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Fish, family, but no freedom to cook: Peltola votes against Americans’ right to own a gas kitchen stove

A pair of bills that safeguard the freedoms of Americans to buy and use gas cooking stoves failed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Rep. Mary Peltola voted against it, as did every Democrat.

The bills ended up failing not because of Peltola and the Democrats, but because the Republican Freedom Caucus, still mad at Speaker Kevin McCarthy over the negotiation of the bill that lifted the nation’s debt limit, didn’t want to give McCarthy a win on anything. The Freedom Caucus was flexing its muscles at McCarthy and House leadership.

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The bills would prevent future restrictions and energy conservation standards on these appliances, which are popular with many Americans who love to cook at home. The legislation sought to counteract the increasing number of state and local governments imposing bans on gas-fueled stoves, furnaces, and water heaters in new buildings to combat climate change.

Proponents argue that over one-third of American households rely on gas stoves for cooking, and they accuse the Biden administration of pursuing regulations that could impede citizens’ freedom to choose their preferred cooking methods.

“The White House wants to limit your ability to purchase and use gas stoves,” said House Rules Committee Chairman Tom Cole on Monday. Many other lawmakers view the potential regulations, led by cities such as Berkeley, Calif., as unnecessary government overreach.

Democrats emphasize the importance of reducing carbon emissions resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels, including natural gas.

The procedural vote on H.R. 1615, the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act; and providing for consideration of the bill H.R. 1640, Save Our Stoves Act, failed 206 to 220, shocking many in the Capitol because the freedom to buy and use gas stoves hits home for so many Americans.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus held a press conference after the vote to continue their criticism of McCarthy and the House Republican leadership.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. So, in a way, the possible future of gas stoves is in jeopardy because several members of the GOP had a tantrum.

    As usual, the party that can’t think straight strikes again. This time by the group most allegedly interested in preserving our rights.

    Funny thing: I’ve heard Roy and co complaining about the crappy deal McCarthy made, but don’t remember them actually writing legislation or offering alternatives when it came time to vote.

    They chose to attempt to punish Mc Carthy and hit us instead. Smooth.
    With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

    I’ve said it before and stand by it. The GOP is functionally useless and needs to be replaced with actual conservatism.

    • Your true colors are showing. I believe you are a deep state mis-information plant, acting like a conservative. Maybe you are an AI creation? Or just low IQ?

    • Yep – cooked and heated this home with gas for 42 years. Guess reparations are in order for those of us who have to rip out our gas appliances, water heater, boiler, etc. Thanks Palin for facilitating the election of this fool.

      • Yawn… another palin hate bot.
        Please, turn the record over, we are getting tired of this song.

        • OK fine, whatever – we need to find and support a strong, electable candidate so we aren’t stuck with the likes of this “winner” for life.

          • That I agree with.
            Relentlessly bashing Sarah Palin is doing no one any good at all. Please choose to adhere to this attitude, and conservatives might be able to get Peltola out of office despite RCV.

  2. I guess Mary wants everyone to eat fish the Eskimo way: raw.
    It’ll boost the average intake of the “parasite” portion of the food pyramid.

  3. I really don’t think she even knows how to cook, otherwise she would understand. Maybe there should be a law against smoking fish, that would get her popularity amongst the Bethel crowd. Microwave your darn salmon.

  4. Natural gas stoves are dangerous to the environment?
    OK, I will cook with a wood fire from now on. See, problem fixed.

  5. I get why she voted against them. When the world your from has free/subsidized electricity and no natural gas….

    • Rural Alaska doesn’t have free electricity. It has the power cost equalization program. This covers a small part of home electrical rates. Doesn’t cover business electrical. Even with that program electric bills are high. Most rural homes have propane stoves/ovens. They are more economical and provide instant heat.
      It is unbelievable POS Mary would not support this bill. She is a hostage to the far left. What is really sad is rural Alaska will almost assuredly vote for her again!

      • MQ: Its hardly a ‘small part’ of the cost of electricity. in Angoon for instance, the Alaska Power Authority reports indicate that in 2022 the average residential customer received $1470 in subsidies on their electric bill. Angoon could have Hydro and realize significant savings for both the state and their customers but, they have been embroiled in the permitting process for at least a decade….

      • Power cost equalization means we in the rail belt get to pay extra to offset costs for a retired federal supervisory level guy and his still- state-employed wife who live in a beautiful, huge home overlooking a river in western AK and who rake in more income than we do. That sounds fair. Don’t you love Democratic socialism?

  6. Her new name should be the Peltola Puppet…. She’s about as smart as a dog turd!

  7. I think we should return to Wood burning stoves. A wood burning stove for Every home! We have plenty of books, and since you 907 parents and grandparents aren’t reading regularly like 3 hrs a day to your children. Might as well burn them for heat and cooking.

  8. What will this group think of next to take away, propane? I think they are trying to get us all one energy source. Be easier to control us better as well as more money electric companies. Be much easier to turn the electricity off on all than having some homes still able to cook for themselves and their neighbors. Why isn’t Enstar being more vocal these politicians are threatening to reduce their work and money. Just like Teachers prek thru college and the baby stores aren’t more vocal about how abortion reduced their customers.

    • Enstar is not Alaskan-owned anymore. I believe a Seattle company bought it. People might as well start planning their alternative heating and cooking methods because it is not looking good for Alaskans.

    • They hadn’t figured out, yet, how to give carbon dioxide credits

      By the way why is the grass always green around Juneau’s capital building?

      A: because of the hot air coming out of it hahahaha

  9. This Peltola is a complete looney tune. How did we end up with her? Oh, thanks Sarah Palin.

    • Oh, not again.
      Please don’t you anti Palin people have anything else? The tune is old, tired, and meaningless.

      • CBMTTek, I disagree, Palinbots like you need to be reminded, it’s not unlike shock therapy. At the very least remedial math should be taught to the Palin faithful. Something about 60% negatives not being a winning ticket.

        Beyond Therapy and mathematics perhaps a little History lesson is in order, after all she brought you Walker and Mary.

        • Sorry Oosik, got to disagree with you there. Love or hate Palin, she was not the reason we have lil mary. Nor was Nick. Mary is solely due to RCV. If there had been one republican and two dems on that ticket, the vote would have been split the same way it was for us. Primaries are important for party votes for no other reason than it gives each party a single candidate to rally to. The secondary effect of primaries is that it does not allow for second chances for the second places.

          • I agree 100%, that RCV is to blame, but Trump pushed Palin into running. He needs to stay out of it and stop running for President again. Hatred for him has split this country into something I would have never believed could happen. His arrogance is a poison

        • I am a Palinbot?
          Please post comments I made that tell you I am a Palinbot. Just because I want everyone to move and (and recognize that Begich came in 3rd in every contest in 2022), does not mean I am a rabid Palin fan.
          Your attempt to read my mind failed.

  10. How many millions of cubic feet of natural gas spewed into the atmosphere when the planet of the apes blew up the Nordstream pipeline and left it spewing high pressure gas for weeks. I wonder how many years that gas would have fueled gas stoves Another manmade ecological disaster brought to you by Biden Inc. Stupid is as stupid does.

  11. I’m guessing she’s taking her marching orders from others, and not Alaskans. I wonder who that could be?

  12. Do the Democrats understand they’re going to put Asian restaurants out of business? You can’t make that cuisine properly with electric stoves. Nowhere near enough BTUs.

    The climate cult keeps getting scarier and more insane. They want to stop agriculture to fight climate change. They don’t seem to be thinking much farther ahead than the decrease of the dreaded greenhouse gases.

    • I believe they are thinking ahead. The covid caper sent as effective as they hoped. Getting us all on a source of energy they can better control, and then limiting food…… it has nothing to do with your environment.

    • Just paid well in my humble opinion. Thanks Palin for this abomination of representation!

  13. With the electric grid being so weak and power outages what are suppose to us for cooking and heat Mary? Back to wood, coal stoves get Bud Light her.

  14. The Freedom caucus voting against freedom, only in DC. It would be shameful if these stooges knew what shame was. Speaking of which, I’ve been lead to believe by our friends on the left that nobody is coming for our gas fired stoves…why is it that they keep coming for our stoves then? Where’s Bill to tell us the benefits of propane and propane accessories while learning that propane is a gas and produces as much if not more emissions as natural gas? Where’s Bill to tell us that no one is trying to ban gas stoves while explicitly telling us they want to bas gas stoves? ‘’

  15. Once again, Peltola has voted against Alaska in specific, and America in general. She has go to go.

  16. Peltola: Alaska’s RCV wack job. And thanks to the egomaniac Sarah Palin for royaly effing up this state.

  17. Maybe its time for DoE and EPA to start playing under the same rules that all the resource development people play under.

    Every project is required to do some sort of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). New rules have economic impact, usually big impact, which is never considered. How about an Economic Impact Statement from the feds for all their new rules and regulations. Force it through the identical approval process that the current EIS is forced to travel. Bury them in their own paperwork. Cheers –

  18. We will get ONE chance to get her out of there. She wins a second term she’s in for life unless the DNSC thinks she can take out Sullivan. We had better get behind ONE candidate, that can beat her in a head to head, and make it count.

  19. “A house divided cannot stand”. Just like the election which caused peltola to become a representative of Alaska, these fools cannot get out of their own way; and serve the people that elected them. GOP better get it together and PDQ or this country is indeed beyond hope. Punish MCCARTHY not the American people.

  20. AND(!!!) … When will these nut-crazed authoritarians figure out we all have a “Gas Grill” on the deck of our house, cabin, or RV Camper??? Or, the propane fired “Mosquito Magnet” in our yards? Or, the 2-cycle engined fired Margarita Mixer?
    The absolute lunacy coming from DC is setting new highs!

    • Oh, and outside grills will be shut down due to the potential for wildfires – it will go on and on. I didn’t use my 30 year old (rebuilt) Weber Genesis grill last summer because the torrential rains suppressed the desire to eat on the covered deck outside. Haven’t assembled it yet this year due to the dismal weather. Company visiting in July – it would be nice to treat them to some of my ancient grilled recipes. Smile.

    • With AvGas ban that are going into effect in Washington state , no fuel for DC-6’s or C-46’s to deliver the fuel to the villages to run the diesel fired electric generators . The folks are going to be heating with twigs and whale oil pretty soon ! With outside funds pouring into elect these fools , Ak is doomed as very easy to control us , and yes we are being manipulated ! . Rank choice voting and election fraud has taken over our elections and reading the comments , to the dissatisfaction to most all Alaskans !

  21. What a joke, worried about gas stoves while smoke from Canada’s wildfires drifts south causing air warnings. It’s all political and about control, nothing to do with safety.

  22. Mary was sent to Congress to be a good reliable Democrat vote, never questioning the results of socialism/communism on her community, our state or our country.

  23. She refuses to present Alaska’s views on any issue but presents Biden’s alleged view instead. She is not paid by only one federal constituents but is paid by her Alaskan constuents. THis reminds me of Anchorage. Same problem. NO representation. We haven’t had our views presented nor represented within the assembly chambers for a couple of years and there is no due process in effect by which, we the current taxpayers, can exact correction and remedies for significant harms and damages. This refusal to represent views of the community is the real criminal pandemic in Alaska.

  24. Once again, ideological purity trumps (pun intended) practicality. As long as we continue to shoot each other in the foot, the other side wins again and again. Are you listening, Mr. Eastman?

    Using your vote to settle petty grievances ought to be an impeachable offense. Remember John McCain killing the bill to overturn obamacare? How much of the recent debt limit is due to that travesty?

  25. Know why they want to get rid of your gas stoves?
    They cannot turn them off remotely. They cannot limit the amount of use. They cannot limit the temperature settings remotely either.
    This is not about controlling climate change. It is about controlling you.

  26. I am assuming that means no more Coleman stoves in fish camp, no more propane hot water heaters, so no more camping stoves, RV’s, boates or trailers with any kind of gas, sterno or cannaster gas !!!!

    Has anyone explained to this non-alaskan what it takes to add larger electrical panels on every house so they can handle the 220 volt legs and higher amp breakers for an electric range or what have you. I should go look up the donation list to her campaign. Was there a big donation from the IBEW and the union electrical contractors across the state ??? Follow the $$$Money.

    This is about as bad as not supporting resource development anywhere in the State when that’s the only reason we were given Statehood. I’m surprised someone hasn’t started a recall initiative…

  27. Well who is getting tired of losing their rights and freedoms? I say good for the freedom caucus to block it. Maybe the average uninformed voter will get off their buts and look how our freedoms are getting taken by politicians everyday. It’s time for a big change on gas appliances and use of gas. If the politicians don’t want gas then they should no use any.

  28. So now we can buy electric stoves and power them from natural gas power plants. Excellent, great idea. Good god our politicians have lost their minds. The chief politician has no mind and can’t even walk. What the hell should we expect.??

  29. Ugh, now I’m reading Biden is going to ban gas furnaces and light bulbs. Why do people vote for these lunatics?

  30. Well I guarantee three items He wont ban…Alcohol Crack and Prostitutes. He will NOT deny his children of the only thing they have to count on in the absence of caring parents.

    • Andy you got it out of order . Biden’s have a good CPA ( not ACP , alcohol , crack and prostitutes ) .

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