Full flights: Alaska Airlines cuts 10 percent of remaining flight schedule for January


Get ready for more crowded flights for the rest of the month, Alaska. With an unprecedented number of employees unable to work because of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, Alaska Airlines has cut back its flight schedule by 10 percent for the rest of January. That generally means every set will be filled on the remaining flights.

“We’re at our best when we are safe, reliable and caring. And right now, we need to build more reliability back into our operation as we deal with the impacts of omicron and during a time when guests generally fly less.” the Alaska Air Group Inc. unit said in a statement.

“As we have entered 2022, the continued impacts of omicron have been disruptive in all our lives and unprecedented employee sick calls have impacted our ability to operate our airline reliably. We are deeply grateful for how our incredible employees have pulled together to take care of our guests and each other, operate safely and make the best of a very difficult situation. To our guests, we apologize for the considerable inconvenience and are working hard to return to the level of service they know and expect from us,” the company said.

“We’ve decided to reduce departures by about 10% through the end of January. This will give us the flexibility and capacity needed to reset while continued flexible travel policies enable guests to adjust their plans accordingly. This will also give us time and space to find our path forward together, with Covid-19 as a continued reality in our business and our world,” the company said. “We will learn from these challenges, improve where we must and deliver on our promise to deliver nonstop care each and every day.”

The company’s Twitter feed was filled this week with complaints from passengers unable to get where they were scheduled to go, and airline customer care employees were responding as best they could to complaints of missed flights, lost luggage, and long waits on the tarmac.

On a brighter note for the company, Alaska Airlines was ranked the 8th safest airline of the major companies in the world this week by AirlineRatings.com, and the safest U.S.-based airline:


  1. How do we know it’s the Omicron variant? When I get tested I’m not informed what variant it is. Just positive or negative.

    • A very good question. Both our daughter and son in law have had Covid and neither was informed which variant. All very speculative and fishy. Truly who cares. There are over 100 variants of the common cold. You get sick, you get well. Sometimes you get strep, pneumonia, an ear infection or bronchitis and then it takes longer. If you are my elderly father, you might even die from pneumonia. Covid really is not a whole lot different. This is all soooo mind boggling ridiculous.

    • You know because OMICRON is an anagram for MORONIC. The disease is destroying and killing everything, our governments’ mandates are.

    • CC, don’t you know that you are NEVER supposed to ask questions about the Wuhan Virus and the official (over)reactions to it, or to even think for that matter? A good, patriotic, caring American just blindly believes and obeys the official narrative and official mandates.
      Two decades to flatten the curve!

    • According to the federal government. They randomly test some positive samples to get a ratio of the variants. According to them, of the samples they test , 95% are now omicron.

    • Just received an e-mail this morning from a Peninsula hospital that says the exact same thing – they are not sequencing for variants. More BS. The” health care experts” are literally just making things up at this point to keep the Covid gravy train chugging along! If you took 3 polio vaccines within 9 months & still got polio, wouldn’t you be asking questions?

    • How many times have you been tested positive? They know that information but they don’t disclose it to you. They know that only about 10% of the people that are sick are carrying Delta because it has phased out. Everybody else is the new one.

    • Testing is only for whether/not you have the virus. You can read the experts to know if Omicron is most prevalent in your area. Or, in your case, you can get up-to-date information on Facebook. Heheh!

    • ?Actually it’s magic
      The science just knows?
      Remember your vaxx is just like a battery….
      it needs to be recharged (booster) frequently

  2. No test tells you what variant you have- you can have the flu and get a positive result. Stop blaming this on Covid!

  3. All manufactured drama. They act like getting Covid is a permanent condition. Good grief. You get the virus, are sick for a week, and then are over it and immune. You aren’t going to get it again the next day. They literally are behaving as if it is some rare chronic condition that will permanently remove their employees. The only thing permanent is them stupidly firing employees for not getting the vaccine, which only might keep them from missing a week or ten days of work. It is all beyond ridiculous.

  4. The new test kits say right on them they test for the SARS-Covid-2 protein (ie spike protein). Those geniuses who the mRNA injections have been turned into spike protein factories. So yes, you will test positive if you took the jab, most especially if you took #2 and #3 and #4 and #5……………………….

  5. Okay, I get it… Full airplanes make a bigger profit for the airline. Are there really so many sick that 10% of their flights have to be cancelled? Tell me another lie. Will we be notified in advance if our flight has been cancelled or rescheduled? Fat chance – they “don’t have the personnel to provide that level of service”… I hate wasting time. I hate taking extra time off work and waiting in airports and/or motel rooms because I had to schedule everything to fly days earlier than I would have “just in case”. Alaska Airlines, my next flight (paid for over a month ago) is likely to be my last on your airline. BTW, my “pocket” funds you “reimbursed” me for last year disappeared – there was no way to use them online and NO ONE answers the phone at your call center. Let me know when you improve your customer service. This is not to reflect on your personnel I’ve interacted with who are actually working – they’ve all been good people trying to do a good job. It’s your management that has serious problems, not a covid problem. More than a little frustrated… I hope and pray I can make my meetings…

  6. Can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a wildcat strike in progress over vaccine and mask mandates…
    Good for the wildcatters.

  7. The biggest mistake 43 made after 9-11 was bailing out the airlines.
    No other industry is as abusive to its patrons as air travel.

  8. AA has the government to keep them operational but if that ever stops they will go broke and be bought out. We stopped flying with them 3 years ago. Canceled AA credit card lost airline miles all done. It’s a matter of principle, when will the rest of you all figure it out and start taking a stand? You don’t need a vacation out if state. Stay home, make a statement. Stop feeding these horrible entities. Or don’t and keep making excuses and watch your state and nation go down the toilet.

  9. It doesn’t matter which variant you got. If you even got it at all. The tests are bogus so I just quit getting tested. If you’re sick, you’re sick. If you’re not, you’re not. Keep the Ziverdo packs in the medicine cabinet and move on.

  10. AK Air makes more money per flight when the plane is full. It used to be that airlines competed by offering more time and location options. Now though, omicron has given them a perfect excuse to cancel flights with empty seats so they can then cram everyone together. Don’t like your reduced options of where and when to travel? Too bad, because… “covid.”
    But wait! Won’t fuller planes help spread the virus? No matter, that would be your fault for not vaccinating or properly masking.

  11. The multitude of obvious fallacies in the climate change agenda resulted in it’s failure to motivate people to give up their lavish lifestyles. Air travel, vacations, large homes, several autos, week-end entertainment, hot food, etc, all remain hallmarks of our culture. Consequently, Totalitarian/Marxists pivoted to an eternally-mutating virus pandemic to force a shut down of the world economy. This pivot may have worked if the “multitude of fallacies” problem didn’t rear up again.
    Do you trust your government? Do you trust the media? Do you trust large, faceless corporations? Hold the line on your constitutionally-protected rights.

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