1. The check recipient should read “EACH eligible Alaskan,” not “ALL eligible Alaskans.” That actually means we receive a grand total of $3,284 collectively, or about half a penny each.

  2. Great! I’m thankful for what I get, but now maybe we can hire attorneys to get us our entire PFD back, according to the law that the legislature arrogantly violates.

  3. Florida Man Fun
    Go to Google
    Type in Florida Man and then your birthday
    Ex. Florida Man July 12

    See who gets the craziest Florida Man story.

  4. Mike still owes me around $10,000 after his broken campaign promise but but mostly that rest on Bryce Edgmon’s shoulders. I’m glad the numbers are back up there. I know a native mom with six kids who recently got smacked around pretty good by her husband. This is going to come in handy for her to begin a new safe life for her and her children.

  5. Gee thanks.

    Was feeling great this morning, then I saw 8675309…instantly the tune arrived in my memory.

    Now, all of a sudden…old?

  6. “……dare we say oversized…….”
    No. That would be perfectly correct and accurate, and as long as the State of Alaska is going to hand out free money like Washington DC buying votes from the entitlement class, we will continue to attract low productivity leaches.
    Cut it off and watch 90% of our human problems run over each other headed south before the following November dawns.

  7. I would be happy if the PFD employees were educated enough to see that a person may have the same first and last name as someone else but they aren’t the same and that employee would know that if they took a couple minutes to verify that instead of turning one party over to the court system and to steal most of one person’s PFD. So the innocent person has to go to the court building to fill out a paper that has to be approved by a judge to finally get their PFD and who knows how long that will take. Wonder if this is going to happen every year from now on.

  8. Subliminality is this governor’s way of saying……”gotcha” to all of those government misers who hate the PFD.

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