GOP to pursue write-in campaign against LeDoux


Although Gabrielle LeDoux may have won her re-election, she may face a write-in campaign in the November General Election.

Tuckerman Babcock, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, said that the write-in could be for either LeDoux’s primary challenger, Aaron Weaver — or if Weaver chooses otherwise, another candidate, such as Jake Sloan, who had run for the office briefly but withdrew.

Babcock will be meeting with Weaver and District 15 Republican officials tomorrow to discuss the next steps.

LeDoux’s election is under a cloud of suspicion as some of the ballots voted in her district have been sent to the criminal division of the Department of Law for investigation of possible fraud.

LeDoux, the incumbent for House District 15, now leads by 113 votes, with 26 votes being considered suspect due to residency or other legitimacy issues.

“The Alaska Republican Party does not acknowledge Gabrielle LeDoux as a Republican candidate,” Babcock said.

Rep. Paul Seaton, Gabrielle LeDoux, and Louise Stutes listen as a Republican Party official explains why they are being sanctioned and targeted for removal by the Alaska Republican Party, during a state central committee meeting last year.

Last year, the Alaska Republican Party voted to remove all support from LeDoux and to actively seek her removal. The party asked her to change her registration from Republican to something else, because the party believed she was a turncoat.

LeDoux issued a statement to the Anchorage Daily News that defended her efforts to bring in the votes for her candidacy in District 15, and denied doing anything illegal.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski successfully ran a write-in campaign against Joe Miller in 2010, and in Juneau, Sally Rue won as a write in candidate for the Juneau Board of Education in 1992.


KTVA crews went to some of the addresses where votes were sent from in Muldoon, and found plenty of irregularities, including addresses that simply do not exist.

Read the KTVA report here.

If LeDoux is found to have participated in voter fraud, she could be disbarred from the Alaska Bar Association and also face legal penalties.


  1. LeDoux should stand alone to answer for ALL irregularities in this Primary, including any actions performed by Mr. Change on her behalf. Ms. LeDoux is by no means separated from the very person she hired to get her the votes she desired.

    And is it not just precious that Ms. LeDoux denigrates the very people that supposedly were part of a group of individuals that ‘supported’ her as being ignorant of the English language when questioned further about the process of said support, within regards to how certain individuals voted?

  2. LeDoux is very good at using weasel words. She said, “I will state categorically that I certainly was not filling out ballots for people and I have no belief that any of my campaign workers were filling out ballots for people,” LeDoux said. RIGHT. It was committed by California Democrats she hired. And notice in that statement she made she VERY CAREFULLY avoided mentioning her paid Democrat vote manipulators from California.

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