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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Giessel signs on as co-chair of Walker for governor

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Former Senator Cathy Giessel, a Republican, signed on as a cochair of the Bill Walker-Heidi Drygas campaign for governor. Giessel, who was once one of the more right-leaning members of the Republican establishment, joined people like Democrat Reps. Andy Josephson, Ivy Spohnholz, Bryce Edgmon, and Adam Wool, Big Labor boss Joey Merrick, and other hard Democrats and a few Republicans in the list of co-chairs for the campaign.

Walker’s former Revenue Commissioner Randy Hoffbeck also is a co-chair, as is Walker’s business associate and former mayor of Fairbanks Luke Hopkins, who is long a supporter of Walker.

This is shaping up to be Big Labor for Walker, and Democrat Les Gara getting the green votes, splitting the left.

The Alaska election for governor is in November of 2022.

Giessel lost her race to Sen. Roger Holland in 2020, after becoming an obstruction to a full Permanent Fund dividend, and for blocking Gov. Mike Dunleavy at every turn. She has since been working behind the scenes to help redraw the political boundaries in the state to favor Democrats, and is said to be collaborating with Scott Kendall, who was Walker’s chief of staff and who led the failed Recall Dunleavy Committee. The initial list of co-chairs:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • What a disappointment Giessel is sick.

    • Very sick! She’s supposed to be a nurse, helping sick people. Yet all she thinks about is her poor self and how stupid the voters are. She has the same condition that Bill Walker has. Meglamania, brought on by intense schizophrenia. We’ve seen this before. These kind of folks cannot believe that people don’t love them anymore. I’m taking appointments next week.

    • Correction should say , a RINO.

      Former Senator Cathy Giessel, a Republican,

      • Her mom resides in a state-run home for patients with severe memory loss. Giessel should forget about politics and help her poor mom. After all, she’s a nurse. A little bit of power in the state senate ruined her. Governor Dunleavy gave that old folk’s home full funding, which gives Giessel more inheritance money. Giessel’s an idiot. She should be managing Dunleavy’s campaign………as a volunteer.

        • She’s too stupid to see that, Chrissy. Hate runs deep with politicians who get bumped out by the electorate. Giessel is a hater. Look at Hillary Clinton. Another hateful old woman who became deeply resented by the public. Giessel hates Dunleavy because Dunleavy is successful. He wants to help people. Giessel wants to force people. It’s a mental state that has made her old and bitter.

  • Remember when azzhat Walker hid in China after he and his administration broke the law and used the PFD.
    All these Democrats with their glad handing, smiling while they stick a knife in your back.

  • Bill Walker is a -glad handing, smoke up the bum, smile at you while he stabs you in the back.
    Why would any republicans want to touch that CCP lackey.
    Remember he ran to China after he and his administration screwed Alaskans out of their pfd? and change the pfd rules?
    I do.

  • I’m surprised she isn’t Stealin’ Bill’s running mate

  • Traitor. This is a decision I really don’t understand – why Cathy? Do you really hate the PFD that much? Is there anything about Walker and his lefty fiends that you find attractive enough to join forces with? Shame on you.

  • Bill Walker is a genuinely good guy. He was also an ineffective politician in many regards. He over promised and underdelivered in many regards, a trait he shares with Mike Dunleavy.
    Bill Walker had his moment in the sun and didn’t do a particularly good job working with the material he was given while Governor. Ditto Mike Dunleavy.
    A campaign where Walker and Dunleavy vie for votes promising the electorate they will deliver is bound to run a bit hallow. Neither Dunleavy or Walker are likely to be labeled as guys who deliver for the simple reason that neither has delivered. Both Dunleavy and Walker routinely over-promised on the campaign trail and under-delivered when in office. Both of them routinely appointed hacks and pals when in office with obvious unacceptable results to the public.
    It is early in the campaign cycle and perhaps another candidate or two will emerge to give the Alaska electorate a meaningful choice and someone else to consider besides two middling administrators bent on being Governor with insufficient skills to actually govern.

    • Wrong, Walker passed many bills that destroyed the state very efficiently and quickly. Look at the POMV for example. Mike Dunleavy was too weak to deliver a high PFD or secure our election integrity. Communists may be evil but they seem to be much more “effective” than Republicans, at least when it comes to destruction

      • Walker would have let the Red Chinese come into Alaska and take a controlling interest in ownership and management of a gas pipeline.
        Walker teamed up with a pedophile as his running mate. Walker cut off an important component of Alaska’s consumer economy by cutting deep into a statutory PFD. Walker is a miserable SOB. And we will work hard to defeat this mad man in 2022.

      • Walker might have signed the bills you mention but he didn’t pass the laws — that is a function of the Alaska Legislature

    • I see Walker as extremely dishonest, but he is not weak. He is tone deaf about the voters, stupidly so. Dunleavy tried to do what he promised; cutting the budget and growing the private sector. But Dunleavy lost his courage and lost interest during the first year on the job. I am still waiting for Walker’s two press people to get back to us (“in two hours” they said) about why Mallott resigned and Walker caved the ticket he had created by having Mallott step aside. Jang and Baird never got back to us, and because Walker and Mallott were Democrats the press let it go.

  • That will help Walker out a whole lot. NOT…FAIL, THEIVES

  • Wow. What a con artist. I was so hopeful back in 2010 when she first ran. I was happy to campaign and vote for her. It didn’t take too long, though, and she started turning her back on the conservatives whose vote she courted, and needed, in her first three races. Back then the redistricting map was under legal review, and she had to run every two years for her first three wins. And those early races were dirty, facing hard-core leftists.
    Her downward spiral, in my opinion, was following the refusal to challenge GUV Walker’s veto of the PFD in 2015. She survived her next election, grabbed power in a leadership position, and got drunk on that power.
    In the end, all she could do was lecture all of us and tell us how we just simply couldn’t comprehend the immense complexities facing the state. All the while, lying to us with stupid bar charts and graphs about how much the budget had been cut. When, in actuality, state government spending increased every year.
    And now we see where her true loyalties have lied all along.

    • Her and Bryce edgeman were pretty much inseparable back then. It makes me wonder what her motivation was to throw real Republicans under the bus.

  • Walker has already soiled his britches here in Alaska. We are awake and more are waking up each day. We see Walker for the snake he is. He will only be wasting resources. His dark money will do him no good.

    Vote in person.

    • Sadly voting will do no good. The ballot box is compromised (Dominion and prop 2) … You know what comes next

      • Jon Alderson – you are absolutely correct. Alaska needs a forensic election audit NOW! Say No to Dominion!

        • Keep fishing. Like in Arizona.

  • Giessel’s hate for Dunleavy runs very deep. I would not expect this from a Christian!

  • She calls herself a Republican but, alas, one can call themselves anything these days. She certainly is not a conservative. But of course neither is Walker. Appropriate.

  • She’s a republican, yet works in favor of democrats? Then she really isn’t a republican, is she?

    • Actually that makes her a typical member of the Corrupt Alaska Republican Party

      • Exactly of which there are many members it seems.

  • No surprise there, she was always a rino and now is showing her true colors as a leftist. WAKE UP Alaska, if you want to save your city, borough, state, country, you had best be getting your stuff together and voting conservative.

    • One more election on the Dominion vote flippers, we swear it will work this time!

  • Suzanne, in this case, would you perhaps make an exception to the use of the “B” word?

  • What is wrong with that woman? If ever there was a two-faced person it is she! Can’t believe I had her talk to my government class many years ago, and my, what a conservative game she talked. All falsehood, just like Chuck Kopp. This woman is poison.

  • Why am I not surprised? Some of these “wonderful” people have been at the forefront of blocking Governor Dunleavy at every turn. I think I will keep this list to remind myself who it is that wants to keep the status quo and refrain from planning for coming future problems by keeping the yearly arguments on the PFD amount front and center. There are so many things to plan for, including probable disabling of western pacific ports by massive earthquakes on the San Andreas and Cascadia faults, getting Alaska’s education system back to education and upgrading that education system, and planning and executing a transportation network that will work for Alaskans and Alaskan business. Alaska simply has no more time for the status quo. If the PFD is not set up for automatic calculation by a system like the 50-50 now, Alaskans will have to fend for themselves when those earthquakes on faults that are as much as 150 years or more overdue erupt. It is not a question of if, it is a question of when.

    • And what did she do to block Governor Dunleavy this session? Or Special Session # 1. Or Special Session # 2. Or Special Session # 3?
      Maybe she will be blocking something in Special Session #4.
      There is a lot of blame going on around Alaska but maybe it would be useful to focus on the folks in power instead of the ones turfed out.

      • Joe, you are losing game. This is a 7th grade attempt at deflection. Try again, with a little more thought. You know Giessel is no good.

      • Joe, if you read that comment of mine the way I meant it, I was talking about that whole list of Walker Co-Chairs. In that list is Bryce Edgmon and Ivy Spohnholtz, among others. Ol Bryce is still there, cluttering up the works. And if I remember some other information, he and Speaker Stutes are close. There are a few other reps there and after 3 years of knifing Dunleavy in the back (organized by Scott Kendall, King of the Recall) and thus rendering any support null or weak, with both the Recall and reps like Edgmon who are part of the power structure pulling strings behind the curtain. No one can get anything done under circumstances like that. And Walker knew it. That’s why the Recall campaign was planned that way, so Walker could “stay out of it and decide to run.” Masterful, but a typical back-shooter strategy.

      • Nothing that I’m aware of unless you’re referring to her involvement under the table. But there are numerous things that you can blame her for when she held office. I think that’s what they’re talking about.

        • The list of co-chairs is a who’s who of socialist Alaskans who have large bank accounts and mansion-like homes. Their children all went to expensive private schools. These are “haves.” The rest of us are the “have nots.” They want to keep it that way. Control.
          A plague on ALL of their homes. We will pound Bill Walker and his little band of rich, socialist thugs into the ground. It’s coming. Believe me!

  • Walker is the last thing this state needs!

    • They are counting on Alaskan short term memory syndrome. Kicks in every 4 years mysteriously.

  • They make a great team. As ex San Diego mayor Roger Hedgecock once said of an opponent of his:
    “There are only two things I don’t like about her, her face”. Ditto this lot.

  • Momma always said Weasels are as Weasels do.

  • So! Who is Alaska GOP’s second and third choice for Governor beside Dunleavy (Rank Choice). I don’t want to end up with Les Gara nor Bill Walker. Those two will not respect my body rights for however long I must live here.

    • Maybe that Bernadette can do another informational voting video so the Republicans and freedom loving Americans can be sure they all vote as a bloc for the good of America that’s left of it.

  • I can’t imagine many conservative Tlingit Haida tribal citizens are thrilled their tribal president is so closely involved with a partisan campaign. Not weighing in so heavy on the ethics side of things, are ya Richard P…

  • Another HUGE reason not to vote for the corrupt, disgraced Bill Walker.

  • The most hated (for good reason) woman in the state, joins forces with the most corrupt governor in the states history, on the heels of a failed recall and before that an embarrassing defeat for both. Literally, between these two, and if you count Walkers last running mate, you have essentially every human flaw and failing highlighted. Greed, lust, corruption, ineptitude, ego, vindictiveness, arrogance, it’s literally all there.

  • Giessel is just a pissed-off old woman. Walker is just a pissed-off old man. Both losers. They deserve each other as they enter the rat hole of their old age.

    • Julia and I know Geissel personally. We worked hard to make sure she got kicked-out in the primary. She’s a control freak and her former constituency knew it. Bill Walker is destined to lose with Geissel at his side.

      • Walker is picking all LOSERS at his side.

  • So the two most hated people in Alaskan politics join forces. I am not surprised! Thank you Cathy Giessel as you have ignited countless thousands of Alaskans to pay attention. Both Cathy Giessel and Natasha Von Imhof are the gifts which keep on giving, and for this, I am grateful.

  • I have very little faith these people won’t steal the 2022 election. RCV allows for an opaque and convoluted counting process – perfect for fraud.

  • Birds of a feather, flock together.

  • This could be a wild election. A large number of voters support Dunleavy but a slightly larger number oppose him. Walker has perhaps the largest number of voters vehemently angry with him of anyone ever running for Alaska governor, and he is a crooked attorney. Gara is the angry Green New Deal Democrat, and he will do as well as Bernie Sanders does in Alaska but no better – another attorney no less. And then there is ranked choice voting. It’s entirely possible that the person who is going to win has not yet declared herself as a candidate.

    • The conclusion here is worth considering. Isn’t it time for something new and better?

  • More crab bait!

  • Seems to me that nearly all politicians are like herpes. If you’re stupid enough to mess around and get them, you’re stuck with them for life.

    How hard is it to understand “We voted you out of office. Now Go Away”.

  • The unions must have made her an offer she couldn’t refuse!!!

  • Next, we will hear:

    “Bill Walker declares he will name Libby Bakalar as Attorney General if he is elected!”

  • Also Known As Bill “Dividend Killer” Walker and Cathy “Mrs Dividend Killer” Geissel.

  • We do not understand how Cathy so utterly lost her way! We are now embarrassed that we supported her for years. What happened?

  • ???? What law requires a gubenatorial candidate, such as Walker was in 2014, to pick a pedophile running mate???
    Simply put, Bill Walker disgraced Alaska as much as did Byron
    Walker is not fit to serve ever again .

    • Ahmen!!!!!

  • They were scared to touch it, till a lawyer named Governor Walker change it to appropriation over night. After thirty years of precedent as a pass through and sent to a special PFD account to pay the people’s dividend and this year it would of been$3687. It’t time to stop being a sheep and forcefully tell your legislators to pay the full dividend that is in law and don’t settle for anything less. Plus what comes out of the August Special session on the PFD they have to put it to the voters, so we vote it down if it isn’t the original plan that Governor Jay Hammond and the 12th legislature put in law is what I will except. – I read that 19 of 20 Senator are up for reelection, this is where we turn them out of office.
    ⁠$3687 is your share of the interest earned from the 81 Billion PFD Fund average over 5 years. Start demanding you want a statewide vote on PFD and vote no, unless it’s the original PFD Plan that Governor Jay Hammond and the 12th Legislature set up in the 80’s and nothing else and enshrine it in the State Constitution.

    $3687 dollars is our share of the earnings of the 81 billion PFD Fund and I want what Governor Jay Hammond and the 12th Legislature came up with and it is LAW. Follow the law it is on the books, my $3687 and no less you pay us first not last you scumbags down in Juneau. – Yes my entitlement, F-CK YOU Natasha, poor little rich girl who never wanted and yes I want my portion of the earning of the Permanent Fund that Governor Jay Hammond and the 12th Legisalture came up with and it is in Statue a formal written document that is creates law that is on the books.
    I read that 19 of 20 Senator are up for reelection, this is where we turn them out of office.

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