Former Democrat aide in hot water for alleged rape


Ben Anderson-Agimuk was a rising star in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. He got a job working for former Rep. Zach Fansler, who resigned in disgrace after sexual escapades in Juneau went badly for him.

Anderson-Agimuk was then chosen by the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Democrats to come up with a replacement for Fansler, and that person was Tiffany Zulkosky, who now serves district 38 as a state representative.

Anderson-Agimuk worked for Zulkosky until December of 2018. That year, the Alaska Federation of Natives awarded Anderson-Agimuk the Roger Lang Youth Leadership Award. He’s got a long history with the Alaska Democratic Party, for someone who is just 27.

Now, he’s charged with rape of an 11-year-old girl. The allegations against him include giving the girl alcohol before penetrating her.

Anderson-Agimuk was arraigned in a Bethel courthouse on April 3 for two counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor and one court of sexual assault of a minor, with penetration, an unclassified felony.

Anderson-Agimuk’s first court date is set for May 14. He is being represented by a public defender.


  1. With as much of this that comes from rural Alaska it would be easy to view this and similar behavior as a cultural norm. It’s not new and aside from the 11 year old aspect the other components of the story are far from uncommon.

    My heart goes out to the 11 year old and this bag of shit needs to be recognized and penalized however, the problems of the rural native community run far deeper than politically correct dialog allow.

    • Oh my gosh, TB, much as I want to chastise you for your insensitivity toward the plight of rural Alaskans, there seems to be no end to their various plights and no amount of public money is capable of fixing their eternal problems.

      Compounding matters for those who choose to still live in far flung locations where the cultures are all too often degenerate and rational help is too far away, shit bags (to paraphrase) like this Anderson-Agimuk fellow who’ve embraced enough of the White man’s culture to pose as some kind of scholarly leader are all too often at the very center of the ruralites’ problems.

      Just get a load of his linkedin page and try to refrain from smelling another Byron Mallot in the making:

      And lest anyone think this was an isolated incident with this creep, it seems that he’s been making a habit of preying on kids:

      Y’know, TB, I really want to grab you by the ear and take a switch to you but you’re spot on and I can see that it’s my fraying egalitarianism in need of a visit to the woodshed for some retuning instead.

      Sadly excellent post.

      • Fraying egalitarianism? You say that like it’s a bad thing yet we can all agree that irresponsible behavior is a clear indication that we all are equal in different proportions. On a marginally related note I’ve been grabbed and switched several times today and being the sensitive individual that I am it might be best to let me heal up a bit first. You may switch me hard tomorrow.

        Very enlightening, your second link. Within a 30 day period that shit-bag (your term) has allegedly had his way with a 16 year old girl, an 11 year old girl, and it appears that a 14 year old girl may have narrowly slipped through his net. Also interesting the common theme which is that the girls are found lying on the ground and that hooch and weed are apparently his ether of choice. No doubt he’s a marijuana addict.

        The village problems are complex and anyone that suggests that more money and an early PFD would attenuate their issues is grossly confused. For many years there’s been an exodus of young women from the villages and it’s none too difficult to sort out why.

        If not a cultural norm how should one refer to this and similar predatory behavior not uncommon to Alaska’s rural communities?

        Also, why is it that so many point at Alaskan rape stats as if Alaska is one big statistical amalgam? Those villages known for cultural weakness in these areas need to be counted separately.

        That is the one thing about politically correct dialog; it fosters inaccuracy and misunderstanding where none was necessary.

  2. Good grief this is horrible. If guilty he must be held accountable to fullest extent. What a tragedy for all involved. Praying for victim and family.

  3. I guess Fansler was a bad influence on this poor impressionable young man. That is why youth should not hangout with Zach Fansler. He causes delinquency in young men.

  4. The City and Borough of Juneau has playing on local radio stations the woman who encountered Rep Fansler in a reported sexual tussle, receiving a busted ear drum in the bargain, which led to Fansler being one of three Alaska House members of that freshman class to leave in disgrace after sexual assaults. That woman on the radio now advises caution regarding social distancing and hand-washing. All 3 of the legislators marched on the Capitol with pink-hatted women to protest sexual violence. The other two legislators were Westlake and Parish of course. Today the local radio stations are publicizing a cross-dresser, name of Gigi, having a virtual drag show. Hardly any media but Must Read Alaska publicized and noted the irony in the 3 Democrat Legislators leaving the Legislature in disgrace while they concurrently marched against sexual violence. What sort of job will other media do now in reporting the alleged rape of this 11 year-old girl by a Fansler staffer?

  5. Absolute crickets in the media regarding this. They continue to play politics and protect these frigging predators. It is disgusting. Why does it matter what side of the aisle a pervert resides? Generation after generation after generation….until it becomes “normal”. These poor little girls. Sickening.

    • Garnet is spot on. No major media outlet in Alaska has ever written an article about the disgraced Byron Mallott, or his corrupt defender, Bill Walker. Both a couple of losers who should be investigated for criminal misconduct. Both in hiding. It’s so obvious to Alaskans. All we hear is “recall Dunleavy.” Disgusting media. So glad MRAK and Suzanne are around to give us the straight skippy.

      • Bill and Byron thought the “straight skippy” came from the words of Dermot and Terrence Cole…..aka the little twin dwarfs from Fairbanks.

  6. Wow. This guy gets a little fire water in him and the detritus hits the fan. Check out his court view files.

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