Gov. Dunleavy adds millions to deal with COVID-19 virus


Gov. Mike Dunleavy has requested the Legislature appropriate $4 million in State funding, which would release receipt authority for $9 million in additional federal funding to deal with the expected eventual arrival in the state of the coronavirus called COVID-19.

In a press conference Monday morning, he said the money would be used to hire 10 temporary full-time positions, including five new public health nurses, three nurse epidemiologists, a microbiologist and an emergency manager to help with the Emergency Operations Center, should it need to be activated.

Alaska is better prepared to respond to the virus than just about any other state, he said, because officials here have been responding to the threat since the first plane landed from Wuhan, China, with nearly 200 people on board.

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  1. I’m not sure how the state is “better prepared to respond to the virus,” especially compared to states that are now learning how to deal with it, but I’m not encouraged. Where is he going to find qualified personnel, i.e. people who know what they are doing, in the specialized field of epidemiology, on a temporary basis? Most of them are going to be employed elsewhere.
    If Dunleavy thinks he can talk his way out of this, he’s likely to be mistaken. ‘Course, if you just want to take someone off the street and give them a job, well, who knows. After all, we Alaskans don’t care how they do it Outside. Could work. Or we could get lucky.

  2. I have high hopes for this virus. In my dreams it takes a wildly successful rip through that layer of able bodied Alaskans dependent upon handouts and special interest funding. As my fantasy ramps up the as yet non-existent vaccine is denied anyone that’s been stealin’, shootin’ or selling drugs. Let’s toss rapists in the pile too as long as they’re not from a population where such behavior is a marginalized yet culturally accepted norm… as might be the case with wharf rats, fish, and similar non-domesticated species.

  3. Well the virus will be here by the end of the month because spring break starts Friday and families will be flying out of state and being exposed. Airlines are doing nothing to release the anxiety of passengers who have travel plans. If you don’t go, you lose. They are only waiving change and cancel fee on newly purchased tickets. So many families will be traveling next week.

  4. “Covid, Inc offers cables, connectors, custom wall plates and active devices for the A/V industry. Shop our products online.”
    I suppose they’re suffering a similar sales drop as Corona Beer has?
    Some people just don’t have the ability to think matters through to a logical conclusion.

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