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Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Former legislator to file suit against Juneau special session

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Former North Pole Rep. Al Vezey plans to file a legal action — a motion for a declaratory judgment and an injunction — against the House Speaker and Senate President, who have convened the Special Session in Juneau rather than Wasilla. Vezey has Fairbanks attorney William Satterberg drafting the legal complaint.

The governor called the second Special Session to Wasilla to work on a Permanent Fund dividend appropriation, but presiding officers Sen. Cathy Giessel and Speaker Bryce Edgmon said they didn’t want to hold the session at that location for a variety of reasons, including their safety. They decided to have it in Juneau, the state capital.

Normally, a special session is convened where it is called to by a governor (or by the Legislature itself), and then with a simple majority, the session can be moved to a different location. That hasn’t been done, nor has the Legislature had the votes to call itself into a special session.

Thus, the question is whether the proceedings are constitutionally out of order.

Vezey and Satterberg are working together to seek an injunction and judgment stating that lawmakers meeting in Juneau are indeed violating the Constitution.

The lawsuit will ask the courts to declare the Juneau session illegal. Any action taken at the session may then be seen as invalid.

Satterberg said the lawsuit would likely be filed by the end of this week.

Vezey served in the Alaska House, from 1993 to 1998. He was Majority Leader in 1995-96.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Hope Al has plenty of money to throw away. There is not a chance in a carload that any court will rule that these proceedings are constitutionally out of order IMO.

    • With Bill Satterberg as his attorney? Think again. You obviously need to go back to school, Bill. Study harder before you post here. Your ignorance precedes your comments.

      • Say Judie, did you have an example of my ignorance or was that something you do when you don’t agree with someone?
        And I’m guessing that Satterberg is not taking this on a contingency basis. Heheh!
        Will you be holding your breath for that injunction, too?

        • Bill, an example of your ignorance is “everytime you post at MRAK ” We all know that, but tolerate you because you are like a little pet Chiwaaaawaaaa.

          • I’m surprised that a knuckledragger like you can even spell, but hiding behind such a handle helps you to remain anonymous. And are you ever witty!

          • Chiwaaaaawaaaa!!!

          • Are you about ten years old, Joker? Grow up!

          • “Are you about ten years old, Joker? Grow up!” Now that’s funny coming from you Bill. What’s a matter you can dish it out but can’t take it?

            Bill Yankee, the best Dunning-Krueger example in the flesh!

          • Steve-O, you are sounding like you are ten years old, now yourself.

    • Bill,
      What don’t you understand about the fact that the legislatures in Juneau did not/have not enough votes to move the session and convene in Juneau? They are out of compliance with both the state constitution and state statute. They are shirking their duties and hiding from they electorate. The vetos will stand for two reasons, number 1 because it isn’t a valid session and number 2 they don’t have enough people there to override the vetos.

      I’m glad to see this lawsuit being filed.

      • I often refer to the knuckledraggers on here and your post is a perfect example VR.
        You’ve made a couple of assumptions that you are just hoping for: 1) You have no idea about this being a valid session and hope Al’s lawsuit is successful and 2) you have no idea if there are enough people to override the vetos.
        Good luck with your positions but the session in Juneau is broadcast on Gavel Alaska so they are hardly hiding from anyone. Try watching them sometime and you may learn something.

        • You are delusional Bill and simply don’t want to admit the Juneau gang is not in compliance with the state constitution or state statute.

          • And your expertise on State Statutes and Constitution is what, VR? If I’m delusional then so are the Leadership of Legislature as well as about 2/3 of legislators.
            I’m sure all of them are on the edge of their seats due to your opinions on here.

    • Well as long as it is your opinion this time Bill! Hey judge Bill Yankee said there is not a chance in a carload, so there you have it, who cares about statutes and laws and whatnot since Bill’s opinion is all that matters!

      I love you Bill, you are great entertainment.

      • Yessir Steve-O it was just my opinion-you don’t agree but so what? The courts will rule based on statutes and laws and somehow you think my opinion is all that matters?
        We’ll put you in the column thinking Al is successful and I hope you are contributing to his legal expenses, as he will need the dough, also IMO. Heheh!




        NOW… THEY NEED TO ….

        • Take another hit off the crack-pipe, Jodi!

  • Al Vezey: Please run against Tammie Wilson next year. She is useless.

    • Al may be broke after this lawsuit Naomi-hope you will be bankrolling him as it could get expensive. Heheh!





    • Agreed

  • if they’re concerned about their safety in wasilla, it shows how they view the people of alaska. a tv broadcast in no way prevents them from hiding and doing their underhand business in juneau. what, do the cameras follow them around to the bars…. don’t think so.

    and the money spent is money well invested. a cursory reading of the constitution shows that the akleg leadership is out of compliance. it will take major legal gymnastics to get around that, and this lawsuit is actually a necessity so that further shenanigans against duly elected governors are not contemplated by these corrupt elitists in the future.

  • You all making these comments are just like the people we have in office shameful and arrogant to believe they know what’s best for us. Put all these issues to public vote and allow us to deside were your offices are and your special sessions will be heard. After all they work for us we should have the say.

  • Please dont feed the 75 year old commie trolls.

    • But it’s so much fun watching him spiral out of control and Dunning-Krueger himself all over the place.

    • I see your bathroom is still breeding Bolsheviks, Mongo.

      • Bill,
        Since you seem to have unlimited time to troll Alaskans, please copy and paste the constitution and statutes concerning special sessions. You might be surprised at what you find.

        • Nathan, why don’t you do just that! Surprise us all.
          And also Nathan, what is that “Cheers” that you sign off with? Are you just a cheerful guy or is that some sort of gang sign that only Alaskans that get trolled understand?

          • Chiwaaaawaaaa make more little bark……

          • Chiwaaaawaaas make great road kill……only the ravens will miss him.

          • Real knee-slapper there Joker. Does your Mommy know you are on the computer again?

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