Forbidden content: Project Veritas gets blocked, MRAK also gets blocked by Big Tech


Censorship is breaking out all over for conservative websites. Today, the conservative activist organization Project Veritas was “permanently suspended from Twitter for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy,” according to Twitter.

Must Read Alaska also was sanctioned today by YouTube for a video compilation of public testimony at the Anchorage Municipal Assembly.

In the video that YouTube has removed from view, numerous people approach the podium at the Loussac Library in Anchorage on Tuesday, Feb. 9, and tell of their personal stories that pertain to the current emergency mandate for masks and other pandemic emergency orders.

The stories are heart wrenching: Some people have lost loved ones to suicide or delayed health treatment, while others are watching their children become withdrawn from the world.

Must Read Alaska merely clipped the videos directly from the municipality’s own YouTube channel, where the testimonies are still posted and still visible in their entirety. We condensed the testimony into a nine-minute video.

To be clear, this is the same content that is on the Anchorage YouTube channel, but edited for length and with minor special effects added.

YouTube has said these Anchorage residents’ experiences are “misinformation” about Covid, and that breaks the rules at YouTube.

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube:
Video: Holy Moses! Forrest Dunbar says these testifiers are spreading disinformation. Are they?”

“YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19, including on methods to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19 and means of transmission of COVID-19. Learn more here.”

The public testimony video, with Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar commentary about how the public is spreading disinformation, is still visible on Must Read Alaska’s Facebook and will be posted soon at Rumble, an alternative video site.

Here is the link for the video at Facebook.

YouTube not only removed the video, but the platform has now targeted Must Read Alaska by penalizing it with a “strike.” This means Must Read Alaska cannot post videos for one week, and has evidently been put on a red-flag list at YouTube, which will enhance monitoring of MRAK’s channel for other perceived violations. A channel is only allowed two strikes. The third strike results in permanent deplatforming.

Must Read Alaska has about 2,400 subscribers at its YouTube channel, where most of the content is material from public meetings that is already in the public domain. Although MRAK has submitted an appeal of the decision, it appears likely that it will be deplatformed by YouTube at some point in the near future, as Big Tech continues to silence conservative voices.


  1. Good job, Suzanne. If they’re scared of you, that means you’ve pulled the curtain back on them. Keep up the good work.

  2. There will come a time when those that value freedom of speech will need to realize that every time you go to youtube or twitter or do a search using google that you are supplying those that want to silence free speech with advertising dollars.

    If you want this censorship to stop, then it’s up to all of us to stop, forever, going to youtube, google, facebook, twitter and any other site(s) that want to censor free speech. Even Mozilla is threatening to censor what you see when you use their firefox browser, so uninstall it, delete your facebook, google (gmail) and twitter accounts and don’t reactivate them. Their are plenty of options for e-mail that’s free and much more private than gmail or hotmail.

    These free speech ‘censors’ will only learn when they run out of money because they have no subscribers or users. Find another place to look at videos and it’s not that important to try and make people think you are someone you aren’t by posting pictures and blurbs on social media. Stop it, just stop it 🙂

    Better yet, stop sitting at a computer screen browsing videos and go find something more productive to do.

    • Okay … I was going to finish reading all of these comments, but you’ve convinced me to go take out the trash, literally!
      Now’s the time to go get some cold, fresh air!
      Seriously, one kind find some relief when you quit watching cable news, reading stories on political BS websites, or just plain absconding with the Leftist narratives that come from all sides. Try it for a week. You’ll feel less stressed … I’ve done it.

  3. I think Rape victims are spreading misinformation about their so called abusers.
    What makes people realize once the censoring began its going to stop after conservstives have been deplatformed off Big Tech? They will censor who is left the left disagrees being put out. They arent so smart. These people are like Eric Carle’s ‘Greedy Snake’ they going to eat their own head.

    • I keep hearing how conservative voices are being censored. On Fox, and OAN, and Newsmax, and Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram, then Parler for a short time, on, on, just about everywhere. Either you don’t understand what censored means, or you do, and are intentionally misusing it – which leads us to the people who have been banned; when you intentionally spread misinformation, and that misinformation kills people, including the police, you’ve violated the terms of service, and you lose your right to broadcast to the world. Do you get to say and feel whatever you want, sure do, but those private businesses refuse to let you spew lies for the sake of insurrection on their platforms. You don’t like it, then you don’t like private business, and your main issue is what we all suspected anyway, you are fascists that need to be snubbed out before more people get hurt. Go cry somewhere else.

  4. I am troubled every time I see a news source I like link to YouTube or Facebook for their videos. Please get your Rumble channel in order and post us the link!

  5. YouTube/google sucks anyways. Last time I went to their webpage to watch a video, they wouldn’t let me watch the video until I signed in, then they wanted me to add more security to my hardly ever used account by asking me for my address. What the H…, are you kidding me, that’s a big negative on that one Jo.
    Is that so they can help the FBI find you easier, when they’ve deemed you aren’t complying to their agenda. Who would give some internet entertainment BS website their home address, hell, I don’t even give them my real name, or birthdate.
    So, I know a lot of people, especially on Facebook, who give their real birthdate, phone number, and name. Now they want your address. Just one more number and they can finally get that new credit card and car set up for themselves in your name. Then there’s the people who throw photos of their kids everywhere out there, with way too much information as well.
    BTW Don’t forget to click the yes button for your current location and 24 hour tracking device while you’re at it too, so all your 5,769 “friends” can know where you are.

  6. Wow, the radical leftist totalitarians are really running scared, when they are so determined to censor and silence opposing opinions and arguments. The truth obviously hurts them very badly.

    • Correct. I once responded to a comment on ADN and voiced my opinion that Bryce Edgeman didn’t like natives because he was voting to not hand out a full PFD. I explained to how I knew single mothers raising many children were counting on that PFD to buy school clothes and food. The next thing I knew a few days later Bryce was invited to attend a nearby graduation and was seated next to our superintendent. A few days later my wife got a call and said that Bryce was unhappy that I was speaking down to him. I emailed Bryce trying to explain my opinion and he actually answered. He told me how he gives the natives cheaper fuel. He told me that his son who was a senior at the time was disappointed and asked him aren’t we natives dad? He was very upset that his adult son was questioning this. Later on I actually saw his son when he attended a meeting with a bunch of teachers and he was talking about how he was going to fire the governor. The son has red hair and is white skinned as if he’s a Viking or Scandinavian. Some time passed and I was on must read Alaska once again complaining about the PFD situation and this time my wife got a call from her boss saying that I was at it again. You know…voicing my opinion. Later that day I received a call from this person saying how he was a conservative but trying to explain how we needed Bryce in the capital because he does a lot for the school district and that he sits on all these boards around the Dillingham area and that if I didn’t stop bad-mouthing Bryce it could cause trouble for my wife. He asked me to stop posting about Bryce. So as you can see, the cancel culture is alive and well in rural Alaska. A few days after all this went down was when we decided to leave Alaska permanently. People were in a position to ruin us financially, so I traded that for my right for free speech. Everything that I have said here is true and the way it went down. I suppose the Socialist and the rhinos involved would be happy that they were successful in running us off. All they did accomplish was seeing the best administrator and shop teacher in the state leave. That is their loss and unfortunately the children’s loss.

  7. I have been censored on this site. It’s important to know that this blog originates from a moderate Republican I’m not going to say full blown rhino but having worked for the Bush’s, it is obvious. I don’t think there is a full blooded conservative left in journalism. It goes against the grain.

  8. It kind of reminds me of Fox news. They are supposedly a news outlet but in all actuality they are on the air for entertainment purposes. They are under the disguise of being a conservative Network, and that is to appease the conservative people and get a higher rating package. Fox news is owned by socialist. It is best if everyone questions what they see on television and reads in blogs because there is probably underlying circumstances that you don’t comprehend.

    • I will admit that, at first glance, FOX News in recent years (and until recently) were rather more ‘fair and balanced’ than the hyper-partisan, hyper-propagandizing CNN and MSNBC, but I will never, NEVER forget nor forgive them for the blanket support, and equally reprehensible propaganda campaign, for the worst foreign policy excesses and attacks on civil liberties during the Shrub presidency. They can equally go to Hell along with the other corporate-owned and controlled media outlets.

  9. I don’t really think you need to worry about getting deplatformed if you only have 2,400 rabid right-wing-nut-jobs following you.

  10. Contradicting the world health organization (WHO)?
    The agency that went to Wuhan to ascertain the locus of the China flu, and let the Chinese give GG h Ed m the “independent” report they created? *THAT* WHO?
    NOT contradicting WHO is the fake news to battle.

  11. Congratulations Suzanne you are now on their Black List! It means you are effective in getting out the truth to the people. Wear it like a badge of honor!

  12. Facebook is FACECROOK!
    When you post your photos and talk about what you are doing-with your daily habits, you are creating a profile that Is Then Sold! Sold to foreign entities. And you don’t get paid… they do.
    Suckers! You are all Suckers!!!
    I have never used any social media platforms!
    I have never volunteered my private life to a computer screen.
    Because I knew 20 years ago where this all leads.
    Suckers…. your all under a Spell of Hypnosis and you can’t even recognize it!
    Ya… keep looking at your Strobe Light Screens all day long every 5 minutes! Suckers! One day everyone’s mind is going to blank…cause you’ve burned out your inner lightbulb. And the Strobe Light Cops will be showing up, demanding that you keep your eyes on the screen or ???
    Start thinking for yourselves again humanity.

  13. I agree people watch too much tv and computers. It is bad juju for the mind.
    Studies show it deteriorates the brain.
    I dare anyone to try and turn off the internet or television for just one week. You prolly can’t do it. Alaska is so beautiful, we can hike, ski, fish, and boat. Let’s get out Alaskans! And yes please turn off the electronics, your mind will thank you.

  14. Telling people to stop watching tv and the internet must Threaten must read Alaska. It’s terrible I get censored here when I agree with the posts here.
    But the truth stands . Tv and Internet is garbage for the mind…. and that’s just my opinion… wait! Science can prove that! But… must read Alaska needs your attention. So of course my thoughts effect your bottom line. Lame…. perhaps I won’t read this site anymore… and most certainly won’t donate here anymore. Lame cause I like it here.

    • You get censored because the publisher doesn’t like what you say although she has posted a tax on herself before, or she thinks the content is too sensitive and things would blow up and not go in the direction that she wants it to go. some post might feed the anti must read Alaska crowd. She may be even getting calls from Dillingham in my case because I posted some things although factual apparently she doesn’t want it out there. I’ve got stories on statutory rape, racism and other stuff but it might be too graphic for must read Alaska.

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