Gold rush begins for on-site pot consumption permits


Here come the smoking lounges. Alaska marijuana retailers can apply on April 11 for permits allowing on-site consumption of cannabis products.

The regulations pertaining to such permits were adopted by the Marijuana Control Board last year, allowing customers to smoke on the premises of establishments with the on-site consumption permits, which will require security and ventilation of designated smoking areas.

Those applying this week may be able to pass their reviews by July and begin offering the added feature to their cannabis stores during the coming tourist season.

Local governments still have oversight. The Fairbanks City Council has been debating permitting on-site consumption. If approved, Fairbanks would be the first city in Alaska to do so.  But the council may now consider asking voters to make the decision. The state regulations allow local governments to either prohibit on-site use, or to limit consumption to vaporizing, rather than smoking, for instance.

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer signed the regulations into law last month, making Alaska the first state to issue permits for on-site consumption.


  1. What’s next?
    … Hooka Tents at all State and Muni Buildings, complete w/ Tweekie & Ding-Dong Bars.
    … An ‘accredited’ program of study at UAA, teaching bright minds of the significant benefits of smoking dope?
    … Subsidized supply of dope to the Homeless?

    In 20 years, we’ll all look back on this terrible experiment, wishing that it never was never allowed!

  2. I do not want to be able to smell odor coming from such facilities like I can at the grow OP at 1st & Post. Have reported them nothings changed in a year.

  3. Pot tourism in Alaska. Loaded visitors driving around in their RV’s and rental cars, looking for the Northern Lights in June, July, and August.

  4. I have a problem with this.The current State position is “drive high=DUI”.
    I have a AK MMJ card 7 years now. If I “smoke”I do not drive for 4 hours if at all that day. How are the troopers going to determine who is OK to be driving. Zero tolerance is not going to work for people leaving these places. Somehow they must see who can handle there pot and who can not. The amount of pot 1 person takes to equal a couple of beers is totally different and subjective. Eating pot is a whole different thing and will make you drowsy /dizzy with a unknown time between when you take it and when or how hard it affects you.I could smoke 3 joints and pass a 1980’s DUI test.Driving while smoking pot is like a open container law.It does not mean you are DUI.
    I am not sure where we are going with this or how to enforce current DUI laws.

  5. Good comments above.

    How does this make our community better? It doesn’t. Rather, it only propagates “Brain Damage Affecting Self-Control and Planning” (as per Society for Neuroscience – 2018) as well as “Abstinence from cannabis improves memory in young adults” (as per Journal of Clinical Psychiatry – 2018).

    Many other respectable articles of study on the side effects and consequences claim: … Neglect of responsibilities affecting judgement and decision making … Respiratory & Lung Damage … Desensitization (ie – chronic exposure ultimately impairs the ability to imbue ‘value’ or ‘importance’ to experiences that truly warrant it) … An increase in use by adolescents and a decrease in graduation rates … Cannabis is contributing cause to addiction as well as serves as a ‘gateway’ drug to more potent and hard drug use … Children confuse – mistake what are edibles that cause them to overdose and seek treatment at Hospital.

    As for the many(?) benefits(?) of Pot Tourism, I’m sure there’s a large crowd coming to AK with pockets full of money to experience the hunting, fishing, camping, and adventure exploring with a fresh Doobie!

    The one positive aspect of this cannabis is that it does appear to help Parkinson’s patients. In this case, maybe its warranted, under Doctor supervision.

    Given the above comments, the greatest detriment, in my opinion, is that when these self righteous stoners light-up, anyone and everyone around them are subject to the contact high … including mans best friend.

    • Well Burt,
      By your logic Alaskans should also sue the bar or “six pack shop” that provides Alcohol to DUI drivers as well…
      Let’s not forget the gun stores and distributors who place the guns in the hands of those who commit violence and crimes against Alaskans…
      Hopefully Cannabis shops will be responsible and promote designated drivers as well as calling a cab for those who have consumed too much THC to safely drive home.
      “The state regulations allow local governments to either prohibit on-site use, or to limit consumption to vaporizing, rather than smoking, for instance.”
      I am thinking that a lot of onsite “consumption” will be in the form of edibles like “Pot Brownie and Latte”.
      “The North America legal cannabis market reached $12 billion in 2018, growing by 30 percent on the year. The largest market was the United States, which totaled $10.4 billion.”

  6. Another great example or Mr pendulum never stopping in the middle. Jail time for pot never made sense to me but neither making it abundant as donuts. Criminalization and commercialization are both suboptimal. Decriminalizing without a for profit sector makes the most sense to me.

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