Floyd Hall, stolen car retriever and folk hero, takes plea deal


Floyd Hall, who is legendary in Anchorage for tracking down and recovering stolen cars, has accepted a plea deal: He won’t chase stolen cars or touch or move any vehicles without the owner’s permission for a year.

In April, Hall had decided to not accept a plea deal that also prevented him from having contact with criminals.

In his mind, you can’t find stolen cars without having some kind of interactions now and then with car thieves. In fact, you can hardly walk out of your door in Anchorage without having contact with criminals.

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Hall has made a national name for himself by recovering hundreds of stolen vehicles, but was charged in 2017 for reckless driving. He had been trying to keep pace with a stolen truck, and ended up being shot at by its criminal occupants. They were never caught but the truck was recovered.

Hall runs a Facebook page that features Facebook Live videos of him scouting and finding stolen vehicles, sometimes illegally occupied by someone other than their owners.

Anchorage residents who follow his exploits pass him tips, and he has a couple of friends he calls “The A Team” who also help recovering vehicles.

The 54-year-old had earlier this year asked prosecutors to change the plea deal, because he didn’t think it possible to never engage with criminals in Anchorage.

As for not moving a car without the owner’s permission. With a mechanical loader with forks, he lifted a stolen car  that had been abandoned in the middle of the road to on top of a snow bank, as seen in this video:

He was charged with vehicle tampering for that caper.

In the plea deal, Hall also received no jail time, and a $500 fine, with a year to pay.

Donations for Hall’s efforts are accepted at Wells Fargo Account No. 8217848491. (No cash is taken by Wells Fargo for the account and it is not tax deductible.)

“I’m still losing money on this. I don’t make money on it. My Toyota gets 16 miles to a gallon but a tank of gas goes quick,”

Hall continues his efforts, while also taking care of his elderly parents. In fact, he found and recovered three stolen trucks last week.

One was a Toyota Tundra truck, whose owner had posted about it being stolen on Facebook. Hall recovered it two years to the day and 200 yards from the exact place he had been shot at in August of 2017 while trying to keep up with a stolen vehicle — an event that led to his being charged with reckless endangerment.

He also recovered a white 2008 Chevy truck, and helped recover a 2003 Ford truck.

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  1. Welcome to ‘Berki-town’. This town used to ‘not suck’……..now, it ‘sucks’. Be fair to ‘horse-thieves’ and their defenders.

  2. Floyd is an “Alaskan Treasure”, he helps a lot of people, please contribute (info above) to help him with his fine and gas! ?????

  3. I hope the mayor and the assembly get their cars stolen. Nobody help the police because they have it under control

  4. Floyd helps hard working people get their stolen vehicles back. He is a good Alaskan and has helped many people. Donations for Floyd Hall’s efforts are accepted Wells Fargo 8217848491 donate online. (No cash is taken by Wells Fargo for the account and it is not tax deductible.) Please help him continue helping us!

  5. Get the judges name posted time these stacked courts were released of these corrupt judges!!! Fine the innocent then they let the crooks walk every time. SB 91 is the issue and every one of the corrupt law makes that signed off on it must be removed!!! Time Alaskans take this state back from these crooks!!!

  6. NAV 2015 SB91 was essentially gutted in 2019 HB49. The catch and release laws were removed, sentencing was enhanced, the day for day ankle monitor credit against time served was reduced to 1 day for every 3 days on monitor

  7. Anchorage has it under control…ya right!! I bet he’s gotten 10X the stolen cars that APD can’t find…to be fair, I’m not an APD fan!

  8. Dunleavy should hire Floyd to find out which UA administrators have been stealing all of our university money.

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