Going south: Washington’s Gov. Inslee signs law mandating LGBTQ history lessons in public schools


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed into law a bill requiring LGBTQ education in the state’s public schools.

Senate Bill 5462 requires Washington schools to incorporate Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer history and perspectives into their curriculum. The bill was introduced in January of 2023 by Sen. Marko Liias, an Edmonds Democrat, under the banner of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Under the new law, the Washington State School Directors’ Association is mandated to review and update a model policy by June 1, 2025. By Sept. 1, 2025, the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction is required to produce and distribute a schedule for the revision of state learning standards, ensuring the integration of LGBTQ history into the educational framework.

“The model policy and procedure must require that school district boards of directors, within available materials, adopt inclusive curricula and select diverse, equitable, inclusive, age-appropriate instructional materials that include the histories, contributions, and perspectives of historically marginalized and underrepresented groups including, but not limited to, people from various racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, people with differing learning needs, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people as the term is defined in RCW 43.114.010, and people with various socioeconomic and immigration backgrounds,” the bill states.

Advocates of the bill argue that it will promote understanding, empathy, and acceptance among students, fostering a more inclusive school environment.

Critics say it is advanced grooming that is being infused into school curricula, in defiance of parents and families’ religious beliefs.

The new law is sure to have repercussions. Already, Washington parents are moving children to private schools. Stanford University economist Thomas Dee found that the number of Washington students enrolled in private school increased 26% between the 2019-20 and the 2022-23 school years.


  1. What if there aren’t any LGBT whatevers in history to study? Did we know people’s proclivities back then to even talk about them?

    • Sammy–LGBTQ+ people have been part of American society since before the Mayflower arrived. There are lots of historical records, e.g. letters, photographs, court documents, missionary and church records, and diaries dating way back in American history. More recent history of LGBTQ+ communities begin in the late 1890s, and continued to expand throughout the 20th century. Since the 1940s, there have been many waves of LGBTQ+ activism that has been thoroughly documented in film, photography, mainstream newspapers and underground papers, websites, oral histories, etc. etc. So there is lots of history for Washington students to learn about.

      • Then just teach history. No need to focus on the bedroom activities of anyone. That’s superfluous.

        • That would be too obvious. It may be that SA wants to argue that the contributions that were made by these folks only occurred BECAUSE the folks were LGBTQ+. Or that the really important part was that the folks were LGBTQ+ (that seems a bit odd, but whatever…). Or something like that. The demands for recognition are insatiable and it is quite possible to make everything, everywhere, and always about LGBTQ+. That is going to cure cancer and eliminate poverty.

          • JMARK, it’s really weird that these folks feel the need to force feed their agenda upon the rest of humanity. If their agenda is so cool and uplifting you would think that folks would be thronging around them just to join. Costco never advertises and yet somehow I cannot find a place to park when I go to their store. Something about the world beating a path to your door that is missing with this bunch.

  2. Moved out of Washington State 18 years ago to our piece of Heaven on the Kenai Peninsula…best move we could have ever made. And most of our family is following suit.

  3. The left’s attempt to sexually abuse kids is infuriating. Almost as infuriating as Americans standing by and letting it happen!

  4. Washington has been swirling the toilet for quite a while now, not surprised. Lets just hope the mentally ill making these decisions and those voting for it stay there and not come here and spread their diseased thinking.

  5. Had enough of the rainbow mafia yet?

    This is about their power and our compliance- far from tolerance or love they speak of.

  6. Talk about a frigging VIRUS!!! Another poster said it. Boycott Washington schools for putting children in danger. The entire LGBTQ needs to be labeled a mentally unstable group. Period!

  7. Alrighty then! Start with Sodom and Gomorrah and don’t forget the written history of the tribe of Benjamin and other nations that were destroyed because of their perversion. The Nazis and Muslims also had and still have a way to handle these people, so their history needs to be explained in detail too so that the kiddos know what they are setting themselves up for if they lower themselves to this debauchery.

    • “The Nazis and Muslims also had and still have a way to handle these people, …”
      The Nazis and muslims were, and still are, massive practitioners of homosexual sex. However, they pretend it is OK for whatever reasons. They distort reality (much like the current LGBTQWERTY+ crowd) to justify their perversion and pretend they are not hypocrites.

  8. The residents keep voting for these lunatics they get what’s coming to them. It’s incredible how far our great nation has fallen in such a short time period.

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