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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Firearms sales explode

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The stampede for firearms and ammunition continues as Americans face coronavirus concerns, Democratic promises of draconian gun control, ongoing race protests and the realization cops generally only show up after the dust settles.

The FBI says its National Instant Criminal Background Check System in July, for the third month this year, reported record gun sales background checks.

July checks totaled 3,639,224, the third-highest monthly total ever. In June, there were 3,931,607 background checks. That was the most ever in NICS’ 14-year history. March was the second-highest ever, at 3,740,688.

So far this year, there have been 22,819,271 background checks nationally, up about 44 percent over last year at this time, and that includes only firearms sold through federally licensed dealers and checks for concealed weapon permits. Private sales do not require NICS background checks.

While those numbers give hoplophobes the vapors, we are encouraged that more Americans are enjoying their constitutional rights. We again point out that gun ownership is a serious responsibility and urge newly minted gun owners to get training in firearms safety and the laws of self-defense. Knowing when to shoot is as important as knowing how to shoot.

Firearms can offer responsible gun owners years of pleasure in the field and on the target range – and it allows them to defend themselves and their families, if needed, until the police arrive.

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  • I was talking to a fool down here the other day, a retired teacher for Massachusetts and he said that he wished no one had guns. I asked how he was going to defend himself. He said let the police do it but then he went on saying that he wanted to defund the police. After another 5 or 10 minutes he told me that he was falsely arrested for a DWI. he said he was behind the wheel of his car which means he was in control of it but he wasn’t driving. He was tossing his empty beer cans of which six of them went out the window so that was littering. He began driving and came to a stop sign and a cop pulled up next to him. He rolled down the window and started mouthing the cop saying that he thought the cop was driving too fast. So the cop pulls him over and finds out that he’s been drinking but like most Democrats it’s always somebody else’s fault and they don’t accept responsibility for their actions. in the end I had to run him off my property any went back across the road all butt hurt which was fine with me. I told him what the bangerz do down here is roll a ball out in front of you to make you stop thinking that a child would be soon following it then they come up and drag you out of your car and beat you senseless rob you and steal your car. He said and all His infinite wisdom well you shouldn’t have been there. Brilliant.

    • I would bet a plate of jelly donuts that this individual has absolutely no connection to the Patriots that fought at Concord Bridge in 1775, nor does he know anything about Concord Bridge, nor could he locate Concord Bridge on a map. There was a time in American history when Massachusetts meant something; today, and with this individual, it means absolutely nothing.

  • Last sentence of the column needs a re-write: “… and it allows them to defend themselves and their families, if needed, until the police arrive to arrest them for defending themselves and their families.” Waiting for someone to tell me I am wrong.

  • Unfortunately, you are more right than wrong.

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