Gimarc: Sen. Murkowski shares Anchorage hallway with Alaskans for Lisa and Ballot Measure 2 author Scott Kendall. There’s nothing fishy about that?



Alaskans for LISA is pro-Lisa Murkowski Super PAC currently running ads attacking Kelly Tshibaka for wanting to shut down by-mail birth control pills, something Tshibaka vehemently denies.  

The only thing in question regarding birth control is distribution of morning-after pills by mail and without prescription. Essentially, those drugs induce a miscarriage, complete with blood and passage of the fetus. Miscarriages typically lead to a hospital visit. Proponents of artificial ones aren’t mentioning this little fact. Perhaps they should. It’s interesting Alaskans for LISA chose this particular avenue of attack, doing their level best to misrepresent what Tshibaka has been saying.  

Regardless of your position on the abortion wars, which at least this group of Lisa Murkowski supporters have determined to be the hill upon which they have chosen to die, I find it instructive to look at who is actually involved, and most importantly, to follow the money.

Alaska Public Media on July 21 ran a piece about the deep pockets in support of Lisa’s reelection.  Alaskans for LISA raised $2.4 million, $1.5 million from Ken Griffin of Illinois. The billionaire is ranked as one of the world’s 50 richest individuals, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He is believed to be worth $28.9 billion.

Outside money. Hedge fund money. Dark money. I thought Ballot Measure 2 was supposed to stop that.  

If you take a look at its FEC filings, Alaskans for LISA is headed by Lisa’s former Chief of Staff Michael Pawlowski.  

The address is even more interesting:  510 L Street, Suite 610, Anchorage.  Remember that address.  It is important.

What else is at 510 L Street?  We have the Anchorage official office of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, just down the hall in Suite 600. We also have the corporate office of Cashion Gilmore & Lindemuth, where Scott Kendall is proudly listed as a member in Suite 601.  Kendall wrote an opinion piece in the ADN cheerleading passage of Ballot Measure 2 and the brave new world of jungle primaries and ranked choice voting. He is known as the BM2 author and prime mover behind the political group that used Outside dark money to convince Alaskans to pass Ballot Measure 2.

It’s interesting that Murkowski’s legal representative in 2010 and her former chief of staff are still involved in things that arguably will directly impact her reelection, and that their offices are in the same building, on the same floor, within spitting distance of one another.  

Whatever you may think about Lisa Murkowski, and depending on who you are, the swampiness of all this is breathtaking.

Also breathtaking is Alaskans for LISA’s funding from the Chicago hedge fund billionaire.

Those of us involved in the Cook Inlet salmon wars have long noted the apparent close, bordering on incestuous relationship between ADF&G Commercial Fish office in Soldotna and the United Cook Inlet Drift Association, sharing the same building at 43961 Kalifornsky Beach Road, Suite B Soldotna.  

You don’t share close proximity with other fellow travelers unless it provides some advantage to individual or shared goals.  We see it in the Cook Inlet salmon wars.  Are we seeing the same sort of thing in support of Murkowski’s 2022 reelection?

While I am sure everything is being done to the letter of the law, it is the swampiness gives me pause.  And it is the swampiness after 21 years in Washington DC that ought to be the most important reason of all to vote against Murkowski.  For if giving herself over to the swamp has resulted in no benefit to Alaska, what good is she?

Alex Gimarc lives in Anchorage since retiring from the military in 1997. His interests include science and technology, environment, energy, economics, military affairs, fishing and disabilities policies. His weekly column “Interesting Items” is a summary of news stories with substantive Alaska-themed topics. He was a small business owner and information technology professional.


  1. Suzanne thank you, it is something the devil would do. And Lisa, you’re a coward. rank choice, and now this? you’re a flat out coward. This has a lot of voters mad at Kelly. how low can you go Lisa? Voters of Alaska, Kelly is an angel, please support Kelly, fair and square win or lose, Kelly has more integrity for Alaskans. Kelly has more class than to play dirty, like shameless lisa.

    • All you had to say was “X is running against Lisa Murkowski” to gain my vote. I would vote for an inanimate, carbon rod over Lisa “never-won-a-fair-election” Murkowski.

  2. Absolutely true. No. 1 – abortion is murder any way you slice it (pun intended). Ballot Measure ending dark money is totally laughable. Her previous campaign chair sharing an office becomes very expected. Yeah I know, you didn’t say sharing or expected, I did. She us running scared of Kelly T or the dirty ads wouldn’t be coming out, but she can’t run on the issues, she would for sure lose!! We had better make sure Murkowski is booted out of the Senate and run out of town on a rail!!!

    • Murkowski’s campaign tactics by election cycle:
      1) nepotism (thanks for the job, Dad!)
      2) lose primary to Joe Miller, illegally get name on ballot via judicial corruption
      3) following from (2), eliminate primaries, and fundamentally alter an entire state’s voting system to avoid any similar obstacles.

      If Lisa wins I give up on Alaskans.

    • Tongue talking Tshibaka has no background, no qualifications to be our Senator. So far her platform is “I’m not Lisa “ and all she does is bitch about Lisa. And what’s Tshibaka’s campaign slogan – time for a change. Not original not inspiring. Lisa, on the other hand, has integrity. She’s not a screech witch like Marjorie TG. Lisa will answer your questions with depth and experience. Tshibaka will only ululate.

      All that said, I voted for Peltola, a proven public servant with a record of achievement.

      • No background is a problem… exactly why? I wonder, what background did Lisa have the first time she held the title of Senator?
        And, the other question is, just having background is meaningless without discussing what the outcome of the individuals experience? For example, former President Obama was a state legislator, and a US Senator, but can anyone touting his “background” name a single bill he sponsored? Can they name a single accomplishment he had in either of his positions?
        There is a massive difference between holding a position and accomplishing anything. And, from what I can tell, Lisa’s platform is “I am not Kelly”
        Lisa will answer… what questions exactly? To date, I have never received anything except a form letter from her office.

  3. Tyrant Meg Zaletel WON her re-election by RUNNING an ad with LIES about Kathy Henslee, who didn’t counter with an ad that told the truth. Kelly needs to counter Murkowski’s ad NOW, showing Alaskans that Murkowski is openly lying and slandering her, or Murkowski could win by lying. If Murkowski doesn’t see Kelly not standing up to her, she may run even more lying ads.

    Kelly was recently on the Dan Fagan show and didn’t even mention this. Why not? She should be clearing her name in every way possible.

    Truth Matters!

    • The ad about birth control is not endorsed by the Lisa campaign. It is from a non-affiliated group.
      And, Kelly should dispute it. Loudly and strongly. That I agree with.

    • I sent her campaign a note begging her to stand up and let everyone hear she is supporter of birth control legally received in the mail, not black market. true prescriptions by licensed physicians

  4. Let’s not forget, Scott Kendall is also the attorney for…wait for it… Tara Sweeney’s SuperPAC! Tara Sweeney’s husband works for … wait for it … Lisa Murkowski’s campaign.

  5. Lisa must be paying good money to MRAK. And that is OK. I see her banners TWICE on every page. Everyone else only gets billing once. But Lisa’s is consistently IN the content and along the border. Considering how much she has done to undermine so many things, it is surprising she persists here. Any clarification, Suzanne?

    • I am not seeing advertisements for Lisa Murkowski on this site. Maybe I am just lucky? 😉 I just see content talking about Lisa’s horrible legacy. I am confident Lisa is not paying for *those* articles. 😀

  6. Alex, thanks loads for connecting the dots re Lisa M. Big Dark Money and corruption may lead to the downfall of this Nation. Americans will see the blatant corruption and lose confidence in their government. Maybe that is the end objective. Where are the principled elected officials? Is it always about the money? We are in trouble if that is the case.

      • Is Trump a politician? If he is, he is corrupt. However, he is the most incompetent incorrupt politician out there. He is probably the only person who spent a term in DC that did not see his net worth skyrocket while he was there.
        Unlike Biden, Pelosi, Shumer, Schiff, Swalwell, Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Clinton (both of them), etc… etc… etc… all of which are significantly wealthier because of their positions in DC.

        • CB. Change in wealth is not evidence for corruption though I get your point. There are many other signs of corruption, most recently defined and executed by the most corrupt individual in US history, Trump.

          • Yet, after more than six years of constant investigation, the DOJ has… bupkus, nothing, zero to charge the man with. Not a single thing.
            On the other hand, this administration is getting a full court press from the media and the DOJ to dismiss or outright hide any statements/evidence/allegations of corruption.
            Seriously, after the last 18 months or so, the tanking of the once prosperous US economy, the deadly drugs and criminals flowing across the border unimpeded, and the incompetency of this President’s cabinet, you still hate Trump. Your commitment to stupidity is admirable.

  7. She fights like a Monster. We have to vote and encourage our friends and family to vote with us. She needs to be defeated by 55% on the first and finale count.

  8. Dominion’s machines, in Alaska, were never audited after the election. They should have been because Ballot Measure 2 wasn’t expected to pass as well as all the other abnormalities, nationwide, associated with them. But as always, nothing to see here and the republicans keep kicking the can down the road and whistling while going by the graveyard.

  9. Lisa does nothing unless its self promoting. She, and Dan Sullivan also, should be in DC pounding on Biden’s door about Alaska being shut down, inflation, and high fuel prices. But no, we just get talk.

  10. The best answer is dont vote for her at any level.
    One person, one choice.
    I am only voting for kelly #1
    Ranked choice stinks to high heaven… does not surprise me how murky her ethics are, lisa the Liability, lisa the loser, lisa the liar and oath braeker (on a major scale).
    She is OWNED by dark money.
    Say no to any ranking of lisa.

  11. The ‘narrow margin’ that Ballot Measure 2 was passed is as fishy as Lisa Murkowski winning reelection in 2010 as a write in candidate over Joe Miller. Murky knows the game, and having things appear fishy is of no concern to her. She knows that the fixers are in, they have done it before, and they will do it again. Vote Tabulator magic is only one small facet of her black magic sorcery skills, of which defense of and support for abortion is a key component.
    Also, keep in mind that the BM2 concept & promotion was Chicago money, too.

    • Lisa was also one of the first voices to say nothing was even worth looking into in the 2020 election. In fact, if I remember correctly, she made a point of issuing a statement when none was requested from her. Why in the world would someone with zero dogs in the fight choose to make a statement when none was asked for?
      I think Lisa knows that election was bogus, but needs to ensure the same fraud machine will get her re-elected in 2022.

        • Possible. But seriously? Do you really believe that? Be honest here. Do you really think Murkowski is some kind of angel who is doing everything she can possibly do to be honest with the public?
          I dare you to make that claim. I dare you to totally and completely destroy any credibility you have here by making that claim about Murkowski.

  12. The Alaska Constitution guarantees a woman’s right to privacy. Senator Murkowski supports that, Kelly Tshibaka does not. Hoping Alaskans for Lisa run some ads similar to the Dr Oz, New Jersey spoofs, they are hilarious

    • Lisa Murkowski is for unfettered murder of unborn girls in the womb.
      Kelly Tshibaka is for protecting unborn girls in the womb to give them a chance at life.
      There, fixed it for ya. 😀

    • Kelly does not?
      Please explain.
      Ohhh… you are referencing that ad that is 100% incorrect. I understand now.
      Hint: It is called advertising. The odds of you hearing 100% of the story are zero. If you hear it on a TV or radio ad, it is questionable at best, and an outright lie at worst.

  13. This new election strategy of running commercials stating complete lies seems to be the new way. There needs to be accountability, because evidently people believe this crap. It is a desperate attempt to turn less informed people in your direction. Shame on you, Lisa, for allowing this.

    • Everyone is a hypocrite but only a special sort of wickedness compels conservatives to remain in a party that tried to take executive power by fraud and violence. Not one word from the mouth of those who support traitors is worth a good god damn.

      • By traitors…do you mean the Democratic party and Lisa Murkowski? They have shown their colors many many times! And their colors are NOT American!!

      • There are about 30 million AR-15 platform rifles owned in America and untold millions of semi-auto sidearms, of which probably 85% to 95% are owned by Conservatives, who incidentally are barely tolerating much more of the counterfeit president Biden and totalitarian Democrats. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

      • Con R Trait:
        Yours is probably one of the dumbest comments ever produced at MRAK. Are you still in Third grade, or did you pass to Fourth yet?

      • Let me ask you a question, CareT.
        Do you support Democrats because you really think they are doing the best possible job for the average American?
        Do you support Democrats because you hate Conservatives, regardless of how the population as a whole benefits from conservative policies?

  14. While I agree that Lisa Murkowski sharing office space with the author of ranked choice voting in Alaska is very “swampy”, you don’t bolster your argument by pointing out that UCIDA’s office is in the same building as the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in Soldotna. UCIDA lost the fish wars in Cook Inlet a long time ago! Perhaps some scrutiny of Lisa Murkowski’s cozy relationship with the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, aka Kenai River Guides Association, led to that outcome.

      • Agimarc – No, I did not miss that. I am very familiar with the details of that case and stand by my comments. Whatever happened to the Kenai riverfront lot that developer & KRSA benefactor Bob Penney “sold” to Lisa Murkowski several years ago for below appraised value?

  15. Just the name Murkowski inspires distrust, dislike, and a strong desire for a complete change in our system, Rank Choice Voting must be thrown out in a Constitutional Convention. I am so sick of being Ruled, and not represented. Frank and Princess have done vary little for us everyday Alaskans for all the years in DC, but if we had a financial accounting we would see the millions they have. Fraud plain and simple. Vote her out,. And keep China Walker out also.

  16. So Lisa is running lies as ads. I am not surprised. And yes, birds of a feather do flock together. Really close so you can walk down there and compare notes. Scott Kendall? Lindemuth? These two also have connections to former Gov. Bill Walker. So has Lisa hooked up with Walker? Lindemuth was the former AG under Walker. Kendall was Walker’s Chief of Staff, if I remember right. If this is the situation, Watch out Alaska!

  17. Your right Mr Porcaro Rank Choice Voting will stop outside Dark money in our politics LOL, keep pushing your political views on the Radio

  18. I get the public services I want at the brothels and the saloons! Reform the rest of the world, but leave me alone. I get the public services I want at the brothels and the saloons! Reform the rest of the world, but leave me alone.

    Who are most of these people–all Sunday-schooled and dead set on salvation–out to reform us as if we were easy pickings! Look, brother, we are who we are! If you aren’t here to live the big lie, there are “better places” looking for you! My soul and my cash are mine to squander: If I like fast women and take my whiskey by the bottle, what’s it to you? Move on, we are already bought and paid for! I get the public services I want at the brothels and the saloons! Reform the rest of the world, but leave me alone.

  19. Frankie and I told Lisa to not get mixed-up with Scott Kendall because he is a rabid Democrat fixer and blood-related to a cabal of Democrats up in Fairbanks. Now we see Lisa’s large campaign signs dressed outside of union hiring halls all across Alaska. People will automatically think that Lisa has switched political parties and is now a rabid Democrat too. Our Republican friends have all but abandoned us.

    • I know, Nancy. Democrats hated the Murkowski name for years. Now, Republicans hate us. I just can’t wait much longer for Kelly Tshibaka to hurry up and win my old US Senate seat. If I could appoint Kelly today, I would.

      • Frankie, I need more allowance money. Lisa’s spending all of the pre-inheritance on her campaign. You and Nancy promised us that her re-election was going to be a cake walk. And now we’re getting early Christmas cards from Kelly T. This is going to be a nightmare if I have to return to work and reopen my old noodle stand.

  20. It’s difficult to take someone’s candidacy seriously who’s running on the coattails of a twice impeached ex-president who to this day perpetuates the bald-faced lie that he won the national election and expresses no remorse for all the people that died under his watch and takes no responsibility for any of the criminality he committed.

    • Mrs. N:
      Do you not have any brains? Were you born ignorant and just don’t have a thought process? Russian Collusion. Steele Dossier. Fake News. Hunter Biden. Rigged Election. Etc. Etc.
      YOU are the problem in this great country of ours. A thoroughly brainwashed Democrat and no ability to correct your idiocy.

      • So Marla. I’m guessing you believe that the election was stolen from Trump. Could be true. How would we know? We would know because there would be tons of irrefutable evidence to support the claim. I haven’t seen any. Can you point me to a website that supports Trump’s claim?

        • Yes, Lucinda. Go watch 20,000 mules for starters, that is, if you’re smart enough to understand the sohisticated detective work.
          Then get back to me

    • Impeached for what?
      Do you even know what impeachment means? Frankly, it is meaningless, especially the two against Trump.
      What was the first one for? Abuse of power of the office or something like that? Because Trump said the President of the Ukraine should investigate corruption in his country? Oh… I know it was because the Ukraine President was investigating Burisma, where Biden’s son was a board member. And… wait for it… the “abuse of power of the office.” was because Congress claimed it was to target a political opponent. But… Biden was not a candidate at the time, and was in fact saying he was not going to run. Which makes him not a political opponent.
      I love your bit about the number of people who died under his watch. Because Biden saw many more COVID deaths than Trump did.
      Here’s a tip. Read some stuff from some Conservative sources. Get both sides of the story before you make a decision.

  21. Agimarc – No, I did not miss that. I am very familiar with the details of that case and stand by my comments. Whatever happened to the Kenai riverfront lot that developer & KRSA benefactor Bob Penney “sold” to Lisa Murkowski several years ago for below appraised value?

    • Thanks for the heroic effort to change the subject.

      Fact: UCIDA and ADF&G Commfish share the same building.
      Fact: A LOT of the other Cook Inlet user groups think there is collusion between the two.
      Fact: Co-location of 3 Lisa-connected offices, all of which in some way work for her reelection.

      Now, if you want to cuss and discuss Bob Penny, go for it, Dude. You can start with writing a well researched article and submitting it. Suzanne might print it. I WILL print it. Otherwise, sounds a lot like the sort of commfish sour grapes we’ve all grown to love and expect.

      Happily, you guys are economic road kill in the international marketplace. Farmed fish is over 75% of the worldwide market and growing, less than 10% when you got the statewide ban passed in 1990. It has better quality than what you guys can supply, better taste, no parasites, no impurities, lower cost, and is available 24/7/365. Yet you choose protectionism which is slowly destroying you over competition which will save you. Why is that? Ever hear the definition of insanity? Trying the same thing for 30 years expecting a different result might just apply.

      From here, you guys have a single choice: When and how to adopt Alaskan farmed salmon.

      My guess is that you are too doctrinaire to make that life and business saving choice, choosing instead to grab for an increasing share of a dwindling shared resource, always blaming others for the results of your poor economic decisions. If you guys win this argument, however temporarily, ALL Cook Inlet salmon go the way of the kings, and you guys will STILL end up out of business, unable to compete in the worldwide marketplace.

      Choose my way, and you have an off-ramp. Better yet, Cook Inlet salmon will rebound and thrive. I’ll help and support your transition. Choose the other way, and the reaction of 300,000 sportfish / PU / subsistence permit holders to the 1,300 or so politically connected commfish permit holders of your political victory and ultimate ecological disaster as a result of that victory will be terrible to behold – well deserved, though.

      You guys need to be careful what you wish for. You might get it. There’s a way out. Give me a call. Cheers –

  22. It’s always all about the money! But even this fellow’s 28 billion is nothing compared to the at the very least hundreds of billions of Alaska natural energy oil and gas ANWR money that Lisa voluntarily deprived our country and our state of, during two decades in the senate, all the while “talking ANWR” but far preferring to DO PORK that benefitted her more than anyone else. Lisa could and should have easily opened ANWR 20 years ago from the unbeatable high ground with 1/3rd of governmental revenues going to a National Endowment for Wildlife N.E.W., 1/3rd to Alaska and Alaskans with much bigger PFDs, and 1/3rd to the feds. She’s been lying on ANWR ever since. That’s where the real money for America, Alaska, and wildlife is, but that’s not where Lisa is, Lisa is always for Lisa first!

  23. Hey N. They have been trying to CONVICT TRUMP for 6 years— the FBI, THE HOUSE, THE SENATE, THE IRS, THE New York AG, theD.C. AG,, etc without any Media or Political protection. He has come up CLEAN IN ALL CASES. All that’s left are name callers and false accusers. Yes N. Your folks are ruñning out of time. The November election will knock your party to it’s knees, and the 2024 will Break your power. I’m voting Trump, Sarah, Kelly, and Stewart Graham in District 20. Hey N. We don’t need no stinking RINO,s WE are gonna Make America Great Again

  24. Sarge, no one of your ilk can say it better than you:

    “We don’t need no stinking RINO,s WE are gonna Make America Great Again”

    No doubt, the double negative is for double emphasis–you know, the old double double and the double double down! I especially like your inverted apostrophe: I,ll use it myself!

    • I apologize for that comment. I m new here and sometimes get caught up with the emotions. I should have taken the higher ground.

      • Sarge, you needn’t apologize! Don’t let any of the assholes–and that includes me–that you encounter get under your skin. Just re-tool and hit ’em again. Life is too short to let any of the bungholes get to you! I like your corn-in-stool comment. Keep it up, and don’t let anybody drag you down!

  25. Oh what tangled webs the Murkowski Dynasty has weaved and sown. The most Selfish Family ever to have briefly resided in Alaska and still called it their own.

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