‘Gabby’s Tuesday PAC’ slapped with fine by APOC


Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux’s campaign slush fund, Gabby’s Tuesday Pac, has been fined by the Alaska Public Offices Commission for missing a filing deadline.

She’s being ordered to pay $625 within 30 days of the decision, released on Wednesday.


Alaska campaign finance law prohibits lobbyists from donating to legislative candidates unless they live in the same district. But LeDoux got around that by setting up her own political action committee to, as she labeled it, “elect comonsense conservatives.”

She lightened the pockets of lobbyists from the AFL-CIO, as well as Ashley Reed, John Harris, Darwin Bier, Ray Gillespie, Kris Knauss, Fate Putnam, Paul Fuhs, Kim Hutchinson, and others.

She then blocked legislation offered by Sen. Kevin Meyer to prevent legislators from creating such PACs.

This summer, she just forgot to file her reports with APOC.

LeDoux is a lawyer by training. She was a well-known consort of Bill Allen, who was convicted in a bribery scandal that rocked the state in 2006.


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