Go home, Randy, you’re drunk


(Editor’s Note: Randy Mann sent Must Read Alaska a note saying he understands what he did was wrong and he has since deleted his comment from Facebook.)

People on social media forget their manners. And some forget that it’s actually a crime to threaten public officials with harm, and that drunkenness would not be a defense.

Randy Mann, whereabouts unknown, is not the first to use Facebook to threaten a governor in Alaska (we delete “tar and feather” comments as we find them on the MRAK comments), but he’s one of the latest, and he’ll very likely get a visit or at least a phone call from a State Troopers who will ask him, “Do you intend to behead the governor or are you just an idiot?”

Randy’s comment came in response to a story at MidnightSunAK, a left-leaning blog that wrote about how unpopular Gov. Michael Dunleavy’s budget is. Randy wanted, it appears, to up the ante and describe just how he really feels.

If it’s a cry for help, be sure to answer the phone, because help could be on the way. And it’s kind of an either/or question, Mr. Mann: Felon or idiot? Be sure to give Trooper Bob the right answer. You don’t want to mess with Trooper Bob.

(Editor’s note: Nikiski and Fairbanks Randy Manns, chill: We’re not talking about you.)


  1. I often wonder why we hear of Representative Lonny Leftist or Ex-Senator Shauana Socialist being threatened, and someone being investigated, charged and serving time. Yet, Governor Rhonda Rightest or Congressman Charles Conservative get threatened weekly, and I never hear of an investigation, let alone an arrest.

    Well, I don’t REALLY wonder. We all know why; 98% of the media will do all they can to show the left as victims and say nothing about the right.

  2. Our cops & troopers have REAL work to do, and are not going to go knock on someone’s door over a statement made on social media that obviously isn’t going to ever happen! How ridiculous! WHO has been arrested and served time for simply SAYING things about … anyone?? If that were true, we all know one public official that threatens & encourages violence to private citizens all the time! Yes, I mean tRump! He certainly isn’t arrested Neither is anyone else. People, quite rightly, do not take hollow words as threatening. Such exaggeration! Just like the previous comment, above – in the social realm there are no ‘always’ or ‘forevers’ – humans are too subjective to be held to those absolutes! Someone needs to put the hyperbole back in the freezer – it’s melllltttiiinnnggg, it’s melting!

    • “WHO has been arrested and served time for simply SAYING things about …”. Last I checked, Schaeffer Cox was sentenced to 26 years for just that.

    • Humans are too subjective to be held to those absolutes. . . rule of law applies to all, sorry to confront relative truth with an absolute truth.

    • This is talking about doing bodily harm to someone. In this instance beheading. Think again Terry. Quite the opposite. Go ahead, try it! See what happens.

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