgia, Dominion Voting Systems are still in place! Stacey Abrams & Brian Kemp were always going to be the nominees.

  8. Please stop calling Murkowski a “Republican.” She was expelled from the Republican Party.

  9. Georgia voters know Trump is a Liar and he and his supporters are followers of the lie that the vote was rigged. Wake up Republicans! You blind fools. Trump lost and he lost BIG! He is a pathological liar and only cares about himself.


  10. I was under the impression that Mike Pence supported Purdue and Trump supported Kemp and that was why there seemed to be a rift between Pence and Trump. So now I’m unclear with conflicting stories of whom endorsed whom.
    On another note I’m curious why, besides money in advertising, why Suzanne is running support Lisa Markkowski for Senate ads. I thought she came out for someone else. If it was me I wouldn’t take her money for anything.

    • I’m sure if you can pay her what Princess Lisa pays, she’ll pull Princess’s ads down and run yours.

      Statements of absolutism are easy when you never have to actually fulfill them.

    • Julie, THIS is the free market at work! If Lisa wants to spend her dollars with a publication like MRAK, it keeps the lights on. Suzanne is not making a value statement with any of the ads she runs and if memory serves she has not endorsed anyone. BTW I am assuming your check for her is in the mail…….

  11. Ballotpedia shows Trump’s 2022 primary endorsements at 93-7 thus far. His Senate and House endorsements are winning overwhelmingly. His gubernatorial endorsements are 3-3 thus far with 10 to go. So yeah, Georgia governor’s race was a loss. Oh, well. Can’t win ’em all……..yet……….

  12. Maybe she needs the money so you Julie can read her articles. I enjoy reading them Some of the comments are pretty amusing

  13. Trump’s endorsement of Perdue does not influence Democrats and other left wing, socialist rabble from voting in an open primary for the man who assisted in setting aside a national election. The Dems owe Kemp a big payback for his antics to install the babbling, cognitively deteoriating mannequin that was placed in the White House.
    Alaska is following Georgia down the drain by going to open primaries and mail in voting. We will never have an integral election again. We will have office holders worse than Dunleavy, Young, Sullivan and Murkowski from here forward.
    The difference between Rinos like Kemp and a Democrat are negligible. The consequences are a destroyed economy in less than 2 years, purged military, social deterioration, open borders, hyperinflation and lawlessness.

  14. I find it interesting that Sarah Palin has time to stump for candidates in Georgia, but can not be bothered to show up to face the voters up here, where she is supposedly running for congress. I never thought she was very serious about her run and is using it to get her name back in the news and screw with Alaskans one more time.

  15. The facts will make you free!
    The Alaska Division of Election issued every voter a mail-in paper ballot for the Special Congressional Primary Election. Every voter gets to cast a vote for one for the 48 candidates. Four candidates with the most votes will be on the Special Congressional General Election paper ballot available at the Primary Election Polls on August 16. Early voting and Absentee By-Mail Voting will be available for BOTH the Special General Election and the Primary Election on August 16.
    Only the Anchorage Municipality uses By-Mail Ballots with Drop Boxes in its elections. And Dave Bronson won that 2022 mayoral election.

  16. I have given 200 in support and I will again but asking if my check was in the mail was very snippy. Still no answer to the endorsement thing by Trump I swear he supported kemp! Yay or nay???

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