From Hollywood to Huffington Post: They lied about Covington student



It was all a lie, a lie that leftist celebrities, talking heads and the news media eagerly bought into hook, line and sinker – and without bothering to ask even the first question. Why? It mirrored their hatred of anybody not like them.

It started with an anonymous Twitter account hiding behind a fake name. It fired off a tweet of outrage that a bunch of Kentucky high school kids – Catholic high school kids wearing Make America Great Again hats, no less – had taunted and mocked a 63-year-old Native American “Vietnam veteran” after the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

The tweet included a video appearing to show just that. It went viral. The twitter sphere went bonkers largely, we suspect, because the students were white, Catholic and wearing MAGA caps – and the Left could not wait to pile on. The outrage was over the top.

Actor Jim Carrey likened the students to “baby snakes.” Kathy Griffen accused them of showing “Nazi signs.” The kids profanely were called bigots, bullies, white nationalists, racists. One “Saturday Night Live writer even offered to perform oral sex on anybody who punched them in their faces. One writer wanted them dead. Film producer Jack Morrissey joked about “MAGA kids” going “screaming, hats first into the woodchipper.” There were death threats and endless venom.

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  1. Buried in the back of today’s ADN is an AP story. Buried within that story is an admission that this whole affair was “stoked by a single now-shut down Twitter account” further described as “left-leaning”. The story in general talks about “conservatives and older people sharing misinformation more” via various forms of social media, as revealed by the results of multiple academic studies into the matter. The headline and multiple paragraphs in the story refer to these “conservatives and older people” (read: likely Trump supporters) as major contributors of what they describe as “fake news”. Here’s the real ironic part as far as fake news is concerned. Also buried in the back of today’s ADN, in Play Magazine, is a blurb, including a photo, touting a performance next month at the Alaska Native Heritage Center by Bernie Worrell, who died in June 2016. One of my favorite British television programs, Rutland Weekend Television, once parodied another BBC2 program, a music show called The Old Grey Whistle Test. One short segment featured “Stan Fitch, the first all-dead singer, playing a number from his new album Even Further Beyond the Grave”. The bit is quite hilarious if you’re into Pythonesque humor. Anyway, perhaps the ADN wasn’t guilty of reprinting someone’s press release without bothering to perform even a sliver of basic fact checking. Perhaps the Purple Woo really is coming to Anchorage to give a performance along the lines of what I just described with Stan Fitch.

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