Friday: Kidnapping, murder in the city



A man who had been assaulted repeatedly, tortured with bleach, hit with a taser gun, and then kidnapped, found the wherewithal to jump out of a white pickup truck at Lake Otis Parkway and Tudor Road at about 4 am. on Friday and into the arms of a construction crew, who quickly called 911.

He’d been beaten up and forced into the truck in the Muldoon neighborhood, but at Tudor, he managed to climb out of the window, while the truck was stopped at the intersection.

The assailants were taking revenge over a stolen vehicle, according to reports. Bonita Severian may have given her keys to a man to take care of while she was in jail. Someone then stole the car, and she appears to have posted a notice earlier in the week on Facebook, putting out a reward for anyone who could locate him:


By 3 pm on Friday, police knew who they were looking for and they spotted a white truck at the 3500 block of Lois Drive in the Spenard neighborhood with their suspect driving.

Police said 27-year-old Damen Carl refused to stop and attempted to escape. He surrendered only after officers blocked in his vehicle.

Damen Carl, Bonita Severian

The second suspect in the kidnapping, Bonita Severian, 48, was arrested by 8 pm. in the 32nd Ave. and Pussywillow Street, in the Muldoon neighborhood.

They both face a charge of kidnapping, although no charges are yet recorded in the court file.

Another man, 34-year-old Peter Calugan, is still wanted for kidnapping. Update: Calugan was arrested on Saturday night in the 400 block of East 56th Ave.

Peter Calugan


Meanwhile, police on Friday arrested Michael Marquez, 19, for tampering with physical evidence in a case that started with a fight among teens, and ended with a dead body in the 500 block of North Bliss Street in Mountain View.

Michael Marquez from social media.

Police said that after a male youth shot the victim in the upper body, he handed the gun to the 19-year-old, who fled the scene toward some apartments. Officers searched the area and eventually arrested Marquez.

The victim is 15-year-old Raynaldo Khotesouvan. He was a freshman at East High School and played on the basketball team. Raynaldo is survived by his mother, father, and 13 brothers and sisters.  A GoFundMe page has been set up by his family.


Also on Friday at 4:45 pm, police received word of an “accidental shooting” on the 600 block of North Hoyt Street, also in Mountain View.

The woman victim was dead on the floor of the apartment when patrol arrived. She has been identified as Brittany Sparks.

Clint Registe

Police believe the shooting to be suspicious and several people were detained for questioning. Now, police are asking people to be on the look out for Clint Registe, age 36, who police would like to speak to about what involvement he may have.


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