Fish on! Rep. Rasmussen plays while House Republicans in Juneau wait for legislators to return to Capitol for special session


All 18 House Minority Republicans have been in Juneau working all week on budget documents and trying to help craft fiscal policy with the Governor’s Office.

Meanwhile, Rep. Sara Rasmussen couldn’t help herself: She posted on Facebook that she was fishing in the Kenai River Classic, had caught a nice silver salmon, and noted for her Facebook community, “Bad day on the River beats a good day of work.”

Fishing salmon from the Kenai River does that to a person’s judgment.

Some were not amused at the Republican legislator who left the House Republican Caucus just a few weeks into the regular session this past winter. She has missed key votes, been caught partying in one of the legislative buildings with Democrats and a leftist blogger, and now, in the third special session, appears to be flouting the importance of the pending business — a constitutional amendment to set the formula for the Permanent Fund dividend, and a stable fiscal plan that will protect the principle of the Permanent Fund.

“All of Alaska is waiting on the pro PFD outcome of the special session in Juneau… which you are not attending.  Just which dozen people are you representing and how many tens of thousands are you disappointing?” wrote one commenter on Facebook, echoing the sentiments of many.


  1. Inexcusable – recall suggested for constituents of her district & state residents as a whole. I will offer support but have my hands full with my Sen. Von Imhof.

    • If she actually went to work and to do the work she gets paid for, whether left or right, I would be ok with her. But this free loading over privileged entitled lazy spoiled twit gets paid to do absolutely nothing because she literally believes rules to do not apply to her.

  2. Perhaps she was consulting with the governor, who was also in attendance at the classic. It is a credit to the cook inlet commercial setnetters that they did not have an organized protest at the kenai airport when the tall one arrived. He and his adfg commisioner are destroying a culture and have completely wasted millions of dollars of revenue through their mismanagement of upper cook inlet salmon runs.

    • But let me guess, Gunner loves Bill Walker…….the guy who doesn’t like distributing PFD checks, will sell out Alaska to the Red Chinese, and picked a pedophile as his last running mate.

    • Many people disagree with you Gunner. But I certainly sympathize with you as I know that your inability to throw your gill nets out because of the closure is painful.
      But Alaska’s constitution clearly mandates that we must manage the resource on the principal of sustained yield. What had been happening under prior administrations who were financially supported by the commercial sector in upper Cook Inlet has resulted in the State Fish ( King Salmon) becoming threatened. Escapement goals for the King had been reduced under those administrations financed by your organizations just so they could be reached. Now even though that occurred the returns of Kings are still significantly below minimum escapement goals. I have heard many of your colleagues say that the King should be sacrificed to allow the harvest of more sockeye. Is that how you feel Gunner?

      • Alaskans first,
        I feel that the declining returns of chinook to the kenai and all of the west coast of the u.s. has less to do with the nontargeted harvest by the east side setnet fleet and the targeted harvest by sport fish interests than it has with ocean conditions and harvest by the trawl fleet. No, I do not want to sacrifice the magnificent kenai river kings. But I feel that doing away with the lifestyle ,culture and economy of a traditional fishery in a misguided attempt to increase king returns just may be throwing out the baby with the bathwater

  3. If she is willingly absent from the session, and it looks like she is, send the Troopers to hook her sorry butt up and transport to Juneau in cuffs.

  4. People seem to be surprised when these clowns pull this crap. Do you realize that they aren’t scared of the voters and they don’t care what we think. What they don’t want to hear is how people across the State don’t WANT to be made whole by a constitutional PFD, they NEED it to pay rent and pay bills and feed their families. And not everyone gets the Federal unemployment money. And not everyone gets $9,000. per diem a month to barely survive on.

  5. Sara was elected to replace a leftist independent, and we thought she would be a solid Republican. Turned out, when the chips are down she is a Democrat through and through. Notice now this never works the other way, it’s always conservatives being screwed

    • Just like the rest of her “family” Stealing our money that would help the people, rather then the FOUNDATION doling it “whoever??.

    • Gunner, you sound a bit paranoid. Your post was never “ deleted “ as you somewhat rudely claimed. Knowing you I am aware that patience has not always been your strong suit.

      • Well. I read my post on this site,and returned later to this site and it was removed. I am a dinosaur with technology,and thought I had posted incorrectly.Didnt mean to come off as rude, or paranoid. Didn’t know you and I knew each other,will try to be less rude or paranoid sounding in the future

        • The way it works, Gunner: You see your comment until you refresh your page, when it will disappear on you, but in fact no one else sees your comment until I pull it out of the bin and approve it. – sd

  6. Encouraging District 22 voting residents loyalty overwhelmingly votes Republican. they deserve better than Rassmussen. I hope the 4000+ deciding residents out of a 17,000 resident district realize it.

  7. Sara’s response was on target and meaningful. She was at meetings last week and the balance of them were cancelled. She came back to Anchorage, yes and went fishing, where her constituents can see and talk with her (she also forfeits the per diem).
    The citizens are not getting their moneys worth out of these sessions. They should be completed while on the road system where voters cam motivate the recalcitrant who hide in juneau!

  8. “Bad day on the River beats a good day at work. Also, I refuse to collect $300 a day per diem while most of my colleagues choose to sit in Juneau taking thousands of dollars in per diem and not producing any meaningful results for the state” Rep. Rasmussen #akelg

    Rasmussen might also refuse to vote with the Democrats as she was elected a Republican and turned out to be a RINO. Then she could produce some meaningful results for her constituents and the State.

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