Gov. Dunleavy to Hanoi Jane: You’re ‘hell-bent’ in the wrong direction on Tongass


Gov. Mike Dunleavy took to social media this week to take on the notorious grande dame of the Hollywood elite: Jane Fonda, who was published in USA Today defending the Roadless Rule for the Tongass National Forest.

Dunleavy wrote: Jane Fonda you fail to mention how the ill-advised Roadless Rule for the Tongass has killed thousands of jobs and prevents use of the forest by many people, not just logging. It seems you are just another special interest outsider hell-bent on turning Alaska into a national park.”

Dunleavy came to Alaska and worked in at the Gildersleeve logging camp in Southeast Alaska in 1983, before becoming a school teacher in the Arctic.

Fonda, whose birth name is Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda, grew up in a Hollywood dynasty entertainment family, studied art in Paris, and was a model in New York before starting her career as a starlet in films, notably Barbarella, but also such films as Coming Home, a Vietnam veteran themed film.

She became known as Hanoi Jane by members of the military and other patriots after she travelled to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War in 1972 and consorting with the Viet Cong, while denouncing U.S. foreign policy. Veterans have not forgiven her for what many saw as treasonous activities.

Now, the actress has returned to her activist roots, taking her inspiration from the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg of Sweden. She’s been traveling to Washington, D.C. each week to protest climate change and to get arrested. It has become her cause du jour.

The governor doubled down on his message on Twitter: “If @JaneFonda is truly concerned about global issues, she needs to understand that #Alaska and #America do resource development and timber more responsibly than any other place in the world. The demand for timber is not going away.”


  1. Hanoi Jane. The epitome of Hollywood hypocrites. I remember her exercise tapes of the 70s where she touted good exercise is all you need to stay healthy & young.
    Several plastic surgeries she is still trying desperately to be relevant.
    ‘Im somebody, look at me!
    Thanks for the laugh, Suzanne!
    Happy 2020!

  2. She should have been charged with treason in 1972. Go away Jane. Nobody gives a shyte about your communist opinions.

  3. There may have been a time when the Fonda wench was popular. At least before her D-list film, “Barbarella”, climbed out of the Hollywood sewer. I’ll never forget that picture of her astraddle the anti-aircraft cannon in Hanoi. Cheering about our guys being shot down. Her anti-American rhetoric and action will always have a front row seat in my mind’s eye when I think of her or those Vietnam days. Can’t really say I hate her. I don’t know her. I do despise her words and actions to this day. Different day, different reason. Now, she’s trying to mess with my home.

  4. Wonder if she feels flying to the East Coast every week is causing pollution. Oops, no that would make her a hypocrite.

  5. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, I am appalled that she could say anything g about any issue. She is a traitor to this country and all of the men and women who have served honorably in our military, not forgetting those thousands that gave their lives for this country as their families still love and miss their loved ones. Hanoi Jane, just go back to your riches and stay away from Alaska and true American patriots.

  6. There is not one place in “The Constitution of the United States” where any power is given our federal government to create national forests, national wildlife refuges, national parks etc.. etc. Therefore every State is to be a “Foreign State and Foreign Nation to every other State and to The United States except for the powers given in The Constitution of the United States” according to any (Common) Law Dictionary. That is what was argued in Oregon and Nevada just awhile back by that cattle rancher. The Bureau of Land Management was created to steal private land in every state. Read the definition of BLM and “The Grazing Act” and the “General Land Office” in Black’s (Common) Law Dictionary. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  7. Jane Fonda is a washed-up Hollywood actor involved with Democrat traitors and RINOs. Remember how she disowned, degraded, and disrespected men and women and veterans of the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War? We will ever forget Hanoi Jane. God bless the USA.

  8. Nothing more pathetically funny than has-beens seeking attention. Why do we care what current or former entertainers, which includes athletes, think about domestic or foreign policy issues? Kwazy.

  9. A traitor to her country. Caused certain deaths to American soldiers in her eagerness to please North Vietnamese propagandists. She can take her worn-out a$$ and move overseas with her millions. But keep her out of our beautiful Alaska.

  10. She’s a traitor, Hanoi Jane. She never went to jail for cooperating with the North Vietnamese Viet Cong. She was privileged because of Daddy and Hollywood. Many US Military suffered because of her. She can go straight to hell, but even the Devil finds her offensive.

  11. I wonder how many of these Hollywood Elites have big giant lawns that use a lot of water and polluting lawn mowers. Before you laugh, using a weed whacker 8 hours a day for 5 days equals the amount of pollutants put off buy the average car driving across the USA. Mowing lawns in the USA uses 800 million gallons of gas per year in the US. Figure in water, chemical fertilisers and polluting exhausts and it is more detrimental to the enviroment then the cows the greenies want to do away with. The seventeen million gallons of gasoline we spill just filling up our tanks of gas each year, this amount is more than the amount of oil that was spilled by the Exxon Valdez. By the way does she travel to these demonstrations by electric car?

  12. On her headstone:
    Here lies Hanoi Jane.
    Found that her own country,
    Should be fully to blame.
    Rich, glamorous and full of Fame,
    But in the end,
    Departed full of Shame.

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